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Remember that time Remo gave me a million roses and then made the roof disappear from my room and told me the moon wasn’t as bright as my smile?! REMO! REMO! REMO!

Yes, most of
Anniyan doesn’t involve Remo but he was certainly my favorite part of the film but I’m getting ahead of myself! Let’s start at the beginning – I watched Anniyan, a 2005 Tamil film starring Chiyyan Vikram and Sadha. The plot was overly-complicated, the tone was overly-mythological, and the acting overly… over-the-top. In short, I loved it. And I won’t ruin the plot for you if you haven’t seen it yet which is more than the Wikipedia entry for the film can say for itself, considering it gives away the key to the plot in the first sentence.

Anniyan, Vikram plays Ramanujam “Rules” Iyengar aka Ambi. Ambi is a fastidious, rules-obsessed lawyer who finds the casual law-breaking of his fellow citizens simply unbearable. His response to the law-breaking is to yell – a lot. People respond to this about as well as you would expect and Ambi spends a lot of his time frustrated at life. Needless to say, when Ambi receives a chain letter in the mail, he doesn’t just throw it away, he dutifully copies it fifteen times and sends them out as the letter dictates.

The rules-following obsession keeps him from cutting deals with clients and from winning the heart of his neighbor Nandini (Sadha), a beautiful music teacher who wants a little romance in her life. Mr. Rules is a big wet blanket but he means well. Still, even a wet blanket needs to blow off a little steam and when a fateful gust of wind blows that chain letter onto his desk, Ambi notices that it contains the address for a website ( ) that promises to punish wrongdoers.

Ambi immediately types in all the people that pissed him off with their law-breaking and what happens next sets the plot in motion.

THE DEVIL SHOWS UP AND KICKS ASS and by ‘kicks ass’ I mean he punishes law-breakers
garuda puranam style – some nice religious violence.

But not before one of the greatest Navigating The Internet scenes ever to be filmed.

(I'd like to point out that later in the film, somebody bases the veracity of this site on the fact that
it looks like it really is hell.)

Of course, this doesn’t help Ambi’s Nandini problem, since refusing to return his affections isn’t really breaking any
rules (just his heart.) But imagine Ambi’s surprise when a ramp walk model named REMO shows up to romance Nandini in the manner that she expects…

Some might say that it seems like the traditional role of
masala hero has been split into three parts – romance, vengence, and upholding the fabric of society.

And then some might just say REMO! Ramp walk Remo has two whole songs to himself and just
drips with romantic charisma. Some might just say ANNIYAN, who gets some pretty classic fight scenes, including one where he beats up about a million karate students in full on masala Matrix style. Sadly, nobody will shout RULES, although I found myself cheering for him when he gave Nandini a love letter that included his resume and his chest measurements.

How the threads tie together is something you should discover for yourself but if you are me – or watch movies like me – you won’t be disappointed.

Oh, in my lust for REMO I forgot to mention Prakash Raj, who gets a juicy part as a policeman sent to figure out the secret behind the murders.
Anniyan tantalizingly plays with some of the same ideas as in Death Note (although Death Note had fewer REMOs and more candy-obsessed weirdos) but kind of leaves the ideas half-way in order to focus on the romance and the story of Ambi. And that is fair enough. Anniyan is first and foremost a masala potboiler and the antics of REMO more than make up for the half-baked follow through on kami-sama Anniyan.


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Amaluu said...

I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! But I have to dissent because I was NOT in luurve with Remo. Partially because of the "Booby" Deol hair, and because of the way he called her "Naandy" (Nandi is unfortunately one of my nicknames and I HATE it when people call me "Naandy"). My heart just broke for Ambi and I wanted to hug him and squeeze him and name him George.

But yes the site is awesome. It totally reminds me of the inside of Sigourney Weaver's refrigerator in Ghost Busters, with Zul? :-)

Great write up!

Daniela said...

As usual a quite entertaining review. (^____^) TXS

KJ@SLA said...

I would probably enjoy becoming a filmi blogger, but with Filmigirl doing such excellent writeups there's less (no) work for me to do, and I can sit back and eat cupcakes. Win win win win! :D

veracious said...

As great as FG's write ups are, it is NO comparison to actually experiencing the wildness of Anniyan with your own eyes. It is such an entertaining film.

I'm so happy you decided to watch it. *goes to rewatch R-E-M-O Remo Remo~*

Michael Barnum said...

ANNIYAN rocked, and I am most happy to see you enjoy it (but of course you would) and write it up!

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