Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Gossip!

Hello, hello! Welcome to another week! I will have more Love Story 2050 for you later on, so stay tuned!

But first let's see what is happening in Tinsel Town!

* I haven't hated on Rachel Saltz in a while, so enjoy her
horrible review of Aashayein.

This is not the kind of movie in which the hero slowly wastes away, consumed by disease. How could he when played by Mr. Abraham, the possessor of one of Hindi cinema’s most ogled gym-molded bodies? (For once, he mostly keeps his shirt on.)

You know what Ms. Saltz doesn't bother to tell us? If the film is any good or not. Yet again, Ms. Saltz gives us a content-less waste of online screen space. I guess we can't expect much more from the NYT's D-lister.

* Here is what I don't get about Karan Johar's remake of
Stepmom - everybody is going to such great lengths to say that it is different from Stepmom, so why did he bother to make a REmake?

Q: Have You Seen Stepmom? If you have seen, did it provide any guidance for your portrayal?

Kajol: Yes I have seen it but a long time ago, it’s a remake of
Stepmom but we have Indianised it. The premise of the film is very Indian, so it wasn’t difficult. This film is different, it has songs, the situations are different and no there’s no guidance from the original played by Susan Saradon, Maya is very different from what Susan Sarandon was in Stepmom.

Arjun Rampal says:

"It's not a complete remake, but an adaptation. The way Siddharth has interpreted characters in his film is a new part of the film and I think that is something which I really enjoyed doing."

So, why didn't he just make a film about a stepmother fitting into a family? Why go through the trouble of doing an "official" remake?

* Read about
a breathless fan encounter with Salman Khan!

Some die-hard fans managed to get past the security into the press conference and Komal Sinha was among them.

Accompanied by her husband, she took to the mic during the press conference and requested the star for a chance to touch him.

The actor who was sporting his trademark tight T-shirt and jeans look, granted her wish but it lead to many others trying to get their hands on their idol and the actor’s security had to push them away.

* Who hasn't yet applied for
Indian citizenship? Katrina Kaif and Yana Gupta among others.

* Emraan Hashmi's next movie will take on
racism in Australia.

Says Mahesh Bhatt:
"Crook takes an unflinching look at racism which has devastated thousands of young Indians, who go to Australia in search of a better life putting not only all their money but even their lives at stake. The film also locks horns with our own inner demons."

Emraan plays the guy who has to decide if it is good to be bad or good to be good.

Can I decide that Emraan can be so bad that he's good?

Check out Ranbir Kapoor's Rockstar look! It involves a multi-colored vest!

* Shahid Kapoor wants a
Kaminey 2... I'd rather have a Chance Pe Dance 2.

* Rock out with Vishal's (of Visha-Shekhar) band
Pentagram, who is doing an online show!

* Abhishek Bachchan
talks acting:

Is direction too on his agenda? “No, no!” he exclaims, “It's too hard. I barely know how to act!”


* Somebody who is a stranger to phony self-effacement is GOLDEN STAR GANESH, who has taken over
the directing of his latest film Cool….Sakkath Hot Maga.

“In my life from the days of anchoring ‘Comedy Time’ in Udaya TV, I have come up hard way. Handling acting and direction is helping me to know better about film making."

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Sonia said...

I want both Kaminey 2 and CPD 2. But I think it's not so easy to come up w/ a Kaminey 2..... But I don't think CPD2's happening .... I really don't understand why the film didn't do well in boxoffice. I quite like it.

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