Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Gossip!

Good morning afternoon, world!

(Photo from

I was out at the
Rally to Restore Sanity yesterday and it was an amazing experience.

I have never been in a crowd that was just so genuinely pleased to be there. Everybody was so friendly... and only a few tempers frayed.

Anyways, let's see what I missed while I was out enjoying the day!

* Aishwarya Rai is still shining bright
at 37! Her birthday is tomorrow.

* Read a
rundown of celebrity feuds:

Farah Khan v/s Deepika Padukone

They kept denying a rift but the air was thick with reports of a cold war between the hit-producing director and her protégé. They claimed to be in touch with each other but were reported to turn away their faces whenever they happened to meet. In time, little Miss Deepika has realised it doesn't make any business sense to ignore Farah whose films make waves even before release. When she was not even considered for Farah's
Tees Maar Khan, Deepika decided it was best to kiss-and-make-up sooner than later. We hear that Farah's husband Shirish Kunder is planning to cast her in his next film Joker starring Akshay Kumar. So surprising, isn't it?

* Kareena Kapoor is as
charmingly unmodest as always in an interview with Rajeev Masand.

"Everyone knows that I am a good actor. I have proved it time and again. I can always come back to those kinds of roles," Kareena replied without a trace of humility.

* MEOW! Sonam Kapoor nominates
Shobha De for the 'wicked witch' of Bollywood. Apparently, Sonam hasn't been reading my blog.

* Karan Johar wants to invite
Ram Gopal Varma to Koffee with Karan!

* Asin has declined a role
opposite Salman Khan.

* Rakhi Sawant's latest
reality television show is in trouble!

"The show is highly objectionable and an unpardonable mockery of law and justice, judges, litigants and their relatives, police machinery, woman welfare associations and courts of law," observed Kunjuraman, who is also a human rights activist. The PIL that is likely to come up for hearing within a couple of weeks, states that the show "should be banned immediately."

* Vivek Oberoi's wedding was a
family affaif.

Although many from Bollywood were invited for the wedding that saw 1500 guests, few turned up. “From the film industry, only actors Sushmita Sen, Sangeeta Bijlani, Chiranjeevi and film-maker Mani Ratnam were present,” said a guest, not wishing to be named.

* Emraan Hashmi has
mouth ulcers - from kissing too many co-stars?

* Akshay Kumar has roped in
Ludacris for Breakaway.

* Narmmada
is still trying to stay in the game.

The young actor has learnt the ropes of acting from the London Film Institute and talking about her debut she says, “It’s weird that it [the film] got delayed, but sometimes I feel that a little delay is better than doing something wrong. I am working on a movie which will go on the floors in January. It is a romantic comedy.”

* John Abraham is done with
off-beat roles for a while.

The Happy Couple!!!


Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Gossip!

IT'S FRIDAY! Although this weekend won't be terribly restful... my friend is in town for Jon Stewart's Rally for Sanity and she's making us go extra-early to beat the crowds.

Anyways, the movies I want to see come out next week, so it's all good... although I am very tempted by
Walkaway, despite Rachel Saltz's usual crap-tastic review:

Walkaway, a breezily schematic Indian movie about relationships in the big city — New York, that is — feels like a hybrid: a little Bollywood, a lot American indie from the let’s-talk-about-romance division. The film mostly eschews the pumped-up emotionalism of Hindi movies and very nearly dispenses with Hindi too. (English is mostly spoken here, with smatterings of French, Tamil and, yes, Hindi.)

Except that my impression of
Walkaway was that it WAS an Indian-American film, not a Bollywood film at all... so why would they be speaking Hindi in New York? This isn't Jhootha Hi Sahi.

Anyways, it looks fantastic, despite Ms. Saltz's cliched review.

Gossip time!

* The big story today is Vivek Obeori's wedding but I'm actually not terribly interested in weddings... I'll keep an eye out for pictures when they come out but details about weddings are like hearing stories about somebody else's cats - I don't really care.

Congratulations to Vivek, though! I wish him all the best!

* Oh, gosh
this byline looks familiar and this one, too! See, I can be just as full of superbs as any other gossip writer! And I love seeing if my stories will get picked up by the general Bolly gossip press!

