Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Gossip (Evening Edition)

Hellooooo, world!! Sorry about the late gossip - I actually ran some errands this morning and on a whim, I stopped by the Bollywood theater hoping that there would be a ticket for any show of Endhiran today. Luckily for me, there was! For the noon show! So, I skipped lunch and indulged in SUPERSTAR RAJNIKANTH instead! My review of that will up as soon as I write it! Spoiler alert... I LOVED IT! *whistle whistle whistle*

Anyways, GOSSIP!

* Ali Zafar is still charming the pants off of

What was the best compliment you have received for the film?

I met this gentleman whose friends forced him to watch
Tere Bin Laden when he was sick. He told me that despite not being well, he ended up laughing and rolling in his chair. I was also happy when Salman Khan said he enjoyed watching the film. His laughter is infectious and child-like.

He's also still charming
me and hopefully he'll be charming people all across the USA if Tere Bin Laden gets picked up for distribution - WHICH IT SHOULD BE.

* Speaking of Ali Zafar, his film with Katrina Kaif has a title -
Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. Unfortch, I can only assume that Imran Khan is the "Mere" and Ali Zafar will be the "Brother."

Toronto is very excited about Akshay Kumar! (And I'm very excited about his hockey movie!)

Says "twenty-something" Sunaina Verma:

“Toronto is now waking up to Bollywood, because of the films shooting here. It’s encouraging how the people love Bollywood films, not only the brown people, but everyone. While shooting Thank You, whenever we were shooting on the streets people would ask what the shooting was for. Usually, they thought it was a Hollywood film, but we told them Bollywood, they were even more enthusiastic to watch it.”

* Who are these people who think Priyanka Chopra is
a good actress? I honestly don't get it. I mean, I understand why men like her but a good actress? REALLY?

Subhash K. Jha on
Anjaana Anjaani:

Priyanka Chopra, incontestably the most complete and watch able actress of her generation, makes you forget the film's obvious blemishes, mainly lengthy self-indulgent passages of pedestrian passion-play written in a tone that attempts to be flip but fails to grip.

KYA?!!! Having seen many (many) Priyanka Chopra films - including
Fashion and Kaminey, I would like to respectfully disagree.

* Vidya Balan is finally confirmed for the Silk Smitha biopic but she won't be doing
dirty dancing. Um... so what's the point? I hope we at least get footage of the real Silk Smitha dancing then.

* SRK will be shooting in
Germany for Don 2.

* Shekhar Kapur says they should censor
advertisements not films.

"At one time, Meena Kumari showing her ankles scandalized the censors. But they've always barked up the wrong tree. What the ads do is far more damaging. When you're older, you can tell you're being taken for a ride. But what about that seven-year old who's told by his icon to drink colas? Would that star allow his own child to drink this product? No! And yet you're encouraging young people in the country to drink this product."

* Papa Randhir Kapoor is doing a small role in
Short Term Shaadi with Bebo!

* Anurag Basu is hiding away after the
failure of Kites. AWWWW! I LIKED IT A LOT, ANURAG! Although I would have loved more Kangana (when do I not?), I thought it was a great romance!

THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD MOVIES COMING UP, YOU GUYS! I swooned so hard at this trailer!

And Mahesh Babu for PROVOGUE! Can't wait to see more!

It's SATURDAY and I'm in love!

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