Monday, September 20, 2010


O HAI MADAMS! (And sirs!) I promised Paresh I would have something up for the premiere, but, hey, I only missed it by one day. And I had a date. That is my excuse.

Also, you can check out an interview on
Beth's site for a round-up of some Bolly-music for beginners!

Without further ado... A PUSHER POST LIKE NO OTHER!

When I spoke with the Curry Smugglers
before, they were just a desi music podcast. Fast forward 9 months and the Curry Smugglers are well on their way to being a media phenomenon, with a sick new website and a new season of shows to go with it.

If you haven’t heard the Smugglers before, don’t be afraid! Just jump right into the premiere episode of the ‘cast. The boys have joined the team of the
Chicago South Asian Film Festival and have used their new-found clout to score interviews with the cast of Ashes: Ajay Naidu (whose wikipedia page could use a clean-up, if anybody wants to jump in) and Reena Shah (who was the voice of Sita Sings the Blues), which air in the season premiere.

(Having listened to it, I’ll also share that the season premiere also contains a massively catchy remix of Usher’s - or
Urrrrrsher as my brother calls him - “DJ’s Got Me Falling in Love Again” that has been in my head all freaking day.)

Each show features good-natured banter between the hosts, including my favorite topic - Paresh trying to get Sachin married off, cool jams, and a 20-minute remix set. As they say, it’s got
"just the right blend of Bollywood, Bhangra, South Asian hip-hop/rock and then also some Arabic and popular Euro/American club anthems thrown together."

If that doesn’t sound tempting, then it’s seriously possible that you have no soul. (Just kidding! But tell, me what do you and Mogambo talk about at your arch-villains meetings?!)

So, go forth and listen! Because the Curry Smugglers are really cool guys and I’m very happy to see them becoming a real powerhouse podcast!

(And if you want more Paresh with bonus FILMI GIRL, be sure to check out
the podcast we did on item numbers with Asim from Upodcast!)

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