Also, Jiah Khan has a
new website and she's blogging, just like my other fave starlet Kangana Ranaut! Although, Jiah's website is a lot better designed than Kangs. She's got a cute video where she talks about being in Bollywood... and I had no idea her natural accent was a deliciously dry English one!

* Is Karishma Kapoor's marriage
in trouble?! (Was it ever happy might be a better question to ask... poor Lolo.)

* Katrina Kaif has offered to do a
cameo in a film being produced by her hairstylist.

* Tabu
is not getting married.

“Every time I return from Hyderabad, I find gossip about my marriage doing the rounds. This is the fifth time in the past one year that people have planned my wedding. Incidentally, no one even knows the name of the guy. Maybe they should plan a meeting between us before playing wedding planners."

Tabu, if you go out with me, there is no way I'll ever make you meet wedding planners... although if you DID want to, it's totes legal here in DC!

* Bebo had... well it's best

The shooting of the film took place in Goa, where the other two series had been shot. Sources state that Kareena had advised Rohit Shetty to shoot the film in foreign locales.

Yup, I can just picture Bebo 'advising' Rohit Shetty that
Golmaal 3 be shot somewhere with better shopping opportunities.

* In an important news development some intrepid reporter has over-analyzed a
Golmaal 3 poster and thinks Arshad Warsi waxes his legs.

* Read
an editorial about A.R. Rahman! Is he losing his popular touch?

Yes, his loyal fans are still vouching for him.

Yes, critics too are wary before totally giving up on a soundtrack.

Yes, there is still audience sentiment that conveys - 'It's okay, hear them a few more times, the songs are going to grow on you.'

The question though is - 'Till when?'

I do love Rahman but I have to admit that his last few soundtracks were definitely of the 'hear it a few more times' variety.
Endhiran has completely grown on me, though. I loooo~oooooo~oooove it!

* Shankar's
Boys is going to get dubbed into Hindi!

* Prahlad Kakkar is going to
apologize for his comments about Abhishek.

* Indian pop culture grabs a toe-hold in
Japan! すごいですねえ。これから日本語でブログを書きますよ!だれが日本語を話せますか。

You can vote here!

The 1 winners chosen from the internet voting will be titled india cool guy, and go to Japan! The winners are chosen by you!

I'm totally starting a Japanese language Bollywood (ボリウッド) blog...

* Read about the
San Fran South Asian Film Festival.

Chopra points out that "Love, Sex aur Dhoka" recovered its money within the Indian marketplace and was produced by a mainstream producer who made her name with formulaic family-oriented television soaps. "It means everyone is looking to make interesting films," Chopra says. "The formula doesn't exist any more."

* And obviously, the most important story of the day - besides the INDIAN COOL GUY DANCER CONTEST - Abhay Deol is
kind of a douche.

"Deol has done a course in direction from New York and feels he has the knowledge and the expertise to call the shots. During ZMND's Spain schedule, he kept telling Zoya how things could be done differently.

When she wanted to re-shoot a song featuring the three actors, Abhay flatly refused saying he was happy with the way it had turned out. He had to be cajoled into doing the song."

Look, bro, of the two of you, who directed
Luck By Chance and who starred in Aisha? Now, let's talk direction...

Of course, it's all just rumors....

Have a great Friday!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Filmi Girl talks to... Rizwan Manji!

Discussion of NBC’s Outsourced has been making its way through the my part of the Internet - is it offensive or funny - and a quick trip to the official Facebook page reveals a huge list of angry people venting their feelings about outsourcing AND the portrayal of Indian characters. I, like most of you, was turned off by the bickering over identity politics and economics and gave Outsourced a pass. It wasn’t until I heard that it had been picked up for a full season that I decided to tune in. They couldn’t fill an entire season with jokes about how silly Indian names can sound to American ears, could they?

Imagine my surprise to find that, beyond the clunky pilot episode, the show is basically an Indian version of NBC’s
The Office, with a good dose of cross-cultural comedy. I was charmed. And then I looked up the actors on imdb and saw that the cast was made up of some very talented people who had spent years playing Dr. Kumar on one episode of a sitcom or terrorist no. 1 on a cop show.

