Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Gossip!

Greetings and salutations! I had THE BEST Saturday yesterday - spent the evening watching Entourage with my sister. And, you know, I think Bollywood is ready for an Entourage adaptation. The superstar, his brother, and his two friends from home rolling around Mumbai? I would watch EVERY WEEK! (Okay, Ekta Kapoor? Make this show now, please!)

Now, here are a couple posts I've found amusing the last couple of days:

Filmy Shilmy is recapping Priyanka Chopra in Khatron Ke Khiladi. In no way is Piggy Chops an acceptable substitute for Akshay Kumar.

Piggy Chops arrives wearing shorts so short her butt cheeks are nearly hanging out. Eh, same thing she does in the movies or award shows or well, anywhere. She is, after all, using her best ASSet. She announces the stunt which happens to be transferring worms, beetles, cockroaches and other creepy crawlies from a honey-covered rope to a bowl a few feet away. Since I had to been dying to see Rahul Bose eat gross insects, it's no surprise that the universe once again denies me this pleasure. Mr. Bose, oh so manly and muscular, volunteers his cheerleader girl to do the stunt for him!!

One Knight Stand has Dabangg in Facebook style.

It features fabulous gifs like this one, so go check it out!

Now, onto gossip!

My boy Steven Baker did an interview with
Aamir Khan in London!

So within India, who do you feel is the intended audience for this type of film?

The intention is that we appeal to audiences in urban areas and rural India.
Peepli [Live] has done that, it has been a success in both markets, and audiences have appreciated the films at multiplexes. But it has also done well in those other areas outside the cities, and these are the people we want to see it.

Rakhi Sawant gets her name in the news by spewing nonsense about how women "use" Salman Khan.

"Girls just come to Salman to make their careers and once they are done with their job, they leave him."

Unlike girls who talk about him in the press?

* I cannot wait to see
That Girl in Yellow Boots and only partially because I totally have a crush on Kalki Koechlin!

Says Anurag Kashyap, refuting charges that the film is vulgar:
"Our problem is that we still make juvenile films...Our understanding of what is titillation and what is vulgar is very warped. Whatever makes the Indian male socially uncomfortable is termed vulgar. But if you have pelvic thrusts and (raunchy) music, that's okay with him as entertainment. A classical example is Kambakht Ishq."

* Another interesting piece on the eternal appeal of
Salman Khan...

It is the same connect with his fans. At a music reality show, a contestant sang the memorable “tadap tadap ke....” and later, in an emotional outburst, said, “Sir, I felt very bad when you had a break-up.” Salman replied, “I, too, felt bad.”

Bipasha Basu took over for Sonam Kapoor - who is down with "typhoid" (and hopefully her recovery will involve eating, you know, FOOD) - at the Forever 21 flagship store launch in Delhi. We just had one of these open in Washington, DC! No Bips here, though...

* Aishwarya Rai talks about working on
Action Replayy...

"Working with Akshay was like working in a family. He is always fun to work with. Sometimes he use to cook food for us and I have learnt a lot of things from him."

I want Akshay to cook me dinner!

* Anurag Basu's
Silence will feature Priyanka as a mentally challenged girl... so her experience in Love Story 2050 wasn't for nothing! BOOM!

I wish it was Kangana opposite Ranbir, though. FORGET YOUR FEUD, YOU TWO AND UNITE ONCE AGAIN TO GIVE US THE FILM WE NEED although I suppose Priyanka is the actress we deserve... sigh.

New promo for
Action Replayy - the extra 'y' is for YES WE CAN!

And happy 60th birthday to SHABANA AZMI!

You look as gorgeous as ever, darling!

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