Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Gossip!

Good morning, all!

I am going to see JANELLE MONAE tonight and I'm super excited! I'll be sure to post a review for you because she is way, way cool!

Okay, then... what is happening in Bolly-town?

* Ram Gopal Varma is both
hilarious and bitter about the success of Dabangg.

"Since all the top film pundits and filmmakers agree that Box Office collections of a film should be the only parameter to decide who is the top, the top Directors of the industry in descending order today are Abhinav Kashyap, Raju Hirani, Prakash Jha, A.R. Murugadoss, Prabhu Deva, Rakesh Roshan, Karan Johar, Farah Khan, Sajid Khan, Aamir Khan, Aditya Chopra, Farhan Akhtar, Ashutosh Gowarikar, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, etc etc... In case you don't know the man at the top, he used to be somewhere in 'out focus' in the background in Yuva, shooting as Mani Ratnam's some 4th assistant or something."

BOOM! That's how you get it done!

* Related:
Dabangg sinks We Are Family and pushes it out of the theaters.

* And poor Salman Khan is still be raked through the coals by
the media for his quote on the Mumbai terrorist attacks. Why is the media going after him like this?! Are they really so desperate for a controversy?

* Congratulations to Kajol, who just had her
second child.

* Superstitious Emraan Hashmi wants to tone down the
kissing in his latest film because Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai did well without the kissing.

* Sonakshi Sinha is a

So during your growing up years when you were gearing up for tour Bollywood launch, how did the conversations go at home? Was it a part of everyday family conversation during last few years when your launch pad was being decided?

Not really. We have very normal conversations at home like just another family. We don't talk about films all the time. In fact my dad is into politics so we talk about that as well. It could be just about everything under the sun.

Can you imagine sitting around the dinner table with SHOTGUN SINHA?! I wish I could be a fly on the wall for those conversations... I bet he is so proud of his daughter!

Raavan may have tanked - and hopefully sunk the Aish-Abhi ship - but Vikram's stock is up!

Says the actor:
"Yes, it’s been quite a change. From ‘who’s Vikram’ to now ‘where’s Vikram.'"

* Dibakar Banerjee says
Shanghai is adapted from the 1966 book "Z".

"The film is about politics which doesn't necessarily mean that it's about politicians. In India, we associate political thrillers only with politicians. But it's about politics all round us. There are so many incidents that happen with us every day. When we leave the house, we don't know what will happen to us today. There is a lot of uncertainty; you never know suddenly what breaks out. The film is about how you and I are at the receiving end of politics"

* Either Riya Sen is misbehaving or the
production staff is trying to cheat her on the sets of A Strange Love Story.

* Anil Kapoor avoids really answering any questions about
Hollywood in this hilarious interview.

Q. After the huge success of Slumdog Millionaire, do you think the image of India as a poor country got bolder?

Anil: No, not at all. It was only in India that such a reaction was seen actually. Abroad there is a lot of concern and compassion for the poor in India. You have to face the facts- there is widespread poverty in India, why do we deny that? Rather than worrying about the image, why don’t we try and improve the situation here?

* Do you know who is a real jerk? Madhur Bhandarkar. But I think he has met his match in
Bebo. I can't wait to see how she works this situation.

Explaining what is bothering Kareena, a source close to the film Heroine reveals, "Kareena has conveyed to Madhur via Niranjan that a leading track in the film which finds her in a relationship with a top Bollywood hero who has two kids and is separated from his wife resembles too much what is happening in her life, vis-a-vis her involvement with Saif."

Now, why would Bhandarkar think Bebo agree to do this plot?!

* The part of Chubul Pandey in
Dabangg was originally offered to Shiney Ahuja.

Variety calls Prateik Babbar "immensely appealing" in Dhobi Ghat. I'm happy to hear it, since I thought he was one of the only bright spots in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.

* The bad weather conditions have halted shooting of
No One Killed Jessica.



Amaluu said...

I LOVE that making of Munni video! When do we get to see YOUR Munni video Kara?

Shell said...

Shiney as Chubul Pandey!? Though I've yet to see the film, I have a feeling that he wouldn't have been able to even touch Salman's performance. Would have been a different turn out at the box office if that had been the case too I bet.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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