Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Gossip!

Hello, world! My allergies are acting up today, so please forgive me if I'm a bit cranky.

Shall we see what kind of gossip Tinsel Town has for us today?

* Nicholas Cage is joining the cast of Vinod Vidhu Chopra's Broken Horses. The film is in English and will be shot in the United States.

* Karan Johar is excited about 3D.

"I am so excited that the 3D technology is now available to filmmakers like myself. It will literally add a new dimension to our story telling and creative expression.

You know what this means... MAMA JENNY: IN 3D.

* The publicity blitz for We Are Family continues with more quotes about what the film isn't.

Says Karan Johar: "The film is not melodramatic. There are emotions but there light moments too"

Everything I read about this film just makes me nervous. Karan and the cast are so defensive about it: it's a remake but it's not a remake; it's a family film but not melodramatic. Why, oh why didn't Karan Johar just write a nice weepy unapologetic family-oriented script based on the idea of a stepmother moving into a family and just leave it at that?

* Shahrukh Khan's wife Gauri expresses some opinions.

However, as far as children are concerned it is Gauri Khan’s writ which runs through the house and Shah Rukh rarely interferes in that. In fact, Gauri feels that Shah Rukh spoils the children—Aryan and Suhana--by his indulgence and it is Gauri who has to maintain a stricter regime to keep them under control.

* Mark your calendars: Ra.1 is out on June 3, 2011.

* Anjaana Anjaani shot in Las Vegas but everybody behaved themselves *wink wink*

Quiz [Siddharth Anand] on who hit the jackpot most and he diplomatically chooses to remain quiet. However, he admits that “Priyanka is not a gambler and Ranbir gambled only to kill time.”

Chopra is a foodie though. Anand insists that she could out-eat anyone on the team without putting on an extra ounce.

First of all, it's called an eating disorder, darling, and second of all if Priyanka and Ranbir weren't out at the casinos until at least 5am on at least one occasion then I'll eat my hat.

* Boney Kapoor is going to launch his son - maybe even opposite Sonakshi Sinha.

* Chetan Bhagat learned his lessons with 3 Idiots.

* Ex-Idiot Sharman Joshi talks about his current projects.

* Vikram is in the gym getting buff for his next role.

* Is Bollywood's next power-jodi going to be Zayed Khan and Dia Mirza? They are joining forces to produce a film. And, actually, I don't think they would be a bad match! I've always had a soft spot for Zayed, who always tries his best. This could actually be a good thing for them, if they pick the right script.

* Salman Khan and Shotgun Sinha have become good friends.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Action Replayy: Coming This DIWALI

I have been waiting for this film since it was announced! Action Replayy reunites Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai for the first time since they steamed up the screen in Khakee.

Have you seen this? HAVE YOU?

Not only do Akki and Aish look good together but their on-screen personas mesh well, too. Akki is able to whip up chemistry with
almost anyone, which is a bonus when dealing with the icy Aish. He's gregarious and forceful; she is haughty and indignant. They work so well together! Why they haven't been paired often before is a mystery... maybe they don't get along; maybe Twinkle doesn't get along with Aish; really, I don't know. I can only hope that Action Replayy breaks the box office so that we can get them together even more.

Earlier today Akshay posted some posters to his
twitter feed and maybe you saw them already but I don't care! I'm going to revel in all the wonderful Akki and Aish-ness!

Zoom, zoom, zoooooom! Beep beep! Here comes the star

I love the mixture of plaid and patterned that Akshay is wearing and the way Aishwarya is just beaming!

Check out the big bells on Aish's sleeves and Akki's dangerously low shirt! Plus... BOOTS!

Akshay has thighs of steel! STEEL! The matchy-matchy red is catchy-catchy! And polka dots are always a winner in my book.

Sonny? Cher? Aishwarya's waist seems to have been photoshopped out but I'm digging the sequined detailing.

Here is a better look at her bell bottomed outfit!

This one might be my favorite with Akshay's innocent flower and Aishwarya's leather-n-feathers!

Same costumes, different pose! Akki endearingly looks like he's in a bad family snapshot and Aish is indulgently smiling like she knows he's kind of a dork but she loves him anyways.

The red jumper is back! And look how cute it is! And that cheeky look on Aish's face just makes the pose!

Let's go watch!

Monday Gossip!

Hello, hello! Welcome to another week! I will have more Love Story 2050 for you later on, so stay tuned!

But first let's see what is happening in Tinsel Town!

* I haven't hated on Rachel Saltz in a while, so enjoy her
horrible review of Aashayein.

This is not the kind of movie in which the hero slowly wastes away, consumed by disease. How could he when played by Mr. Abraham, the possessor of one of Hindi cinema’s most ogled gym-molded bodies? (For once, he mostly keeps his shirt on.)

You know what Ms. Saltz doesn't bother to tell us? If the film is any good or not. Yet again, Ms. Saltz gives us a content-less waste of online screen space. I guess we can't expect much more from the NYT's D-lister.

