Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Gossip

If all goes well, I'll be seeing Aisha this afternoon, so watch this space for my review! And don't be so sure it will be a negative one because if there is one thing I pride myself on, it's not following the critical trends but watching with fresh eyes. So, we'll see if Aisha is truly dire or a frothy but entertaining confection.

* Top story today...
LADY DIRECTORS! Read about the challenges they've faced while playing the boys' game.

This is one thing that Bollywood is far and away ahead of Hollywood in.

* Aamir Khan
talks shop.

"I don't see myself as a politician or a social activist. If a person buys a ticket for my movie he is coming for entertainment and not for social education."

I like this attitude - I just wish he actually followed it more often these days... I have to admit that I love the Aamir of
Fanaa and Ghajini more than the Aamir of 3 Idiots.

* Will
We Are Family have the same tragic twist as Stepmom? I can only hope that it has a twist MUCH BIGGER and MORE TRAGIC because the whole terminal illness thing has been done and done in Kal Ho Naa Ho. (Belated spoiler alert for some old movies!)

* Shahrukh Khan may be playing
an Awadh king in a historical, cross-cultural love story.

* Kat walks out of
The Italian Job and good on her. That would have been a terrible role for her, anyways. Plus, now I don't have to see the movie!

Dabangg - which I CANNOT wait for - is turning into a real Sinha-family affair. Salman's mouche was influenced by Papa Shotgun. (And BTW, his favorite item girls are Shilpa Shetty and Mallika Arora.

* Shahid Kapoor has a

* Vivek Oberoi is in
legal trouble again.

* Producer Nitin Manhoman's wife
beats him up for cheating on her!!! (Seriously, all men in the industry sleep around. Never marry an actor, producer, director, ladies...)

* Poor Aishwarya is down with a
viral fever.

* Ali Zafar responds to the
success of Tere Bin Laden! (Hopefully I'll be seeing it tomorrow!)

* I don't know what pleases me more about
this article - the fact that the author (or the editor) thinks that Canada makes Hollywood films or that Akshay is making a movie about an Indo-Canadian ice hockey player.

Anyways, Akshay will be living the Maple Leaf Life next year shooting for
Singh is Kinng 2!

His brand ambassadoring is totally working because now I want to visit Canada! (Who's up for hosting yours truly?!)

Patiala House is opening soon and the PR stories are being rehashed - like this one of Hard Kaur and Rishi Kapoor's relationship on set.

“Rishi ji is one of the senior actors of Bollywood, the best and sweet person I have ever met, but his appearance as a sardar really scared me and made me remember of my Grandfather who looked just like him. I was afraid to go near to him as he looked like a typical strict sardar but he spoke so sweetly that I enjoyed my work with him."

HARD KAUR!!! I can't wait to see her act! I so wish we were BFF so we could talk rap and gossip about all the girls Akshay dates.

*ring ring*


"Hi, Hard Kaur, it's FG."

"Oh, hi, sweetie. How are you?"

"Good. I've been sick."

"That's awful. Feeling better?"

"Yeah... have you heard the new Freddie Gibbs?" [which seriously, you need to
listen to - FG]

"Is it out already? He's the guy who robbed that train?"

"Uh-huh, I wasn't sure if you liked gansta rap but I really dig his flow."

"Yah, sure, I love the gansta stuff. Send me title and the other one you were talking about - the Baltimore rapper. Keys, right? Oh, and speaking of gangsta- that dumb blond Akshay was banging, I totally punked her."


"So, like, I was showing Akshay how to freestyle a little, improving his flow, like, and she wanders over and is standing there with that real dumb Barbie expression, right? So, then I wink at Akshay and I tell her 'Congratulations.' And she's all 'what?' and then I'm all 'because Akshay got the director to agree to give you a feature in the song.' And she's all 'OH MY GOD' and then I'm like 'we're practicing now - it's freestyle.' And she looks at me and I add 'in Hindi.' And then for the next fews days she's doing the
worst rapping and me and Akshay are just dying!

*giggling* "Did she figure it out?"

"Eventually - when Nikhil was like "what the fuck are you doing?'"

And scene!

See, we'd be awesome friends, right?!


That Girl in Yellow Boots looks intense!

I trust Kalki and Anurag to deliver something good.


Tady Rox! said...

that trailer is a bit out there...i'm not sure what to think of it...she looks like she gets abused and beat up idk...i need more promos before making up my mind...

Shell said...

Interesting looking movie. Kalki does look very intense and it's got Nass so bonus!

Lol at your conversation with HK! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does that! Whole scenarios about how I would "accidentally" run into said person only to have them fall madly in love with my normal but quirky self resulting in life long dreamy happiness.

Also, you always have a pad to crash up here!

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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