Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Gossip!

Good morning, all!

I am back home with the kittens - although my sister is off at a rodeo - and ready to dive back into things. I should have a few interesting things lined up for you this week, so stay tuned!

And thank you for being patient with my vacation... and lack of posting. I had only limited access to the Internet while I was away.

Now.... GOSSIP! Let's dive right back in!

I wish we had gotten
Brindavanam at our cinema because it sounds fantastic! JR NTR!!!

Brindavanam scores not only because of NTR’s screen presence, but also for some heart-touching sequences and superbly crafted comedy sequences featuring him, Brahmanandam and Venu Madhav.

The story of
Brindavanam revolves around multi-millionaire Krish who is actually in love with Indu, but is forced to go to Bhoomi’s house in a distant village to help her.

Indu pleads with Krish to help her distressed friend Bhoomi who is forced by her father to marry a crooked relative.

That = sounds like my favorite plot... con man conned by HIS OWN HEART.

Kajraare released to zero fanfair much to Himesh Reshemmiya's chagrin. I wonder if this will finally cure of thinking that he can act.

* Enjoy a
sweet story about small town kids discovering art house movies for the first time.

Some of these small-town youngsters look no different from their big city counterparts. They wear the same skinny jeans and fake Abercrombie T-shirts. But, hearteningly, their TV-fuelled aspirations go beyond looking hip. You can also sense a hunger in them to see, hear, read, experience and absorb more than what their restricted environment offers. The three-year-old HIFF has been able to feed that sense of curiosity. In a region patronisingly lauded for “brawn” rather than “brain”, and where, so goes the joke, the “only culture is agriculture”, the festival has provided a much-needed window to high art. “We are working hard at creating awareness about good cinema,” says festival director Ajit Rai.

* Allegedly Bebo and Piggy Chops
hate each other and are currently bickering over their favorite make-up artist. I believe it!! What girl likes the other girl that her ex-boyfriend takes up with after she dumps him? You know Bebo is like, "HER? He goes from all this to a plate of chopped liver!"

* The
Sydney Morning Herald takes a surprisingly diplomatic look at Crook.

''Art is a reflection of our society,'' Bhatt says. ''This is not the first time that Bollywood is going to mirror society's thoughts in a movie.''

The attacks have already taken a toll on overseas student numbers, so it must it must be a relief to Australian diplomats and university bosses that
Crook, released a week ago, has been a box office flop. However, it has reportedly done reasonably well in Punjab, the state where many Indian students in Australia come from.

INCOME TAX RAIDS for Yash Chopra and Sajid Nadiawala.

* And a tax cut for
Don 2 for filming in Germany. I almost typed "Don 3" there and that made me scared for my poor eyes because you know if Don 2 breaks the box office that we'll be seeing the third part. UGH. I can only hope Don 2 is to Don: The Chase Begins what Dhoom 2 was to Dhoom... a massive improvement.

* Will we soon see PREITY ZINTA
back on the silver screen? (I can only hope! The lady has talent... and oomph!)

* If
Anjaana Anjaani wasn't already the tweest hipster film ever, now it's going to made into a comic book.

* Is Barbara Mori going to return to haunt
Hrithik Roshan? A dubbed film of hers is releasing November 19th. Say what you want about Kites but I actually did enjoy Barbara's performance.

* Okay, okay, I know I said "no Twitter stories" but
this was too funny. I should amend my rule to "no Twitter stories except when it involves RGV teasing KJo."

It all started on popular social networking site Twitter when Ram Gopal Varma made a statement saying, "Rc has no loving only has warring families. So all those who liked kabhi khushi kabhi gum better stay away from Rakta charitra"

In reply, Karan Johar who actually was on a so-called Twitter sabbatical tweeted, "Apparently Rakhtcharitra is not for people who liked K3G!! Didn't know planet pluto had multiplexes!! Aliens can't wait to see it!!"

Ramu in his own tongue-in-cheek humorous style replied to Karan and said, "@kjohar25 ha ha ha ha that's a super one karan" He also went on to add, "Having said that rakta charitra is meant for men in women and not for women in men"

As a woman who has plenty of manly tastes (anyone for whiskey and a smoke - it's black label!), I am thrilled hear that
Rakta Charitra is tarted DIRECTLY at me. That is the impression I got from the trailers, so it's nice to see RGV admit it.

* In other stories about films being written specifically for me, Shankar somehow knew that I had no interest in the Hindi
3 Idiots and is re-writing the script to suit the tastes of southern audiences (and me).

* Does Aamir want to work with
Shankar, too? After the success of Endhiran?

* A couple of leaked images from
Mere Brother Ki Dulhan if that is your thing.

* Kangana Ranaut talks
Knock Out and wants to interview journalists!

"I'd like to meet every journalist who has interviewed me and ask them questions about their personal lives and deepest secrets", winks Kangna without taking more than a second to arrive at this one, "It would be fun to see them in a situation where they feel that their privacy is invaded and they are being judged."

Any time, bb! Get your people to talk to my people (aka me) and you can interview me all you want...

* Will we soon be seeing the
third generation of Deols being launched? Sunny Deol's son has popped up on the radar.

* And speaking of Deols, Abhay's
production house isn't doing too well.

* Namitha is shooting her promotional appearance despite the fact that
she is ill. Send her good wishes on twitter!

* Old School film buffs might be interested in this
new book from Raju Bharatan called "A Journey Down Melody Lane."

How does Bharatan know this? They told him.

Soon into the book, you begin to feel jealous of Bharatan. He was there at recordings and music “sittings” in the golden era of Hindi film music — when journalists were not anathema and some of them, like Bharatan, were actually asked by music directors for their opinion. O P Nayyar, for instance, valued the insights of Jitubhai Mehta (of the Gujarati Vandemataram and Bombay Samachar). Madan Mohan turned to Screen’s R M Kumtakar for final ghazal approvals.

* And finally, Mahi Gill has vanished from
Knock Out! She did an item number that is nowhere to be seen!

Akki and Kat on the last day of
Tees Maar Khan shooting, courtesy of Akki's twitter feed.

And the new GOLDEN BOY of Bollywood... Salman Khan!

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123 said...

Sallu has always been the Golden Boy of Bollywood :) He's been more popular than SRK (who basically started self proclaiming he was the superstar like 10 years ago, jsyk I like SRK too haha)
I think he has a wonderful, real personality. People find him rude at times, but the media really knows how to struck a nerve, but Sallu always handles it well with his comebacks! :)

Lol I'm so sorry for the novel. and no, I'm not a spokesperson for Salman Khan haha

And I'm glad your back, haha my morning was a bit thrown off when I didn't see any posts! :P Really enjoy reading your blog!

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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