Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Gossip!

Good morning, all!

I hope everybody is doing well!

Nothing too exciting releasing today, just Emraan Hashmi's
Crook: It's Good to Be Bad, which they say is NOT about racism which is secret public relations team code for 'it is about racism but we're saying it's not so that people can't complain about our most-likely simplistic interpretation.'

* Read an interview with

HT: You have been trying to portay the real and good side of Pakistan through your music. Tell us what Pakistan is all about.

Faisal: Since 9/11, things have changed a lot for Pakistan. Today, the world has a very negative image about Pakistan and our idea is to change that. All we want to say through our music is that there are people in Pakistan who want peace - we are suffering right now, there's a 9/11 happenening in Pakistan almost every week, we are affected either because of floods or terrorism. We want to inspire the youth through our music and spread love.

* And then read about the Afghan band

As far as influences go, Aimal has high regard for Greek composer Yanni and German pop band Modern Talking. Mawj has recorded five new tracks and plans to release them in time for Navroz, the Persian New Year. The band is in town for only a week and is trying to make the most of it. "We went to Daryaganj yesterday and bought a harmonium and a been. We might use these instruments in one of our later songs. It won't be easy but we'll try,'' laughs Aimal.

Read some amazing Bollywood-style purple prose and then check out Lara Dutta's unfortunate FHM cover.

We all know that Red Hot Lara Dutta is not just gorgeous, but also intelligent and gracious. She is not just beautifully stunning, but also elegantly dazzling!

Really? We all know that? I would go more for "We all know that Lara Dutta is well preserved, bitchy, and cast in unfortunate roles that capitalize on her ability to be shrill and obnoxious. Not only that but she has a massive inferiority complex about herself and considers herself A-list when most people would agree she is a strong B."

* Ajay Devgn thinks Priyadarshan should focus on
action and drama.

"I feel action and drama are Priyan's forte. Even he believes so. If you see Virasat, Gardish, Kala Pani and some of his South Indian movies, you will realise that he has a tremendous hold over these genres,"

* While I enjoyed
this story about Katrina Kaif mowing down on some Punjabi food I hated the tag ending.

The actors decided to take a break after a six-hour long drive. "Kat took one look at the rich, spicy Punjabi food and decided break her diet and have some too. She enjoyed herself thoroughly, ordering daal, rotis, chicken and mutton. She normally avoids too much oily and spicy food but just couldn't resist the food when she saw it. Now, she will have some rigorous dieting and workouts to do when she reaches Chandigarh."

I bolded the offensive part. Way to be paternalistic "source close to the actress" - dieting is not a healthy way to live and it's no wonder all these actresses on constant diets give bad performances... they are HUNGRY!

* Speaking of clueless and hungry... Deepika discusses
Break Ke Baad:

We have got a very positive feedback to the promo that is out now. People are liking the promo. They like the chemistry between Imran and me and that's all we wanted,' said Deepika.

Yeah... pretty much EVERYBODY I've spoken to thinks the promo looks kind of wet-dishraggy and boring.

And that is why I think
this is happening. Kunal Kohli is rushing through filming a music video and an epilogue for the film... which is supposed to be out soon. Yeah. Not a good sign.

also says that she would be willing to do a Tamil film. O RLY? You will have to find some more talent besides being thin if you would to do South films - they like ladies who can dance and who have some... oomph.

* Anil Kapoor is doing
Mission Impossible 4.

* Bipasha Basu has joined
the cast of The North Pole Italian Job which is now being called Players.

Enjoy this little bit:
Joining them in a smaller role is newcomer Sikandar Kher. Talking about the film, Kher said: "It is a smart and stylish package. In fact, it is going to be bigger than the original and will include some new characters."

Oh, this must be a new definition of "newcomer" that means "debuted in 2008 with a
15 million rupee entrance scene."

* Zeenat Aman
loves her role in Dunno Y.

"The name of my character is Rebecca. This film is breaking a lot of barriers and setting new trends. It's a film that deals with very delicate relationships and hence I was keen on doing it."

* Shahid Kapoor is
out of Ranbir's World Tour.

* Rani Mukerji!!! She will be back in a
Bengali film!

* I may as well have
written this story on Sonam Kapoor begging Sanjay Leela Bhansali to watch her films.

It ends on this tag:

Also, a bout of box-office success might also just do the trick.

Yes. My spiritual twin wrote that piece.

* Soha Ali Khan is a
red head!


redsarah said...

Notice that the article on Sonam Kapoor says that she was confined to bed for "three years". May your spiritual twin was trying to say that she sleepwalks through all her films ... ;-)

Michael Barnum said...

Filmi Girl, thanks for the piece on STRINGS. I LOVE their fact Pakistani pop music is some of the best around, these days.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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