Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hello, Sunday!

So... due to a large traffic jam on 66, I missed Aisha. I'm sorry, folks! By the time I got back home, I was far too cranky to enjoy the cotton-candy acting of Sonam Kapoor, so my sister and I went to go see Will Ferrell and Marky Mark play cops and robbers in The Other Guys - which was hilarious. The Other Guys is like a typical Will Ferrell movie but filtered through the deadpan realism of The Office. In other words, the guys (mostly) play it totally straight, which is way funnier than the typical overacting.

Also, my sister has gotten me hooked on
Entourage. We've decided that she is Drama and I'm Turtle.

Today I'm going to try to catch
Tere Bin Laden so cross your fingers that there is no traffic!

* Let's hear it for tolerance! A young man who wanted to participate in the
Miss Bollywood pageant was told no because he is not a Miss but he is getting to make a 'guest appearance' with his dance to "Aaja Nachle"!

* With
Aisha done and gone (Chirp Chirp Chirp Fashion Fashion Fashion), Sonakshi Sinha is getting her chance to talk about how much weight she had to lose - 30 kgs. And it took her two years.

Come ON, journos!! Can't you find something more interesting and relevant to ask Sonakshi?! Actresses deserve to be treated like more than their weights.

* Check out the Hindi stars that have acted
down South.

* Enjoy the most random
FAQ I have ever seen!

Q: Reading articles on Endhiran, why does it look Rajnikanth the biggest superstar Tamil Nadu can find is a 60 year old walking around in a wig acting with a heroine (Aishwarya Rai) who should be his daughter?

A: It's not abnormal for Tamil cinema to have heroes of one type, which others would find ridiculous, and heroines of another. Why that's accepted norm there is another issue. It probably wouldn't fly elsewhere.

* Will it be Katrina Kaif opposite SRK in
the film about the Awadh king?

* The
Los Angeles Times tackles Peepli Live.

If the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire was a Western outsider's cheery fantasia of modern India, Peepli Live can be seen as its funhouse-mirror opposite: an insider's satiric comedy-drama about a troubled India rarely glimpsed by foreign tourists.

* Tennis player Leander Paes has signed
two Hindi films.

* Rani Mukerji launches a
cricket docu-drama called Poor Cousins of Million Dollar Babies that focuses on the Indian women's cricket team.

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