Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Gossip!!


Sorry, I think I've gotten it all out of my ROBO ROBOOOOO system.

But, seriously,
Endhiran was incredible! And I feel so blessed that I was able to see a Rajinikanth film on opening weekend in a packed cinema hall.

And read the excellent Anuvab Pal's
take on Rajinikanth and the Ayodhya verdict.

In these somewhat gloomy hours, there was only one man who could lighten us up, who could take on India and say, I am back. A man bigger than our Prime Minister, President, Big B and King Khan's appeal for calm put together. A man who gave no interviews, sold us no products. Someone who did not need the Page 3 culture because he was bigger than it.

He could stop any riot single-handedly. If he showed up at a disputed site, that's where a temple, mosque, church, synagogue would come up in simultaneous harmony. His answer to Ayodhya was one simple sentence: 'I am Superstar Rajinikanth and I have a new movie.'

(And then read British newspaper
The Independent's take on Rajinikanth where the author refers to Taran Adarsh as a "leading film critic," rather than an "overpaid hack.")

Shankar is spotlighted in
this profile:

"I think it's wrong to talk about my movie budgets constantly. There is an equal amount of blood and sweat invested in the effort. The film took two years to make and we had a huge foreign crew involved. Every member of my unit and the foreign crew has worked so hard on this film that the money pales in comparison to the effort put in.''

I completely agree, Shankar-sir!

Now, what else is happening?

* Blah blah blah
Don 2 blah blah blah. I'm feeling very lukewarm about this, although Don 2 might actually be better than Shahrukh's first Don because they won't be trying to copy a classic film - as far as I know.

* Bipasha Basu says
life is easier for Heroes.

“If given a chance to be a man, I’d choose to be a hero. A hero’s life is so much easier than a heroine’s.”

I hear you, Bips... And can you do another film with Ranbir? KTHXBAI!

* Shotgun Sinha
loves Chennai and is BFF with Rajinikanth.

"Every time I'm in the city, I make it a point to meet Rajinikanth. Lata and Rajini personally invited me to the marriage of their daughter, Soundarya. But, I was not in a position to attend her marriage. So, this time, I went to bless the children and spent an entire evening with them. It felt good to catch up with Rajini after a long time."

It's news because I say it is! How much would you pay to be a part of an evening spent hanging out with Shotgun and Superstar Rajini?

* Aishwarya Rai has
no problems with Abhi working with Kat. (Although I do, because I don't want to see the Junior B if I don't have to, and I have to see any new Katrina Kaif films.)

Jhootha Hi Saathi is not a remake of "Friends" but it may as well be.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Singing Superstar!! Watch Rishi perform "Parda Hai Parda"!

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