Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Gossip!

Go-go-go GOLMAAL! Yes! The time is finally here! Golmaal 3 and Action Replayy!

And apparently,
Golmaal 3 is made just for me!

Read about it!

The film picks up all its humour from Bollywood alone. Practically every dialogue, almost every scene, refers to another film, or a celeb — some of them who’re in the movie, and some who are not. “Kareena is on the Saif side”, Arshad is ‘waris’ (inheritor), not a Warsi (his actual surname), Shahid Kapur is the ‘kamina’ (from the movie Kaminey)… The cutesy villain (Johnny Lever) is called Pritam (after the popular music composer).

Alas, the reviewer is not excited about this as I am.

Are you reeeeeeeadddy?! Let's hit the gossip!

* Find out about
Obama's image in India!

Besides selling chintzy souvenirs, the Obama name is also helping with sales of more expensive items. Pieter Erasmus, 40, runs a small workshop in New Delhi that makes handcrafted jewellery, and his sales have tripled since Michelle Obama started wearing one of his necklaces last year. Curiosity about the “Mobama” necklace, which retails for $400 (U.S.), helped him sell out his entire stock when he opened a new retail location in New Delhi last week.

* I'm used to seeing soppy reviews of
The Merchants of Bollywood pop up in my news searches, but they don't usually make reference to Paul Lynde.

I’ve been a fan of Bollywood films for many years, ever since CITY-TV used to show them on Sunday afternoons in the 80s and I love the tradition and all it entails.

Yes, give me those implausible plots, lurid love scenes (with no kissing), wild choreography and performances that positively bounced off the screen.

But it’s only a pale shadow of that you’ll find on the Sony stage.

One understands why performers have to lip-synch in a movie, but once you realize, with a sickening sensation, that not a single number in the show will be performed live, you understand why a certain deadly lack of energy sets in.

So, I guess I will stick to ACTUAL Bollywood films and skip the stage show, then.

* Salman Khan has started filming

* Freida Pinto continues to
trash Bollywood:

"There are some amazing films in India, made on a much smaller scale, that don’t get the same appreciation as the big Bollywood films, and I’ve never understood why," she said.

The Mumbai-born actress added: "Those are the films that I want to be a part of, so I’m just waiting for something like that to come my way, and I’m telling you, I’m going to grab it with both hands."

Right. She is so full of sour grapes about Bollywood - it's really nasty to read.

* Aamir Khan says
Dhobi Ghat won't be for the masses.

"I fear that masses may not like Dhobi Ghat because it is a very fine and delicate film. People who understand film, people who are sensitive - this film is for them. This is not a mainstream film."

The Perfectionist will be starting his new film
in February.

And he perfectly responds to questions about his fight with
Peepli Live director Anusha Rizvi.

"Every one has his or her opinion, she has her own. As far as my opinion is concerned, I will shoulder all my responsibilities. The film is neither mine nor her, it's audiences'. I have fulfilled every responsibility as a producer and will do it until death."

* Asha Bhosle is tired of singing
film songs.

* Meet
Anisha Nagarajan from Outsourced!

Since you began your career on Broadway in a singing role, how does it feel to transition into the complete opposite, a near-mute role?

It’s interesting you should mention that. We’re actually shooting Episode 12, called “My Fair Madhuri.” Basically Todd catches Madhuri several times singing in the bathroom and break room, and since singing and music has been his secret passion, he encourages her to pursue it. He puts her in the “American Idol” competition of India. It’s nerve-wracking for her and completely “out of character”, but it’s going to be interesting to see where this goes. This is a great opportunity to outlet my singing as well. I’m definitely looking forward to where this character takes me.

* The sets of
No One Killed Jessica were cold - ice cold. And I'm not talking about temperature.

* It's going to be Emraan not Ajay in
The Dirty Picture.


A twist of the neck... I mean a tip of the hat to
High Heel Confidential to alerting me to this disaster.

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