Rizwan Manji, who plays assistant manager Rajiv on the show and kindly agreed to speak with me earlier this week, was one of those actors. Although, he wasn’t just terrorist no. 1 – his character had a name.

“The only person from the regular cast I got to work with was Kiefer Sutherland. He killed me.” Rizwan laughs as he remembers his time on Fox’s
24. “I’ll admit it, I was really, really scared to be shot. I didn’t know what it was going to feel like and it was just the anticipation of waiting for that moment and not knowing what was going to happen. The first time [I got shot] there was just this little cardboard in the gun and there is just this smoke that comes out and a piece of the cardboard actually flew and hit me. It didn’t hurt but something actually hit me so I was like ‘Oh my god, I’ve been shot, I think I’m dead!’ It was a very scary experience. And then we did it like 10 other times and I was like fine.”

(Rizwan as "Ahmed" on

It was a big jump going from being killed by Kiefer Sutherland to landing a lead as a series regular. “It’s really only my first experience on this level and it happens to be with a primarily South Asian cast so I would say I’m really lucky,” says Rizwan. “It’s definitely an amazing experience. The first time that I got to really do anything with a primarily South Asian cast was a film that I did about almost a decade ago –
American Desi. As you know on TV we were lucky if there is ONE South Asian person in the show, so this experience is quite amazing; everyone is wonderful – the entire cast is a pleasure to work with – I know that sounds so cliché but we’re really good friends we actually talk on the weekends.”

And one of the nice things about having a primarily South Asian cast? “And the thing is - there are five series regulars so you’re literally looking at five different characters; you just can’t be laughing at their accents,” explains Rizwan, whose own accent is very Canadian with just a hint of
masala. “With Rajiv you are laughing at his diabolical insaneness about wanting to become the manager and Gupta who you want to run away from... The whole accent thing gets old and I can’t imagine that a show would even go on the air if that was the single joke that they were going to have.”

(In character as Rajiv... Picture from

But Rizwan acknowledges the concern about the jokes at the expense of Indian culture. “I can understand the apprehension. We are the butt of some of the jokes in the show but we also give out our fair share as well and I think this is a definite sign of progress where we can be funny and we can be quirky. That’s a sign of being included in society when you can also be made fun of and it’s okay.”

Although Rizwan is from Canada, his parents are Indian by way of Tanzania and Rizwan himself didn’t even speak English until he went to kindergarten. He draws some inspiration from his parents for Rajiv – the accent. “The accent I would say I’m using is my Dad’s accent – that’s the way he speaks. When I talk to my parents in real life, you know how you … I just feel like I have an Indian tinge to my voice anyways. I might be putting on a little more of it for this character but I feel there is a lot of Indianness about me already.”

Rajiv may be diabolical and determined to get ahead at the office but he also has a heart of gold, which we’ve gotten hints of already, thanks to the talented Rizwan. It’s not every actor who can milk some humanity out of comic archetype and he has put a lot of thought into his character. “You know, despite [Rajiv’s] ambition and stuff, I get it a lot with me Rizwan as a person. I feel like I’ve been very ambitious and not that I’d do the crazy things that Rajiv would do but I can totally understand his desire to have this and to go to great lengths. So I kind of definitely have that ambition that Rajiv has, I might now go around it the way that Rajiv does.”

(Dat mouche! Photo taken from

Another thing that is pure Rizwan – the moustache. “My wife hates the moustache. I had a little baby moustache when I first went in for the audition and when I got the part, I asked, ‘Are we going with the moustache?’ ‘Oh, were definitely going with the moustache.’ I think I’m stuck with it until the show has run its course, so, hopefully it will be the new trend.”

Perhaps this is why
Outsourced works – the characters are just people, and some of these people have moustaches or wear turbans or headscarves. They aren’t trying to make any grand statements about politics or life. “I’m Muslim and after 9/11 there were issues with flying because of my name but I don't personally feel like targeted or anything like that. I don’t know how to put this… I don’t know if there is this dire sense that there is anything evil going on here [in the US].”