* Here is what I don't get about Karan Johar's remake of
Stepmom - everybody is going to such great lengths to say that it is different from Stepmom, so why did he bother to make a REmake?

Q: Have You Seen Stepmom? If you have seen, did it provide any guidance for your portrayal?

Kajol: Yes I have seen it but a long time ago, it’s a remake of
Stepmom but we have Indianised it. The premise of the film is very Indian, so it wasn’t difficult. This film is different, it has songs, the situations are different and no there’s no guidance from the original played by Susan Saradon, Maya is very different from what Susan Sarandon was in Stepmom.

Arjun Rampal says:

"It's not a complete remake, but an adaptation. The way Siddharth has interpreted characters in his film is a new part of the film and I think that is something which I really enjoyed doing."

So, why didn't he just make a film about a stepmother fitting into a family? Why go through the trouble of doing an "official" remake?

* Read about
a breathless fan encounter with Salman Khan!

Some die-hard fans managed to get past the security into the press conference and Komal Sinha was among them.

Accompanied by her husband, she took to the mic during the press conference and requested the star for a chance to touch him.

The actor who was sporting his trademark tight T-shirt and jeans look, granted her wish but it lead to many others trying to get their hands on their idol and the actor’s security had to push them away.

* Who hasn't yet applied for
Indian citizenship? Katrina Kaif and Yana Gupta among others.

* Emraan Hashmi's next movie will take on
racism in Australia.

Says Mahesh Bhatt:
"Crook takes an unflinching look at racism which has devastated thousands of young Indians, who go to Australia in search of a better life putting not only all their money but even their lives at stake. The film also locks horns with our own inner demons."

Emraan plays the guy who has to decide if it is good to be bad or good to be good.

Can I decide that Emraan can be so bad that he's good?

Check out Ranbir Kapoor's Rockstar look! It involves a multi-colored vest!

* Shahid Kapoor wants a
Kaminey 2... I'd rather have a Chance Pe Dance 2.

* Rock out with Vishal's (of Visha-Shekhar) band
Pentagram, who is doing an online show!

* Abhishek Bachchan
talks acting:

Is direction too on his agenda? “No, no!” he exclaims, “It's too hard. I barely know how to act!”


* Somebody who is a stranger to phony self-effacement is GOLDEN STAR GANESH, who has taken over
the directing of his latest film Cool….Sakkath Hot Maga.

“In my life from the days of anchoring ‘Comedy Time’ in Udaya TV, I have come up hard way. Handling acting and direction is helping me to know better about film making."

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Remember that time Remo gave me a million roses and then made the roof disappear from my room and told me the moon wasn’t as bright as my smile?! REMO! REMO! REMO!

Yes, most of
Anniyan doesn’t involve Remo but he was certainly my favorite part of the film but I’m getting ahead of myself! Let’s start at the beginning – I watched Anniyan, a 2005 Tamil film starring Chiyyan Vikram and Sadha. The plot was overly-complicated, the tone was overly-mythological, and the acting overly… over-the-top. In short, I loved it. And I won’t ruin the plot for you if you haven’t seen it yet which is more than the Wikipedia entry for the film can say for itself, considering it gives away the key to the plot in the first sentence.

Anniyan, Vikram plays Ramanujam “Rules” Iyengar aka Ambi. Ambi is a fastidious, rules-obsessed lawyer who finds the casual law-breaking of his fellow citizens simply unbearable. His response to the law-breaking is to yell – a lot. People respond to this about as well as you would expect and Ambi spends a lot of his time frustrated at life. Needless to say, when Ambi receives a chain letter in the mail, he doesn’t just throw it away, he dutifully copies it fifteen times and sends them out as the letter dictates.

The rules-following obsession keeps him from cutting deals with clients and from winning the heart of his neighbor Nandini (Sadha), a beautiful music teacher who wants a little romance in her life. Mr. Rules is a big wet blanket but he means well. Still, even a wet blanket needs to blow off a little steam and when a fateful gust of wind blows that chain letter onto his desk, Ambi notices that it contains the address for a website ( www.anniyan.com ) that promises to punish wrongdoers.

Ambi immediately types in all the people that pissed him off with their law-breaking and what happens next sets the plot in motion.

THE DEVIL SHOWS UP AND KICKS ASS and by ‘kicks ass’ I mean he punishes law-breakers
garuda puranam style – some nice religious violence.

But not before one of the greatest Navigating The Internet scenes ever to be filmed.

(I'd like to point out that later in the film, somebody bases the veracity of this site on the fact that
it looks like it really is hell.)

Of course, this doesn’t help Ambi’s Nandini problem, since refusing to return his affections isn’t really breaking any
rules (just his heart.) But imagine Ambi’s surprise when a ramp walk model named REMO shows up to romance Nandini in the manner that she expects…

Some might say that it seems like the traditional role of
masala hero has been split into three parts – romance, vengence, and upholding the fabric of society.

