Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Gossip!

Good morning, all! It's another Monday and time for me to go back to work. I already miss my vacation but, hey... the kittens need somebody to put food on the table.

So, I was looking for something kind of light to watch last night and I was scrolling through Netflix Instant and I saw
I Hate Luv Storys listed as available.

"Why not?" I said. "I'll just have it on in the background as I putter around folding laundry and putting away the dishes."

Oh. my. God. I was horrified! I made it 14 minutes into the film before I had to turn it off. These are two of the most vapid and self-absorbed characters I've ever seen in Bollywood!

Sonam has "the most perfect life" and Jai (sorry, "J") is the kind of douche who will start talking to a strange woman at the movie theater during the film. I got sooooo uncomfortable when he was asking her name. Not cool, bro. Not cool. I would get so freaked out if that happened to me at the movies.

If I'm being completely honest, Imran Khan in
I Hate Luv Storys reminded me of this - just not as funny.

Anywayyyyyyssss... let us hit the gossip!

* This is the kind of thing I live for - forget celebrity linkups and boring people saying boring things on Twitter - remember that interview with the makers of
Peepli Live I linked to yesterday?! Well, it seems like their bitchy comments are being picked up by the gossip press!

The AD of the film found a village mandali who shot a song for the film called "Mehengayi Dayan". A contract was to be drawn for the payment which never really happened. Not only that, but the song was deleted from the album as it was thought to be boring for the listener. Rizvi and Farooqui claim that they were never consulted on the same. Now that the film is in the running for the Oscars, it goes without saying, if it does win, it will go down as an Aamir Khan movie.

Honestly, I could care less about who is being linked with who and who is throwing a party for their mother-in-law, give me a good dose of people being
butthurt any day.

You know, I actually do feel bad for the
Peepli Live folk. It can't be easy to see control of the film you worked so hard for being wrested away at last minute by superstar Aamir Khan but there are better ways to deal with it than whining on the Internet. For example, you could use your new clout as the director of a hit film to try to get funding together to make another one - a film NOT involving Aamir Khan.

* Hooray for Hollywood! Gulshan Grover is going to be starring opposite
Salma Hayek in a Hollywood film and Sonu Sood has been signed by Ang Lee for the movie version of The Life of Pi.

* Mallika Sherawat talks

When director Jennifer Lynch bought the script to you, how did you react?

It was a great script. Coming from America, she had such a different perspective on the legend. It was bold, new and refreshing. And she brought out an aspect to the legend that many have ignored or don't know about: that the nagin is also a goddess of fertility. She can grant you a child or take it away.

(Actually the interview isn't that great but I just can't wait for

* Also, Emraan Hashmi is mad that
Mallika is being brought back for Murder 2, since he doesn't like the attention going away from him.

* Neha Dhupia and Rajat Kapoor are starring in another
small budget, artsy, rural comedy that has Obama in the title. It's a smart move since you know that the International press loves to talk about "wacky" Bollywood stuff and that gives them an opportunity - like the UK paper's article I just linked to.

* Security reparations for the premiere of
Raktra Charitra are underway. It's happening in the small town of Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh.

* My boy Ali Zafar is
cast in a David Dhawan film, although David Dhawan claims not to know about it.

* Choreographer Saroj Khan has
Vidya Balan on her wishlist. (She's on my wishlist, too, Saroj!)

* Priyanka Chopra is
starting a blog but she won't be talking about her love life or even her life in general.

So what is she going to talk about? Fashion? Plastic surgery? Fluffy stories about how she is doing charity work? BORING! Just wait until we start seeing the gossip pages filled with "news" culled from her blog...

I'd rather hear about how she
doesn't want to do a love-making scene or her being butthurt over media link-ups with Shahid Kapoor. At least those would be amusing.

* Mahima Chaudhary's return to the silver screen may not be seen in
Mumbai. The gritty British drama Pusher has been banned.

* Sanjay Dutt is playing
narrator for Tees Maar Khan.

Bips wants to do action roles.

* Get the first look Ranbir Kapoor in
Rockstar! Apparently, his character is called Jordan and looks just like Frank Zappa. (Somebody call the brain police.)

* This is cute!! Korean pop culture is number 1 in
this corner of India!

I understand! I love K-pop, too!

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