Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Gossip!

Good morning, folks!

It's another grey, drizzly day in Washington, DC. Ah, well... better to be at work than moping around the house, I guess.

So, has anybody tried reading "Serious Men" by Manu Joseph? I got about 50 pages in but it wasn't doing it for me. Then again, I didn't care for "Sacred Games," either. If I have to read one more book about a middle-aged male protagonist who spends the opening portion of a book ogling young women... well, I don't know what I'll do but it won't be pretty.

Basically: DO NOT WANT.

Now, we have some better gossip today! Let's hit it!

* Check out this hilariously uninformative
review for Golmaal 3!

The album opens with the film's title track, which has been remixed again and gives a new feel to the trademark 'Golmaal' soundtrack.

Despite the same lyrics, the song is fresh. It has been sung by KK, Anushka Manchanda and Monali Thakur.

Now read
my review!

The first track whirs to life with a callback to the original 'Golmaal' theme but then Pritam kicks it into high gear with his own take on the theme, also called Golmaal. Unlike the somewhat tepid theme to Golmaal Returns, this 'Golmaal' has a high-intensity beat with a nice mix of percussion and plinky synthesizers. The original theme weaves in and out as a nice tribute to the original but this 'Golmaal' is 100% Pritam. Vocals from the chocolate-voiced K.K. along with Anushka Manchanda and Monali signal that, indeed, "Go go go Golmaal is back again!" The Golmaal (Remix) simplifies the beat for the dance floor but isn't anything special.

* We all knew this but Ali Zafar is

“I’m teaching Katrina (Kaif) how to play the guitar. She already knows four chords and can play two songs. She wants to be a rock star by the end of the shoot, she’s a quick learner. She’s promised me that if our film does a business of Rs 60 crore, she will do a music video with me,” laughs Ali Zafar.

* See, this is why I love Katrina Kaif - she refuses to
go to the gym. Good for you, Kat! You don't want to look all weird and overly-muscled like Bips does these days.

* Abbas Tyrewalla is
so tiresome with his promotions of Jhootha Hi Sahi. I literally couldn't care less about this film.

You said somewhere that Jhootha Hi Sahi is the second part in the trilogy that you are planning to make revolving around love, friendship at different stages of life. Could you elaborate a bit more on that?

It's more like a soul trilogy than anything connected dramatically. Basically there are 3 phases of romance that I can think of. The first film I made JTYJN was about first love, while making
Jhootha Hi Sahi, I realised somewhere that this is about true love and finding that one soul mate with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. Post that there is just one instalment left which obviously deals with love after marriage and the conflicts therein. Once I make that film, then I would have finished telling three stories of love at different stages.

To borrow some phraseology from Chandler off of "Friends"... could he BE more pompous about what is essentially a brainless romantic comedy? It's not deep philosophy, it's a John Abraham starrer.

* Kareena and Saif show up ultra-late to a press event only to find that the media had
staged a walkout. Already the stories are spinning. Here is my favorite from Camp Saifeena:

[O]ne particular photographer instigated the entire media to leave because he had some personal vendetta against the Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor. And since when did the entire media become as gullible as 2 year olds?

Since the event was supposed to BEGIN at 8pm, two+ hours late is getting pretty late. I'm assuming people probably were tired and just went home.

* My beloved and very clueless Raghav thinks
pop music is dying.

"It’s sad to see that pop music is losing its fervour and dying. But I am optimistic that the pop genre will once again return."

Oh, Raghav... never change. I'll never forget the day my sister e-mailed me to ask if I knew who Raghav was, because she spotted him on AVS, wearing shades, introducing a clip of some awards show dance performance saying that three or four of his ex-girlfriends are probably on stage at that moment.

* Tanvi, one of the child actors from
Slumdog Millionaire is going to be doing a Kannada film - but not just ANY Kannada film.

Apart from Tanvi, this Kannada film will be a debut platform many other child actors. One of them is the little model of Vodafone, another is from Clinic Plus, Horlicks and some are from the films Dor and Vada Raha.

Master Kishan will be playing the main lead under the direction of his father Srikanth, who was an Income Tax official in Bangalore. Kishan has already acted in more than 70 Kannada movies and is now studying in the10th standard. He is also learning graphics and animation technology.

Has Sandalwood jumped on the TWEEN-FILM bandwagon?!

* Atif Aslam's debut in
Bollywood may become a reality!

I had some odd interactions with his PR people after his concert here - they e-mailed me about my review and asked if I would have changed anything about the set. I told them it would have been fun for him to cover an American rock song and then they got all pissy at me!! WTF?! Who asked you to e-mail me in the first place?!

Himesh Reshemmiya is starting his own label!

* This kind of irks me - the press has been really sloppy about confusing
Raavan with Raavanan.

Renowned filmmaker Mani Ratnam’s latest release trilingual film Raavanan failed to amuse the viewers in India but it has received accolades at various film festivals.

See, that's not exactly true.
Raavan failed to please viewers but Raavanan did quite well down South. They were two different films!

* Along with Harman Baweja and Jacky Bhagnani, add Adhyayan Suman to
the list of producer's sons being re-launched next year by their daddys.

(I'd have added Sikandar Kher to the list but he's not a
producer's son but an actress's.)

I hope all three have gotten acting lessons since their last debuts.

* The producer of Akshay's
Khiladi films, Keshu Ramsay, has passed away.

* Unfortunately for us Westerners,
Hisss won't hit the States until January...


redsarah said...

I love the way the Katrina K article is worded - It's not that a certain KJ always wants size zero leading ladies, no, it's that she has to be a size zero to fit into the outfits. Er, couldn't the outfits have been made to fit her?

dishoomdishoom said...

As for Atif, I agree with you about how these artists should diversify and perhaps make some maild overtures to the non-desi markets..

As for Atif, im sure you would know this... wait for the 2:06

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

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