Unlike the makers of
My Name is Khan or Kurbaan, Rizwan has more modest ideas about the ability of popular culture to shape politics. “However, it’s also a concern to take a sitcom as something that is going to change the political discourse. At the end of the day it’s a sitcom, it’s a comedy and we’re there to make you laugh and I know some people are concerned about accuracy but I wouldn’t take this show as a documentary as what Indian culture is like.” He laughs. “And having said that, to play devil’s advocate on my comment, television does also do that, so we have a slight responsibility as well.”

But let’s get to my favorite topic: Bollywood. I know a lot of South Asian actors in Hollywood don’t really keep up with Bollywood but it’s always worth asking. So, does Rizwan keep up with Bollywood? “I’ll tell you the honest truth,” he says, his interest perking up a bit now that we’re done with the tough political questions and are on to something fun. “I try to watch all [the new releases]. It’s hard because the closest movie theater I have is 30 minutes away and I hate watching Indian movies at home.” I totally agree, it’s not very fun to watch Indian movies by one’s self.

“Well,” he continues, “My favorite film of all time is
Qurbani. And then recently I was blown away by 3 Idiots – I thought it was phenomenal.”

This is perfect segue to ask about Omi Vaidya who managed to go from playing “the IT guy” on an episode of
The Office to a featured role in 3 Idiots. Would Rizwan ever be interested in doing something like that?

“I would love to!” exclaims Rizwan. “I think I was sitting there so jealous [while watching
3 Idiots.] He was so, so brilliant but it was one of those times as an actor that you’re like, ‘WHY DIDN’T I GET A CHANCE TO AUDITION?!’ I loved his performance so much that I just wanted to have that part. It was such a juicy, nice part and he was so great in it.” He laughs. “My Hindi is not that great and I don’t have the Bollywood star looks that they want but if somebody is going to knock on my door, I am not going to say no.”

You heard it here first, Bollywood producers!

So, where can you see Rizwan Manji? He has
Outsourced (Thursdays on NBC!) and a small part in the upcoming Morning Glory, with Harrison Ford, Dianne Keaton, and Rachel McAdams.

Lucky residents of Los Angeles will also have the chance to meet the cast of
Outsourced at the Partnership Walk to end global poverty on November 14th. More information on that can be found here.

Thursday Gossip!

Hello, all! We here in Washington, DC are gearing up for the big Jon Stewart Rally for Sanity this weekend... it is going to be CRAZY! While I was walking home yesterday, the cops closed down Pennsylvania Avenue for Obama to go from The White House to where The Daily Show is filming this week. You haven't seen a motorcade until you've seen Obama's motorcade.


* Let's all remember
Nirupa Roy who passed away in October back in 2004.

Amitabh Bachchan recalls his long association with Hindi cinema's most beloved mother with fondness. "Working with Nirupaji was such fun. She was a warm and affectionate lady. She played my mother so often that we had actually begun to feel as though we were related."

Time Magazine puts up a "Best of Bollywood list" that is heavy on the parallel cinema and not so heavy on Bollywood. As much as I enjoyed Jodhaa-Akbar, I certainly wouldn't call it the "Best" of anything - except shirtless sword-fighting scenes. There aren't even any DANCES! And where is Mughal-e-Azam? Mr. India?

Nice try, Richard Corliss but next time put more BOLLYWOOD in your Bollywood list.

* Abhishek hits back at
Prahlad Kakkar for his hilarious assessment of Abhi's acting career.

* Mahesh Bhatt is
writing a book, among other projects.

* MS Dhoni rescued
Bipasha Basu from an unruly crowd.

* Barbara Mori is still trying to make a go of it in
Bollywood despite the fact that Kites fizzled at the box office.

* Would you pick Kangana Ranaut to model your
bridal collection? As much as I love her, this seems like an odd fit.

* Living in India and worried that you can't watch
Judge Judy? Well, worry no longer since she will be coming to a new English-language channel!

* Lovely Bebo observed
Karva-Chauth aka the Yash Raj Holiday for Saif Ali Khan. But don't worry that our Bebo is going all serious - she also got up to some pranks with Tusshar, convincing director Lovely Singh that their hotel was haunted.

And some reporter was
butt-hurt that Bebo would only talk about Golmaal 3 at a press conference about Golmaal 3 and wouldn't answer his questions about her personal life. Because she was there to talk about Golmaal 3.

