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Sunday Gossip!

Good morning, good morning!

I'm sure you all noticed I missed yesterday's gossip post and for that I apologize. You see, I had these grand plans for the day. I was going to get up, get dressed, and head over to the DMV to get my driver's license renewed. (Some stupid bouncer was hassling me because it expires soon and I don't quite look 30 - even though I AM 30.) Anyways, this plan did not quite come to fruition. Oh, I got up and got dressed and headed over to the DMV but blocking my progress was a 'fun walk' that blocked off the major street through my part of town. WTF?!

Stuff White People Like has yet to cover 'fun walks,' let me assure you that apparently there is nothing white people like more than to block off a major road - inconveniencing everybody else trying to run errands - so they can walk down it while wearing special t-shirts and feeling wholesome. I walk that road to work everyday and I don't need a special t-shirt to do it.

As a result of this 'fun walk,' by the time I got to the DMV, the line was out the door and there was no parking. Also, I was extremely crabby.

Meaning - no gossip post yesterday AND no new driver's license.

(The first thing I do when I establish my benevolent dictatorship is to ban all 'fun walks' - the second thing I'm going to do is bring my kittens to work with me.)


* Yuvraaj Parasher, the lead actor in the groundbreaking film
Dunno y... na jaane kyun, which is about a gay couple, has been disowned by his family and thrown out of the family home.

Yuvraaj's father Satish Parasher told BT, "I feel what he has done is against the culture and tradition of our country and it challenges the purity of the relationship between a man and a woman. He kept us in the dark right from when he signed the film and told us that he is acting with a girl. When we heard about the poster and the things he has done in the film, we were shocked, hurt and humiliated. People will make fun of us and we won't be able to live peacefully ever again."

* Akshay, Saif, and Salman are all fighting over the remake rights to
Don Seenu.

When asked who among the three Bollywood stars fits the role of the protagonist the best, [the director of the original Gopichand] Malineni says, "Both Salman and Akshay are great entertainers. I think both can play the role very well." Sorry Saif.

As a footnote, the director is quick to add, "The hero of my film, Ravi Teja, is known as the South Indian Akshay Kumar." Sorry Sallu.

(Actually, all three of them are too old but if I had to pick, I'd pick Akshay, too, because it is a comic underdog role.)

* The more I hear from Ranbir Kapoor, the more I
like him.

About his relationship with father Rishi Kapoor, he said the relationship was not that of a friend, but an orthodox father-son relationship.

"It is the kind he shared with his father Raj Kapoor. We talk more because I have become an actor. We talk about films, directors and investments since he looks after my finances," he said.

Alas, I'm not the only one who
really likes Ranbir - read for an entertaining dose of crazy fangirl!

* John Travolta is going to India and
might be going onstage with Akshay Kumar!

* Happy Birthday to
Dev Anand!

Among your female co-workers, who is your favorite till date?

All of them have been very special. I can not name one or the others will feel ignored…(laughs). Some of the brightest stars in the industry were introduced by me, like Tina Munim, Zeenat Aman. I love them all, they have all been wonderful.

Evergreen Dev is such an old sleaze but we love him anyways.

* Aishwarya Rai talks

"Rajni sir, like Pa (Amitabh) is a professional and humility personified. There was no age factor. They are both legendary actors due to their body of work. Hence, their cinema becomes exciting to the viewers. Rajni sir's humility is a lesson to learn," Aishwarya told PTI.

And Shankar talks
Aishwarya Rai:

"She is now very experienced. In Jeans we had to experiment a lot...which we didn't have to do in Robot and I am able to see her growth in acting. She is so hard working...she works from 7 in the morning till pack-up time. She is not only concerned about her role but is keen about other techniques and other aspects of movie-making... she is now well aware of that."

This is the most-likely speculation on Heroine that I've read. Madhur Bhandarkar is SUCH A CREEPER and the way his films have been going... I think he's a one-trick pony who's trick has been played. I fully support Bebo backing out of this mess and producing her own film about a Marilyn Monroe type of character.

* Divya Dutta tells what she has
coming up - Hisss and some other very interesting sounding projects.

* Kangana Ranaut:
Sexy and Single!

"For me, it’s more than just being desirous or having a hot-bod. Being sexy is not a lipstick that you can just apply. It is what you are, and stems from your confidence and convictions. No one can take away that from you."


* Was
Anjaana Anjaani (the stupid title song of which I cannot get out of my head) based on a Telugu film?

The Mumbai Mirror talks with the first woman to win the National Award for cinematography!

Anjuli says that it's too early to have found a signature style, and that she has a long way to go. She doesn't delve [dwell? FG] on her influences either, that she doesn't believe in people emulating each other.

The girl from Lucknow decided to specialise in cinematography as it was the perfect medium for her to express her creativity

* Vivek Oberoi talks
Rakta Charitra:

According to Vivek, getting the physical demeanour of Ravi right was not tough, but it was his attitude and the body language that was difficult. “There was this shine that he had in his eyes that I had to reflect, his attitude bordered on the arrogant and his vulnerability because of his deep-rooted emotional connect with the people. It was after a lot of research, discussions with Ramu, and reading about Ravi that I could imbibe his characteristics,” says Vivek.

* It may not be Deepika or Kat with Akshay in
Joker but SONAKSHI SINHA! WOO HOO! (I love Kat and all but this would be an interesting pairing for sure!)

Also, there was this little tidbit in the article:
A source close to Deepika says, "Deepika hasn't even been approached for Joker. It isn't as if she isn't keen to work with Akshay, Farah and Shirish. But she is disturbed by reports because none of them have approached her. So the question of accepting or rejecting the film doesn't even arise."

O RLY?! Then who was planting the stories about how Shirish and Akshay were trying to break the news to Kat that Deepika was doing the film?!!!! Between this and the false reports of an argument on the
Tees Maar Khan sets, somebody really has it in for Katrina Kaif. The question is who... (Any tipsters are welcome to e-mail me at filmi.girl (at) gmail (dot) com with information!! I promise to keep it as a blind item only.)

* Director Vijay (
Madrasapattinam) talks about his upcoming film with.... CHIYAAN VIKRAM!

So, what is the as-yet-untitled film with powerhouse performer Vikram, produced by Mohan Natarajan of Rajakaliamman Films, all about? “It's a performance-based subject, and Vikram sir is preparing hard. His dedication is, in fact, getting me nervous. There's more responsibility to deliver,” he says.

Vikram for president!!!!111!!1!

* Shahrukh Khan will be guesting on
Kaun Banega Crorepati.

* It seems like ages ago that Sanju-baba tried to become a politician but the courts haven't forgotten. The hearings for a case lodged against him at the time is being pushed back to
the end of October.

* Jr NTR is postponing
Brindavanam again.

AJAY DEVGN on the cover of "M" magazine!! Looking good, Ajay!

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Just a thought but since Katrina has signed with Yash Raj Films/Yash Chopra banner, it seems that people firmly in Salman's camp are not pursuing her so much anymore. If she does movies exclusively for YRF, her future career will be short ala Rani Mukherjee, whose popularity took a nosedive once she only did YRF films. Also, YRF is a Shahrukh Khan favorite and well, we know SRK and Sallu had a falling out and most of BW has chosen sides. As of now, Farah is on Team Sallu while YRF is Team SRK. Just my theory...

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