Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday Goss! The denial edition!

Thank you to everybody for your kind birthday wishes!! I had a wonderful birthday!

Now, let's hit the gossip! Apparently everybody is denying something this morning...

* Prepare to be underwhelmed by
Break Ke Baad.

Aaliya risks everything and everyone she loves to realize that there is no joy in achieving one's dreams if one has no one to share it with. Abhay risks losing every shred of his ego, dignity and self-respect to realize that there is no bigger high than seeing your dream come to life, brick by brick. They make mistakes, deal with disappointments, even lose each other - and become stronger individually.

So, the lady discovers that love is everything and the dude risks losing his 'self-respect' to make sure that he can fulfill his non-romantic dreams while still being with her? YAWN.

Sholay with an all little person cast. And who says artistry is dead?

* Hrithik Roshan is
not demanding changes in the Paani script. If this project happens at all, I will be a happy girl.

* This just in: It take more than booty shorts to be a successful TV host. Akshay Kumar will be back for the 4th season of

* Bebo is
not demanding 5 crore rupees for Short Term Shaadi. Also, she is not going size zero for the film:

When asked whether she will be getting herself a ‘chaddi-tee’ wardrobe, Kareena rubbished the rumour stating that she will not compromise on clothes to up the glam quotient of Short Term Shaadi as she said, “Besides, shorts have been done to death in the movies. And my fans didn’t like the Tashan look. So I’ll be wearing lots of clothes with a Jab We Met kind of a vibe.”

* Emraan Hashmi says
Crook is not about social problems.

Still, knowing the reputation of coming up with hard hitting films, Vishesh Films would again be accused of using a global issue for their benefit...

[Interrupts] There would be people all the time who would have something to say. Log to kuch naa kuch kehne hi waale hain; aap kuch bhi kaam kar lo. As I said, all we are doing it is picking up an issue and sharing a point of view. Neither are we changing the society nor are we aspiring to.

* Two more films are having to
deny that they are Hollywood remakes - Knock Out and Jhootha Hi Sahi.

* The
Mumbai Mirror uncovers some trickery with critical blurbs.

It’s such a clever trick. A chimera that would otherwise evade the average reader. But we’re not average. An advertisement for Sajid Nadiadwala’s Anjaana Anjaani proudly boasts of the many reviews that salute its creativity.

One such review in the ad (see picture) by a Devansh Patel, reportedly from ‘The Observer, London’, gives the film four stars with a congratulatory blurb that reads: “Anjaana Anjaani is a matchless exploration of love, luck and telepathy.” Our psychic energy somehow sensed a mismatch. We did call London.

* Prabhu Deva is in some legal difficulties involving
his ex-wife who doesn't want him to remarry.

Title track promo for
Guzaarish!! Prepare to bawl your eyes out!


eliza bennet said...

Guzaarish looks like a film that will cause lots of kleenex sacrifices indeed. I love how Aishwarya and Hrithik look btw. Whatever else happens SLB at least will not dissapoint in the beautiful frames department.

bollywooddeewana said...

Happy belated Birthday Filmi Girl, wishing you lots of prosperity and many more happy years to come...xx

bollywooddeewana said...

Wow Hrithik's definitely put a lot into his role, he looks so graceful doing ballet

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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