Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday Gossip: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me!

An undisclosed number of years ago, a small but destined to be awesome girl was brought into the world... ME! And now here I am, extremely awesome and ready to hit up the day's gossip!

* Salman Khan's father Salim says that Sallu's problem is he keeps expecting the actresses that he dates to drop everything and
mother him.

(It ain't going to happen, bro. Just go and commiserate with Saif Ali Khan who doesn't understand why Bebo doesn't want to play mommy to his kids. SHE'S GOT STUFF TO DO!
Stepmom was just a movie.)

* As if I didn't think Abbas Tyrewalla wasn't pretentious enough, the
Jhootha Hi Sahi OST available on LP. Really? Is the hipster market really dying for the latest John Abraham soundtrack to be shelved with the campy calypso and the 25 cent Vanilla Fudge records they got at the thrift store?

* Akshay Kumar turns down a
cameo in Vashu Bhagnani's upcoming Faltu, in which he will relaunch his son Jacky. Now, the article will tell you he turned it down because he didn't have the time but I would bet that he turned it down because he didn't want the stench of failure to rub off on him. Akki is very superstitious as we all know. (And who can blame him?)

* Mahima Chaudhary returns in a UK-based film called

* R. Madhavan wants KFC to stop
abusing chickens. I hear you, bro! Chickens are one of my favorite animals and I would never, ever eat them.

* Kailash Kher has
mellowed after marriage.

"I have started believing in life after my marriage and my son. Earlier, I used to be very short tempered, had a lot of anger inside me, I used to be very aggressive. But after marriage, a sense of calmness has engulfed me."

Also, the article talks about his family as his inspiration for his new album.

* Sonakshi Sinha is
not walking the ramp for Being Human... not because she fell, though, no. The Sinhas are worried that everybody is jealous of her and don't want to bring about trouble.

* The silver lining to flop projects -
entertaining news stories about producers who lock themselves inside their residences to avoid creditors and/or the police.

* We all may find NBC's
Outsourced to be distasteful but Rizwan Manji says it's just a job.

Did you log any call-centre experience for Outsourced?

I’ve actually worked at a call centre, at the Learning Annex in New York.

And like everyone else, I’ve been connected to a call centre, and I know I’m speaking to someone in India, even if she insists her name is Elizabeth. I want to say to her, ‘You can trust me. My name is Rizwan!’ Just so she’ll tell me her real name.

Rajinikanth tops the box office India-wide!

"Till three years ago, Rajinikanth’s films would only take South India by storm. The turning point was Sivaji – The Boss (2007). Even the Tamil version was a hit in Mumbai. Now, Robot is repeating the success story like never before. “It’s not Batman or Superman, no blonde-haired, white-skinned super hero saving the world… he is our very own Chitti — one we can all relate to,” says film critic Anupama Chopra.

Raavanan is going to the Pusan Film Festival in Korea!

* Shankar is doing the
3 Idiots remake, which I means I guess I have to see it!

And that's all for today!


eliza bennet said...

Happy Birthday Filmigirl! I wish you a healthy and happy life.

you_know_you_luv_me said...

AHH It's your birthday?? Happy Birthday! lol Mine too! I knew there was a reason why I liked your blog posts soo much!! libras ftw! :)

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Happy Birthday FilmiGirl!!!!!!! have a brilliant day, month, year :D

Shell said...

Happy Birthday my darling girl! I hope you have a kick ass day and an even better birthday celebration. I will be there in spirit!

Filmi Girl said...

@eliza Thank you!! :)

@you_know_you_love_me Yay!! Libras FTW! :D

@shweta Thank you! I have a good feeling about this whole decade. :D

@shell Thank you!! One of these days we'll party Bolly-style!

Sami Saayer said...

happy birthday. may u see 100 more love story 2050.

jholomorphic said...

yaum-e-vilaadat mubaarak, filmi girl!

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If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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