Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Gossip!

Goooooood morning!

How is everybody today!?

Let's hit the gossip!

* The
Mumbai 48 Hour Film Project starts today!

* The BBC tackles
the controversy around Dunno Y... [Video]

* Rocky S wants to
dress Bipasha Basu on her wedding day... when it happens.

* Sanjay Leela Bhansali talks

"I think it is difficult to make a full-fledged comedy film. I don't know if I'll ever make one," he said. "Filmmaking for me is not sitting and cracking five jokes and doing some loud item numbers," he added.

about paying tribute to human suffering.

Guzaarish tries to give an insight into people suffering from paraplegia and why such patients sometimes ask for euthanasia, which is yet to be legalised in India. Hrithik Roshan is the patient in the film, while Aishwarya Rai is his nurse. It's a very unique subject. It has been handled very, very sensitively, specially by the actors and their performances. We have taken care that it's done gently, correctly because it's a very important debate."

* It's raining partnerships in

“There has to be a healthy balance of young filmmakers as well as the experienced,” says Ghai. His main reason for signing Priyadarshan and Abbas Mustan for a comedy and crime thriller respectively was to control the budget without compromising on the quality. “When you have been in the industry long enough, you learn to use resources judiciously. "

* Am I the only one on TEAM SUJOY GHOSH? I can't wait for his next film starring Vidya Balan - it will also introduce Bengali TV's
Kamalika Banerjee.

* Click on the link to see
Akshaye Khanna in drag.

* Maddy offers advice to
South Indian actors looking to enter Bollywood.

"For the actors today, I would really say that you should know the language. I think Hindi is the only film industry in the country today that doesn't accept people who do not speak Hindi as one of their talents. With 30 – 40 per cent of filmmakers already doing live sound, it's going to be very difficult to portray somebody that you are not."

* A banned Satyajit Ray film
lands into copyright drama in Kolkata.

* Is Anushka Shetty
entering Bollywood?

* Karan Johar's next is going to be a
full-on entertainer!

Tees Maar Khan is going to be launched on a moving train.

* Anurag Basu is directing
3 films in 2011.

* And Preity Zinta will be back in a
glam new avatar!

* Folk singer and occasional Bollywood chanteuse Ila Arun will be
reinterpreting Henrik Ibsen at a festival in New Delhi.

* Shooting on my favorite new film
The North Pole Italian Job begins - click the link for a rundown of the cast.

* Vivek Oberoi and his dad Suresh are shooting an
advertisement for a suit company.

* Madhur Bhandarkar
talks Heroine.

"Now even you are getting into a speculating mode", says Madhur with mock annoyance [let me fix this mock annoyance], "Don't go by the reports that seem to be coming in every now and then. There is no truth to me approaching Aishwarya Rai or any other actress for the film. In fact Heroine is currently on hold. All my concentration is on Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji for which I have shot non-stop for 60 days. It is a film which requires my total attention and there is no movement on Heroine as of now."

* Sonu Nigaam sings in
54 voices for one Tees Maar Khan song.

The singer apart from singing in several female voices has sung the song with a Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, French and several such accents. “But the one I enjoyed the most was singing in Akshay’s (Kumar) voice. In fact, I sound so much like him that even Farah couldn’t make out the difference,” he smiles.

* Even Shiney's closest supporters
are balking at working with him until his name is cleared.

* Will Priyanka and Surya be
paired together in an upcoming film?

Check out the new poster for
Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji!

Devgn! Vaida! Hashmi!

This will be interesting... I can't wait to see if Madhur can handle comedy.

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