Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Gossip!

OMG! YOU GUYS! Today is the day... DABANGG!!

I cannot even wait until tonight!

I keep reading reviews and getting more and more excited. Like
this review:

So Salman Khan's pelvis is more expressive than his face. His lip sync is distinctly dodgy. His dramatic scenes always border a bit on bathos. And he could always do with a few extra inches. But is there a movie that has tapped into his charisma as well as Dabangg? No. And no again.

That's how I feel about Salman!! Is it 7:00pm yet?!

And if you want more Salman Khan, check out
this collection of Salman Says macros taken from his tweets. Hi. Larious.

Okay! What else is happening on the Internets...

* My boy Diganth gives a nice

So, you adore romantic comedies?

My audience loves me in that kind of a role, and I, deep down in my heart, feel that I am good with romantic comedies (laughs). I play the role well, and at the end, it’s every actor’s dream to do justice to the role.

Speaking for personal experience, the boy is a CHARMER! It's no wonder he excels at romantic-comedies.

* Feminist blog
Jezebel takes on the Tollywood prostitution scandal.

The women in question were, in fact, actresses. But stories like this probably perpetuate the stereotype to a disproportionate degree. It's also problematic in an industry with continuing ties to organized crime...chances are, there are people behind the women themselves who bear investigation. Then too, the public crackdowns on such high-profile cases might be called disingenuous when sex-trafficking and virtual slavery is tolerated by the same authorities. Zealous crackdowns on public figures make a show of prosecuting vice — while helping to perpetuate a culture that enables it.

I feel like I should do a post on this, too. In Bollywood we have the stories of Karisma Kapoor supporting her family like this along with Katrina Kaif before she hooked up with Salman Khan. Plus, the rumors of item bombs like Mumaith Khan being available for a price...

* Mallika Sherawat rocks a
bikini in Double Dhamaal! (Much better than Riteish in drag...)

* Akshay Kumar discusses
his new show

"This show takes me to back to my roots...reminds me of my past... Cooking has fascinated me since I was 14. I like cooking. I cook whenever I am at home.. may be once a week or once a month."

Come to my house and make me dinner, Akki! Please?! I can't cook to save my life.

* Of coure the extra 'y' in
Action Replayy is for numerology reasons. It's Bollywood, na? Vipul Shah spills some more interesting dirt, too.

"This is one of our better products and quite difficult to make. We all have really worked hard on it. We were shooting in Karjat that time and the temperature was too high.

"People were fainting on the sets. In such a situation not letting the sweat show in the shot was very difficult. Every artist has gone through their share of torture during the shooting of this film. For the technical group to create a very happy looking film in that situation was very tough. But we did it because we all believe in it"

* If you liked Kat's look in
Blue (which I TOTALLY did) get ready to love her look for the Imran Khan-starrer for Yash Raj. She's going to be sporting some tattoos!

Real Bollywood tries to stir up some controversy with Neha Dhupia but fails. The lady has class!

"Please don’t try to make any controversy here", smiles Neha, "We are not in a boxing bout where one has to defeat another. In De Dana Dan I had a good role, I enjoyed doing that and the result spoke for itself. Same holds true for Action Replayy too. This is a good place to work and as far as everyone is delivering well and continuing to come together for the benefit of the film, it works best for everyone involved. There is no intention to beat the competition here."

I like Neha - I think she has a nice, breezy comic timing and I definitely look forward to seeing her role in
Action Replayy! She really rocked in Singh is Kinng but I also thought she did really well in Dus Kahaniyan.

* Shahrukh's
Ra.1 suit is causing him to lose weight.

* Read an interview with
Garam Dharam!

Recently, you told Ramesh Sippy on national television that he should make a sequel of Sholay with Bobby and Abhishek in lead roles...

I was toying with the idea of a sequel. But it will never happen. It's too late, 35 years have elapsed.

But what do you envisage in the sequel?

I was thinking that Amitabh should be a soul who is still attached to Jaya. I return to the house where Jaya lives, but she informs me that the village now has more brutal dacoits than Gabbar Singh. I recruit Bobby and Abhishek to wipe them out. And then Jaya tells Amitabh's soul that Bobby is his new Veeru, but he too is a boozard (laughs).


Courtesy of Arsahd Warsi's twitter feed...
Double Dhamaal!

It probably says a lot about my taste in films that
Double Dhamaal unites 3 of my favorite actors in Bollywood - Arshad, Riteish, and Javed Jaffrey - while I couldn't care less about The Italian Job/Race 2/Don 2/Blah blah blah...


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