Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday Gossip!

Oh, yes, baby! Love Story 2050 is here! Go read part one of this sure to be exciting series!

And, now, today in gossip...

* An important discussion... does sex still sell in

Meanwhile, some actresses are still trying their luck to keep the media attention intact for them with a mere mention of skin show. Mallika Sherawat announced loud and clear that she had gone topless on Twitter. However, there was hardly anything exposing about the picture and turned out to be nothing but a damp squib. Sherlyn Chopra too made hue and cry about being banned due to her act of posting a nude picture of hers on Twitter. Yes, these news flashes did attract eye balls. Also, they were spoken about for a few days but that's about it.

The essay's conclusion is that it takes more than a skin show to get butts in the seats these days.

* Two of the worst directors in Bollywood - Abbas-Mustan (
Race... need I say more?) - take to the press to complain about Katrina Kaif.

this article gets in a dig at her before moving on to reporting on her business.

Katrina Kaif may not be that talented an actress as her other counterparts in the Bollywood industry are, but no one can deny that she is the leading star today and she can sell a film on her own. However, her star power comes from the fact that films are always her main concern.

Um, what?

* Two words...
MURDER 2! The sequel will star Bipasha and Emran.

* Trisha failed to make an impact in Bollywood - she failed so hard that
this article calls her Tirsha.

* Ajay Devgn, who is soon to be a pappa again, is allegedly upset with
Karan Johar for making Kareena and Kajol a duo in the promos. Well, at least that's what people (the We Are Family PR team?) were saying until somebody bothered to talk to Ajay.

"Kajol is the best actress Bollywood has. I will naturally look out for her interests in every way and in every campaign. But honestly, who am I to complain about how Karan should go about with the publicity of his film? As for me being unhappy with Kajol being placed on par with Kareena, that's not entirely true...Bebo is a friend. She is also my heroine. I've done Golmaal Returns and Omkaara with her. "

* Director Siddharth Anand talks
Anjaana Anjaani.

It's good that you asked me this question because love stories have been done to death in our film industry. After I did Bachna Ae Haseeno, I thought I had run out of ideas to write a love story. Just then, my wife Mamta came up with this theme which changed my whole viewpoint because till then, I was making another story. It was a scene that got me completely excited and we started writing immediately. It's a scene that dictates the story.

Maybe I'm in the minority, but I actually enjoyed
Bachna Ae Haseeno (although I didn't care for the ending, I thought Deeps should have left Ranbir) and I'm looking forward to Anjaana Anjaani if it will be more of the same cutting take on modern romance. Then again this guy did Tara Rum Pum so who is to say...

Siddharth also got some great performances out of Minnisha Lamba and Bipasha Basu so there is hope for him working with Priyanaka, who needs FIRM direction.

* Salman Khan calls Aamir the
man with the Midas touch. ("Such a cold finger. Beckons you, to enter his web of sin... But don't go

* Is Sanjay Dutt pressuring Prakash Jha to edit out
Maanyata's item song from the re-release of Gangaajal?

* And Namitha (@iNamitha) followed one lucky fan on Twitter yesterday... sadly, not me, even though I'm AWESOME and would love for her to launch a fashion line. It was
this guy!

now following @namithaaddict a crazy but sweet fan studying at Yale. wish him luck. hope he shines.


Daddy's Girl said...

Aww, Namitha seems quite sweet! I think Abbas-Mustan's comments on Katrina are quite fair.

fancyshmancy said...

Hey... This is totally OT but I guess the word of mouth on Alex Meraz is not reaching Bollywood but rather Hollywood... He was featured on a well-respected celebrity blog ... I immediately thought of you when I saw his pic =)

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