* Is Rajnikanth going back to work on this
crazy-sounding 3D animation film? The last 30 minutes of which are going to be live action?

* Hrithik Roshan is doing a cameo in
Don 2.

* Is our Cherry taking the lead in
Welcome to the Jungle?

* Vivek Oberoi is getting married! And he invited
Abhishek Bachchan.

Dunno Y is having it's release date pushed back due to protests. Look, right-wingers, if HELEN can be in a movie with gay themes, then it must be okay!

Whatever HELEN does is okay!

How about some pictures from the
Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey music launch?! But you can only see them if you wear the special dress code of red and white...

The Big B, the little B, and Aishwarya Rai.

How much do you want to bet that Deepika Padukone was ultra-jealous of glammed up Aishwarya Rai stealing attention at the music launch?

Miss "Acting is a lot like Modeling" with the re-launched Sikandar Kher and the Junior B.

Anupam and Kirron Kher. She always looks so luscious. I love Kirron Kher...

The Bachchan ladies... a more important question, however, is who is that white guy back there in red? Is he playing an EVIL BRIT in the film? Is he a journalist forced to have dressed up red and white?! WHO?

(Photo credit for all: Viral Bhayani)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday Gosssssip!

Good morning, all! I hope AAL IZZ WELL for you today!

I did a lovely interview last night with lovely Rizwan Manji from TV's
Outsourced that should be posted in the next couple of days, so stay tuned! Here is teaser for you... his favorite Bollywood movie is Qurbani!

Now, GOSSIP roll call!

KIDNAPPED!!!! Oh no you didn't, you little punk!

(She has been safely returned.)

* Oliver Stone doesn't
understand Bollywood and admits as much at MAMI.

"You are the most prolific industry. I cannot keep up. I can't say I have any close understanding of it at all."

Just wait until my book comes out!

* Get a rundown of the
12 new directors at MAMI.

* And then
read a fun recap.

Prahlad, with his characteristic smile and wit, said that the movie industry is a mom and pop shop. "Abhishek Bachchan has had 17 flops in a row and is still going strong. He is unique and should be in the Guinness book of records," he said drawing uproarious applause from the audience."

* Maybe Mr. 17 flops would have better cred with the gossip mongers if he didn't do things like
request that they all wear red and white at the press meet for Ashutosh Gowarikar's Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey. You know, that film where he and Deepika Padukone play revolutionaries... or something. I cannot WAIT to read reviews for this film.

* Balki is making a film with
Abhishek Bachchan. He has not been requested to wear red and white.

* Deepika Padukone talks about

So does she miss the ramps?

“No,because Bollywood and modelling these days are quite similar. I do get to walk the ramps so I don’t miss it.”

Hmm... Bollywood and modeling these days are quite similar? I wonder if Ashutosh Gowarikar is on board with that? Revolutionary modeling, anyone?

* Miss Model is going to be part of a
stage show in Vegas this December.

* Some teenager
nobody has heard of is playing the lead in Ang Lee's The Life of Pi.

3 Idiots is getting distribution in France!

Peepli Live director Anusha Rizvi is tired of all the promotions for the film.

The director was quoted saying that she would rather want 50 people to watch the film without all these promotional activities than gathering 200 people with the hype.

* Check out
JR NTR on a break while filming Shakti.

* Shahrukh Khan
ruined a camera on the sets of Don 2 and then offered to pay for it.

Enjoy this bitchy little piece on a dust-up between Manish Gupta and Sajid Khan:

What exactly did Sajid say? Alleges Manish, "Sajid said that we don't have good scriptwriters in India, which is why Indian filmmakers tend to copy Hollywood films."

The best line comes at the end though -
Sajid himself remained unavailable for comment. He must have been renting the latest Hollywood DVD.

Vickey Lalwani is my new hero.

* Salman Khan has refused to
allow the Guzaarish team to promote the film on Bigg Boss for exactly the reasons you think.

* Sanjay Leela Bansali
talks Aishwarya:

“She is not only a beautiful girl, she has a beautiful mind too, a sharp mind and a thinking mind that questions and answers. She is not someone who would just come to the set and say ‘okay, now what am I supposed to do besides looking beautiful?’ So that is what I really cherish in her"

Endhiran has been charged with plagiarism.

