Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Gossip!

IT'S FRIDAY! Although this weekend won't be terribly restful... my friend is in town for Jon Stewart's Rally for Sanity and she's making us go extra-early to beat the crowds.

Anyways, the movies I want to see come out next week, so it's all good... although I am very tempted by
Walkaway, despite Rachel Saltz's usual crap-tastic review:

Walkaway, a breezily schematic Indian movie about relationships in the big city — New York, that is — feels like a hybrid: a little Bollywood, a lot American indie from the let’s-talk-about-romance division. The film mostly eschews the pumped-up emotionalism of Hindi movies and very nearly dispenses with Hindi too. (English is mostly spoken here, with smatterings of French, Tamil and, yes, Hindi.)

Except that my impression of
Walkaway was that it WAS an Indian-American film, not a Bollywood film at all... so why would they be speaking Hindi in New York? This isn't Jhootha Hi Sahi.

Anyways, it looks fantastic, despite Ms. Saltz's cliched review.

Gossip time!

* The big story today is Vivek Obeori's wedding but I'm actually not terribly interested in weddings... I'll keep an eye out for pictures when they come out but details about weddings are like hearing stories about somebody else's cats - I don't really care.

Congratulations to Vivek, though! I wish him all the best!

* Oh, gosh
this byline looks familiar and this one, too! See, I can be just as full of superbs as any other gossip writer! And I love seeing if my stories will get picked up by the general Bolly gossip press!

Also, Jiah Khan has a
new website and she's blogging, just like my other fave starlet Kangana Ranaut! Although, Jiah's website is a lot better designed than Kangs. She's got a cute video where she talks about being in Bollywood... and I had no idea her natural accent was a deliciously dry English one!

* Is Karishma Kapoor's marriage
in trouble?! (Was it ever happy might be a better question to ask... poor Lolo.)

* Katrina Kaif has offered to do a
cameo in a film being produced by her hairstylist.

* Tabu
is not getting married.

“Every time I return from Hyderabad, I find gossip about my marriage doing the rounds. This is the fifth time in the past one year that people have planned my wedding. Incidentally, no one even knows the name of the guy. Maybe they should plan a meeting between us before playing wedding planners."

Tabu, if you go out with me, there is no way I'll ever make you meet wedding planners... although if you DID want to, it's totes legal here in DC!

* Bebo had... well it's best

The shooting of the film took place in Goa, where the other two series had been shot. Sources state that Kareena had advised Rohit Shetty to shoot the film in foreign locales.

Yup, I can just picture Bebo 'advising' Rohit Shetty that
Golmaal 3 be shot somewhere with better shopping opportunities.

* In an important news development some intrepid reporter has over-analyzed a
Golmaal 3 poster and thinks Arshad Warsi waxes his legs.

* Read
an editorial about A.R. Rahman! Is he losing his popular touch?

Yes, his loyal fans are still vouching for him.

Yes, critics too are wary before totally giving up on a soundtrack.

Yes, there is still audience sentiment that conveys - 'It's okay, hear them a few more times, the songs are going to grow on you.'

The question though is - 'Till when?'

I do love Rahman but I have to admit that his last few soundtracks were definitely of the 'hear it a few more times' variety.
Endhiran has completely grown on me, though. I loooo~oooooo~oooove it!

* Shankar's
Boys is going to get dubbed into Hindi!

* Prahlad Kakkar is going to
apologize for his comments about Abhishek.

* Indian pop culture grabs a toe-hold in
Japan! すごいですねえ。これから日本語でブログを書きますよ!だれが日本語を話せますか。

You can vote here!

The 1 winners chosen from the internet voting will be titled india cool guy, and go to Japan! The winners are chosen by you!

I'm totally starting a Japanese language Bollywood (ボリウッド) blog...

* Read about the
San Fran South Asian Film Festival.

Chopra points out that "Love, Sex aur Dhoka" recovered its money within the Indian marketplace and was produced by a mainstream producer who made her name with formulaic family-oriented television soaps. "It means everyone is looking to make interesting films," Chopra says. "The formula doesn't exist any more."

* And obviously, the most important story of the day - besides the INDIAN COOL GUY DANCER CONTEST - Abhay Deol is
kind of a douche.

"Deol has done a course in direction from New York and feels he has the knowledge and the expertise to call the shots. During ZMND's Spain schedule, he kept telling Zoya how things could be done differently.

When she wanted to re-shoot a song featuring the three actors, Abhay flatly refused saying he was happy with the way it had turned out. He had to be cajoled into doing the song."

Look, bro, of the two of you, who directed
Luck By Chance and who starred in Aisha? Now, let's talk direction...

Of course, it's all just rumors....

Have a great Friday!


Bluemay said...

Have fun at the Stewart/Colbert rally tomorrow!!! I'm green with envy. I love them both.

Bombay Talkies said...

I just had a massive duh moment when I read your piece about Rizwan Manji...I knew he looked familiar and *of course* I know him from American Desi! Great piece!

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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