Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm so Bombaat...!

“I’m so BOMBAAT...

... but I'll still make your heart all squishy!"

After watching
Bombaat, I still have no idea what bombaat means but I'm in favor of it. One of the most frustrating things about following Kannada language cinema is that it takes forever for DVDs with English subtitles to be released. So, despite the fact that Bombaat came out in 2008, I am just getting to see it now.

"What the... who me?"


Bombaat is the story of Anand (Golden Star Ganesh), a neighborhood vigilante, who falls for the uptight Shalini (a dangerously curvy Ramya – Hi Ramya! You are looking gorgeous!) when she mistakes his vigilantism for rowdyism and videotapes him on her camera phone to give to her daddy (Sandalwood's every-father Avinash). Of course, it would happen that Anand’s one dream is to become a police officer and Shalini’s daddy is the chief of police and, of course, Shalini accidentally gets on the wrong side of the city’s major dons and Shalini’s daddy goes to Anand to have him keep her safe… the fun is in how it plays out!

"I am taking my medicine... my own brand!"

This is a movie completely for Golden Star Ganesh fans, of which I am one.
Bombaat was supposed to change his image from chocolate boy to action hero and to that end, there were about three-four typical slow motion “Hero” entrances and an (intentionally) hilarious pair of same-to-same soda product placement moments. And while I may prefer romantic Golden Star Ganesh, action hero Ganesh has his appeal, too, and he did quite well with the flying kicks of justice.

Pepsi, anyone?

Even in action hero form, Ganesh’s on-screen persona is that of a cheeky but
always good boy. If I had to draw a comparison, I would say that his energy reminds me a lot of Shahrukh Khan – but a more boisterous and homespun Shahrukh Khan. You would NEVER catch a Ganesh character eating “Beer Idli” like Vikram does in Saamy or frolicking with bikini girls like Prabhas does in Billa or being all rich and NRI like every Bollywood hero ever these days. Within the span of a single scene, Golden Star Ganesh can tug on the old heartstrings with lovelorn look and then crack some jokes with his buddies and then be a sympathetically upright and good citizen. No matter what Ganesh does, I believe it.

"I'm in loooo~ooooove!"

"Whaaaa?!" (I love his gang of friends!)

Here is an illustrative example for why I’m so enamored with
masala films Sandalwood-style in general and with Ganesh in particular. Towards the middle of Bombaat, Golden Star Ganesh has manipulated two of the rival dons (Rahul Dev and Mukesh Rishi) into having a giant showdown in a rock quarry - one side wears white shirts and the other black in order to tell them apart. Ganesh and his Greek chorus of buddies are hiding up in the rocks, watching his plan come together. Before they can discover his plotting, Ganesh fires a bullet into the crowd and the two sides begin fighting each other. Now, where almost any other hero would jump into the fray, in Bombaat the film cuts to the title song – set in a dirty warehouse filled with flames, where Ganesh and a group of dancers sing “I’m so bombaat…” And the action toggles back and forth between the song and the fight.

Would you mess with these guys? No!

While the pacing is a bit odd in
Bombaat - there is no separate comedy track, for one thing and Ramya disappears for a good third of the film – Ganesh’s wonderful charisma carries the viewer through. Whether he is being respectful to his mother or falling in love with Ramya or giving some rowdys a flying kick in the face, Ganesh is just really fun to watch. And the tone of the film is really fun, too – all wacky camera angles, sound effects, jokes about Rajinikanth, and heart-wipes. Plus, with Rahul Dev as one of your villains, can you really lose?

"Come on, show me how smart you are!"

Why did Ramya disappear for a good third of the film?

Who knows! That's just how these things work! But I love those dangerous curves... mmmm!

Bombaat isn’t the classiest or smartest or most coherent film of all time but it’s a lot of fun and definitely worth a look for Golden Star Ganesh fans!


aham said...

Even I am frustrated at the time taken to release DVD's or even VCD's for that matter for example Manasaare released on DVD recently and we have already Yogaraj Bhat's new movie set to complete 50 days soon, so its riduclous, maybe the reason is they wait for the movie to go out of cinemas completely even from the villages where the movie maybe released 6-8 months after the actual release, I am waiting for my fav movie 'Om' to come on DVD but even after 15yrs its not released cause even today when they re-run the movie for a week in cinemas its gets packed houses.

P.S: Bombaat means great/awesome/cool/superb depending on the situation like you ask someone how was the movie Robot/Endhiran was and they will say It was Bombaat.

Filmi Girl said...

@aham Thank you for clarifying!!! The songs were not subtitled so I had no idea what it means! :D I think Ganesh is totally Bombaat! (Is that right to say?)

I saw that Manasaare was just released and I am buying that in my next order from Kannadastore. They are so quick with shipping to me from Bangalore! It makes me soooo happy! I still have Galipatta to watch, though...

I think Yograj Bhat is one of the most creative directors working in India today...

I have not heard of this movie Om - what is it about?!

aham said...

yes thats how you use that word in that context,and to be honest Manasaare and Gaalipata are my fav Yogaraj Bhat films, he is very creative especially in terms of the dialogues,and Manasaare has great dialogues every minute of the movie, but I am not sure you can completely get the dialogue just from the subtitles as a lot of humor is local and a main comedian is from Northern Karnataka where people speak Kannada in different way that to text book kannada. SO do let me know what you thought about the humor from the subtitles after you watch it,btw bombaat songs in Mansaare.

and coming to 'Om' well if i tell you that 'Om' is to Sandalwood what Sholay is to Bollywood I may not be exxagerating(though many might disagree),it is a story of an innocent student/youth who gets drawn into underworld due to circumstances. well I know the plot seems cliched but believe me 15yrs ago it was fresh and this movie still is(considering the zillion underworld based movies made till date) and some say that Satya was partly inspired by this movie(though different stories but similar in essence),it took the Kannada film industry by storm at that time, it was remade in Hindi as Arjun Pandit with Sunny Paaji a very very horrible attempt at a masterpiece and also diverting a lot from the original,needless to say the remake bombed,anyways the movie is directed by Sandalwood genius Upendra,he is known for making entertaining yet intelligent plot movies with strange names such as Sshhhhh....,Om,Swastika symbol,A,Upendra(his own name) and now yet to be released movie with no words but a hand symbol which fans have unoficially named as Super,see image below.

and also it is the costliest Kannada movie till date, to released in December with Nayantaara playing the female lead.

aham said...

and just to give you an idea how many people come when its re-run,like in 2007,12yrs after its first release,see the video below.

though the report is in kannada i think you can get an idea about the craze it still has on people.

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