Picture time at the Doha Tribecca Film Festival!

Mallika Sherawat!

Deep Space Nine's Siddig El-Fadil aka Alexander Siddig.

And director Mira Nair.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Gossssssip!

First things first - Love Story 2050: an in-depth look part 12 has been posted! Go forth and read!

Second things second - there has been another
positive review of Hisss!

By now you must have realized that Hisss is not a movie to be taken seriously (I can just imagine how much fun this movie is going to be drunk). You definitely should not expect a cogent, logical story and slick editing – it has neither. In fact it has problems keeping the timeline linear. However, to its credit, the snake scenes are done rather well. Coupled with jerky camera movements, it will definitely make you jump more than once. And the family scenes of Irfan Khan and Divya Dutta are also handled very sensitively.

I agree with all of the above. I think maybe what the more serious critics of
Hisss didn't get was the camp factor - I giggled with delight at the over-the-top acting by the white villain and his henchmen; shivered at the snake murders; and enjoyed ogling Mallika Sherawat's lovely figure. Add to that the fun I had trying to figure out a metanarrative analysis and I mean it 100% that I enjoyed watching Hisss.

If nothing else, the film has certainly got people talking...

Anyways... GOSSIP!

* Bollywood insiders talk
nepotism at MAMI.

You have no idea how much I wish I was there - maybe next year? (Does somebody want to sponsor me to blog it?!)

Along with Kakkar, veteran actor Pavan Malhotra became the darling of the audience with his frank views when he told the media, ‘You print my story continuously for a year and see where I go. I will become a star too.’

The obvious point of discussion was whether it is the media that made stars or that media merely covered those that had become stars.

* One of those media stars, Zayed Khan, is turning

The Wall Street Journal rounds up the South Asian Film Festival in NYC.

* Anurag Kashyap
defends John Abraham and shares my opinion of Abhishek.

Kashyap takes on Junior Bachchan too. "If John Abraham is a bad actor than Abhishek Bachchan is equally bad, but who has the b***s to write it? AB was great in Yuva to everybody except me. I am the one who wrote the goddamned lines. I wrote Lallan Singh and they were the best damn lines I ever wrote. And believe me, he didn't understand half of it. He never rose above the script, but he won all the awards. His talent, and his career, the way it has shaped up are two different things and I do not envy him that. He is loved by people. John is rising over the script in what I am doing."

I think this was taken from an old blog post of his but, Anurag-sir, I just wrote a nice post on how much I think Abhi sucks as an actor. Some of us do have (metaphorical) balls.

* Speaking of the Junior B, he

“[Raavan] destroyed me,” he says, “When you dedicate so much time and effort to a film, and then it doesn’t do well, it upsets you. However, I respect the audience’s judgment. But the press still keeps throwing failures in our faces; even six months down the line. That’s our life.”

* Read an op-ed on

Herogiri is back in Bollywood. So, just like in the good ol’ seventies and eighties, the heroes are now taking on the baddies single-handedly in hand-to-hand combats instead of depending on high-end gadgets or slick Matrix-like action. A look at some of the recent films like Dabbang, Once Upon A Time in Mumbai, Raajneeti are a witness to this. In fact, many of the forthcoming films too, including Anurag Kashayap’s Manoj Bajpai starrer, Nishikant Kamat’s Kha Kha Kha starring John Abraham, and even the Rohit Shetty’s comedy will have actors indulge in bare-handed fight sequences.

Any coincidence that these were three of my favorites from this year? Hmm...

* Katrina Kaif confirms her
break up with Salman Khan.

"The question on the status of our relationship seems to bother everyone around. Enough said on the topic. There is so much that’s happening in my life now. I just want to concentrate on my career."

This article is worded strangely but it seems like Ranvir Singh and Anushka Sharma got into a scuffle with some passengers on a flight because the passengers were taking cell phone videos of the stars.

Yeesh... some invasion of privacy is to be expected but cell phone video on a plane is really unacceptable. The stewardesses should have stepped in to stop them before Ranvir and Anushka noticed.

* Oh, YES!! This would be so good!! Aishwarya Rai in an
Imtiaz Ali film?

