Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Gossip!

I hope everybody enjoyed the hilarious one-star We Are Family reviews I tweeted yesterday.

Here's a recap:


"We Are Family (WAF) is so riddled with KJo clich├ęs and done-to-death sequences, it’s entirely possible that WAF is the result of outtakes of other Dharma films and basic Photoshop tools. No, wait. That’d require creativity and talent."

Passion for Cinema:

"The much-touted (legitimate) adaptation of Hollywood’s Stepmom, retitled We are Family has been directed by Siddharth P Malhotra, produced-`n’-promoted by the ubiquitous Karan Johar, and is an endurance test to sit through. It’s no longer all in the family – meaning warmth, love, sharing, caring – it’s all about gross manipulation to coerce the audience to shed a tear or twenty. Carry a bottle of glycerine though. Because even in the tear-jerking pursuit WaF flounders badly, evoking more derisive guffaws than half a sob. Practically every character is pure cardboard."

And the comic-book version from
The Vigil Idiot:

(And read more about Indian web comics here!)

In short, I cannot WAIT until

Somehow I don't think there was an OIL FIGHT in We Are Family.

* Arjun Rampal wants to get away from stereotypes... by doing We Are Family.

"That's how I look at cinema: it is about that rather than doing safe stuff and being stereotypical."

Somehow, I get the feeling that Karan either has dirt on Arjun or paid him a butt-load of money to do WAF because I think Arjun is ready to tackle stuff like Raajneeti and this one is a big step back for him.

* Sonu Sood was originally supposed to have played Salman Khan's role in Dabangg... also Danbangg 2?

* Aamir Khan talks remakes.

"Every one has their own reasons to remake a film, but if I ever make a remake then the reason would the material, the story, the characters, the moments of that film excite me so much that I want to experience them personally as a creative person and if possible then would interpret in my own way."

* The Bangalore Mirror analyzes the negative reaction to A.R. Rahman's new song.

For A R Rahman, these are the best of times, the worst of times. His art is at its most eclectic, garnering international acclaim heralding him as one of the world’s best. In his own country detractors are declaring that he has lost his touch. He is buying a five-acre plot in Los Angeles to set up his production facility with sound engineer Resul Pookutty. He is also being accused of being indifferent, aloof to his Bollywood projects, delaying them and churning out music that often stumps listeners. With every milestone in the West, Rahman seems to move a step away from home.

* Hindi is growing in popularity in Germany.

* Konkona Sen Sharma and Ranvir Shorey
tweet their married status. I'm sure they changed their Facebook statuses, too, but nobody has reported on that yet.

Hey guys. Ranvir and I got married on the 3rd. Thanks for all the good wishes! Goodnight.
@ranvirshorey The best wish/advice I've received on marriage so far: "Congratulations! Don't do it again."

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