Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Sridevi-a-palooza!

In honor of Sridevi's 45th birthday, Amaluu is hosting a Sridevi celebration! I hope to contribute some movie discussions later this week but until then... enjoy some vintage publicity photos!

The hand on the chin pose is a
classic of the genre. And look at that broach - a masterpiece of 1980s costume jewelry.

Does anybody else want to take a bite of Sridevi's pineapple?

Sridevi can even rock the preppy look! Tennis anyone?

Do you think that sweater pattern goes all the way down?

Gorgeous, darling! Gorgeous!

As the British say, "Phwoar!"


Amaluu said...

These are AMAZING Kara! I wish I still had all the old India Sari Palace and Taj Sari Palace calendars with Sridevi on them.

Thanks for doing something for Sridevipalooza! This is awesome ...

Beth said...

I think I just watched the song that that preppy outfit is from! And in the one above with the pineapple: is she wearing a sari WITHa flouncy-sleeved blouse AND a Jane Fonda-style headband??? I SURE HOPE SO! Excellent finds :)

Sridevi is the only actual person I've seen whose eyes seem to take up as much corporal real estate as their waist. Like an animated Disney princess.

Filmi Girl said...

@amaluu Hopefully, I'll have some more stuff up later... :)

@beth Ooo! Which song is it? Is it on your post? And that pineapple outfit is out-of-control!!! Jane Fonda headband + flouncy sleeves + sari = vintage Sridevi!

And people say the 1980s had nothing going for them... ;P

hmmlife said...

hmm 45 or 47... nevermind these heroines never tell their true age... she is much older than 45 though

Beth said...

Hmmm. It was somewhere in the first two thirds of Amaluu's giant playlist posted today. Can't remember where :( But all those songs are worth a watch if you have the time to go exploring.

That pineapple outfit begs to be my halloween costume.

Nagesh Kumar said...

Filmi girl..Chalana citrada hudugi..Kannadiga hennige nanna namaskaara..Happy to meet you


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