* Kangana Ranaut was
not informed of a major change in shooting schedule on the sets of Tezzz and the takes revenge for the slight.

Dhobi Ghat is being pushed forward a month to January.

DDLJ spreads culture.

Film critic Anupama Chopra credits Bollywood blockbuster Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ) for the Karva Chauti-fixation of the society. “It became a pan-Indian thing after DDLJ. In the movie, Kajol fasts for her beau Shah Rukh Khan, and she later learns that he too hadn’t eaten for her sake. This scene made an impression on millions of women in the country. “Karan picked up from there,” Chopra says, referring to film director Karan Johar’s later melodramas. “And then Karva Chauth became filmy. Till 15 years ago, it was a family event. Now, I get invites to Karva Chauth parties.”

Band Baaja Baaraat anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Gossip!

Gossip, gossip, Monday GOSSIP!

First things first,
everybody is talking about Hisss and, in a semi-shocking development, Jennifer Lynch says:

"Hisss was taken away from me in the edit. I have no idea what the film looks like. I came close to a directors' cut, which Mallika, Venus and producers (Govind Menon and Vikram Singh) referred to as 'European, languid and sensual' all the things I thought were compliments. Apparently, that did not make them happy. I have no idea what is out there. Good or bad, I cannot take credit for it. Aside from shots and performances that I pray have not been butchered."

Now, this is an interesting turn of events. I would be very curious to see Ms. Lynch's director's cut to see how it differed from what I saw - which, admittedly, was appealing only to a select audience of Mallika fans, B-grade horror-movie enthusiasts, and me.

* Here is the
full quote from Shahrukh about Don:

"Don is very, very beautiful behind the dark, mean exterior and you just have to get to know him."

What?!!!!!! Don is a manipulative, misogynist, jackass!!! He takes pleasure in other people's pain - believe me, I've
done a full analysis of Don.

I almost can't wait to see
Don 2 just to see how Shahrukh's Don is woobified.

Don 2 team is also banking on a boost to German tourism following the release of the film.

* PC World reviews
Google's music service.

There is no way to queue songs and add them to a playlist, if you play songs through Google Music India service. Playing each and every song individually is asking too much from your average music enthusiast, and that's what Google Music India service expects you to do right now.

* Another Ram Gopal Varma film, another
effigy to burn - this time, the Telugu Desam Party is upset at the depiction of N.T. Rama Rao in Rakta Charitra.

* A panel of female directors spoke out at

The obvious question of sexism was raised. Anusha Rizvi put it into perspective by saying that it was not just a phenomenon for the film industry but was a common occurrence in every industry globally.

"In workplaces, men have two ways of dealing with women, quiet flirtation or outright condescending. So you have to figure out how to deal with it. Beyond a point, there is no point talking about it," said the co-director of
Peepli Live.

* Shahid Kapoor's look for
Mausam is revealed!

An onlooker on the sets said, "Shahid was pretty comfortable in the company of others. His moustache makes him look even younger."

Heeeee! What doesn't make Shahid look younger?

* Akshay Kumar is gearing up for
Action Replayy with interivews!

How far are you willing to go though Akshay? After all with so many comedies and light hearted entertainers in a row, audience are now expecting a complete masala outing from you. Would you oblige?

I will always oblige, it's 'when' that will keep you guessing (smiles).

He obliged a fan with a
dream date in Toronto!!

* Arshad Warsi did his own
bike stunts for Golmaal 3!

* Apparently Jackie Shroff is
playing Shirdi Sai Bab.

Maalik Ek marks a comeback of sorts for actor Jackie Shroff, who dons the garb of Shirdi Sai Baba. The film is based on the saint's preachings and philosophies.

* Abhishek Bachchan left a
Guzaarish promotional event early - leading to much speculation on whether or not he is comfortable with Aishwarya being in the spotlight or with her chemistry with Hrithik.

I suspect that he was probably just bored.

* And, finally, Aishwarya talks about working with
Sanjay Leela Bansali.

"We are so strangely connected that we can communicate so much in silence. You can't bring down the experience of working with Sanjay in one word, sentence or a paragraph. Sanjay can't be contained in a word."

Behind the scenes of
Golmaal 3!
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