Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Darling: Only my darling?

When you combine two of my favorite things in one film - goofy
masala and Prabhas - I am guaranteed to like the result... even if that result is the admittedly messy Darling.

Darling opens, as these films do, with the protagonists as children. Master Prabha and Baby Nandini share a bit of moment while they perform a dance for their fathers’ college reunion. “14” years later Master Prabha has grown up to become, yes, THE YOUNG REBEL STAR PRABHAS!!!!!!!!

(*cough* Sorry, I’ll try to contain the inner fangirl, although I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how young the YOUNG REBEL STAR still looks.)

So, the now Prabhas Prabha breaks the heart of the daughter of some local don (Mukesh Rishi, who I just saw in the same role in
Bombaat) and in retaliation, the don gathers up all of Prabha’s friends and holds them hostage unless Prabha agrees to marry his daughter.

Prabha, being a quick-thinking fellow, tells the don that it wouldn’t be
fair to his daughter because he could never love her whole-heartedly the way her daddy does. When the don calls “bullshit” on this, Prabha breaks out a story about his long lost love Nandini... and how she tragically (*sob*) lives in Switzerland.

*wavy lines
Wayne’s World style*

I really don’t want to give away the plot, which is ridiculous and makes no sense but is enjoyable all the same. (Also, do not read the wikipedia summary of the plot because it gives away the whole story!!!) So here is what I’ll tell you:

Nandini is an angel and is played by Kajal Agarwal.

Prabha’s group of friends are delightful. (They're in a band!)

Prabha gets a rival for Nandini’s affections - this guy, who is a hilarious exaggeration of every filmi cliche for Heroes and at one point challenges Prabha to an ice chopping competition. Yes.

More fights - especially like this crazy one - would have been appreciated.

Kajal Aggarwal is adorable.

Kajal Agarwal is adorable.

And so is Prabhas.

The use of Switzerland is pitch perfect and I thought the song picturizations were great.

Magadheera reference?

Magadheera dance?

While I did enjoy
Darling, I couldn’t help but notice that Prabhas looked pretty darn tired through most of the film. He was not quite as exuberant as he usually is and we didn’t get as many fights as usual.

(That doesn't mean he's not the SUPER COOL, though!)

So, if you enjoy silly
masala that involves angels stealing chocolate bars, tear-jerking scenes of filial affection, and contests to chop big blocks of ice in half you might enjoy this one. I certainly did!


dustdevil liz said...

Nice review. I agree about the fights--it seems a shame to put Prabhas in a film and not have him do more kicking and punching.

I saw it in the theater w/out subtitles, so that allowed me to completely fixate on the god-awful outfits that they dressed Prabhas in. (the BollyWhat poll of fugliest outfits is a good reminder

The only outfit I unequivocally liked was the wedding outfit in Inka Eedo. Sigh, that and the snow falling in Hyderabad.

Daniela said...

The bridge scene is 1:1 copy from Korean movie DAISY

Tady Rox! said...

I love Prabhas more and more with every film of his I watch ... I bought this DVD a couple of weeks ago ... i started but I never finished it! now I have this holiday weekend to catch up ... Great review!

@ksana said...

Yep, about copying... Did they really have to copy Hrithik's dance for Krazzy 4? And dance reference to Step Up 2... I like Prabhas in national dance routines - he is so natural in those =)

Sami Saayer said...

kajal agarwal is adorable

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