And then some might just say REMO! Ramp walk Remo has two whole songs to himself and just
drips with romantic charisma. Some might just say ANNIYAN, who gets some pretty classic fight scenes, including one where he beats up about a million karate students in full on masala Matrix style. Sadly, nobody will shout RULES, although I found myself cheering for him when he gave Nandini a love letter that included his resume and his chest measurements.

How the threads tie together is something you should discover for yourself but if you are me – or watch movies like me – you won’t be disappointed.

Oh, in my lust for REMO I forgot to mention Prakash Raj, who gets a juicy part as a policeman sent to figure out the secret behind the murders.
Anniyan tantalizingly plays with some of the same ideas as in Death Note (although Death Note had fewer REMOs and more candy-obsessed weirdos) but kind of leaves the ideas half-way in order to focus on the romance and the story of Ambi. And that is fair enough. Anniyan is first and foremost a masala potboiler and the antics of REMO more than make up for the half-baked follow through on kami-sama Anniyan.

Sunday Gossip!

Hello and good morning!

I hope you are ready for a strong dose of BOLLYWOOD GOSSIP!

* The
Times of India summarizes the Tollywood sex'n'drugs scandal.

In fact, the police feel that the nexus between drugs and sex racket was established with the arrest of Ravi Teja's brothers and that of Saira Banu and Jyothi. "They both are close and spotted in a pub on Road No. 1, Banjara Hills", an investigator said.

* Kangana Ranaut is playing an
Interpol cop in The Game! The role was originally for a man - just like Angelina Jolie in Salt.

* Shahurkh Khan is
upset with Arjun Rampal for backing out of Don 2.

Am I the only one who couldn't be less interested in
Don 2? Now if it was Billa 2 starring Prabhas and Namitha, we'd be talking...

* Meet the
gori Miss Bollywood finalist - Emily Payton.

"My agent suggested I enter the event and when I saw the first prize I was absolutely determined to win. I'd love to star in a Bollywood film and the winner also gets to enter Miss Universe next year, which would be a dream."

* Amitabh Bachchan's response to
Internet trolls? Call the police. Somebody tell 4Chan!

Read about everybody's favorite Bollywood stars... ANIMALS!

Of course, getting along with your co-star is very important even in the case of animal actors. In the UTV Bindass show Beg Borrow Steal, VJ Aaliyah Khan and a Boxer named Jerry have to complete a journey without any money. Jerry is not new to stardom and has quite a busy calendar. He has featured in Golmaal and is all set to play Facebook, Kareena Kapoor's pet in Golmaal 3.

* Read about
the making of Antardwand.

For Vinay Pathak, better known for his comic fare, the role of the groom’s father was attractive one. “It wasn’t an obvious one to be played by me. Being born and brought up in Bihar made it easy for me to understand the character, because I have seen tyrannical patriarchs like the one I play in the film.” Vinay personally knows people who have been married off after being abducted — some happily, others not so. He adds, “There were no monetary concern, for Rajpal had been a boarding school senior and a friend since long, and this was a film I wanted to be a part of.”

VIKRAM should be in everything.

“I want to be a ‘human chameleon' that changes according to every character. It is tiring and challenging. But the expectations keep me going,” he adds.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Gossip!

Good morning, world!

Let's see what is happening in TINSEL TOWN!

* While almost everybody seems to agree that
Aashayein is a bust, Antardwand is getting some great reviews!

The film has moments of delicious dark humour like the scene where the almost-unconscious-after-being beaten groom’s measurements are being taken for the wedding. There’s an item song in the film alright, but not Bollywood style - it’s an earthy one performed by a woman in a garish, loud sari, wearing gajra in the hair.

The Hollywood Reporter prints a ridiculous article on female directors in Bollywood.

Women directors in the Mumbai film industry are still few and far between, with only a select group able to break the glass ceiling in what is still a male-dominated industry.

"It is always difficult to make your first film, but even more so as a woman, because you are worried whether any one will take you seriously here," said Rajshree Ojha, whose film
Aisha released this month.

Look, speaking as somebody who gave up on trying to break into a male-dominated industry (audio engineering, in my case), I understand that it is difficult to be a woman in a male-dominated working environment and I am perfectly willing to believe that it is harder to make your first film as a woman in Bollywood. HOWEVER, talent will shine through and it's no use blaming a crappy film on the director's gender. Farah Khan and Zoya Akhtar both managed successes with their first films - commercial for the former, critical for the latter - and you don't see them going around bitching to the media about how hard life is. And let's not forget producer-extrordinaire Ekta Kapoor, who has built herself a media empire.

I'm not ragging on Rajshree Ojha, who seems to have gotten in over her head in dealing with the Anil Kapoor
khandan, but on the author of the article who isn't doing women directors any favors by making them seem whiney and incompetent.

* Rakhi Sawant is
done with movies.

"I gave my six months to Dil Bole Hadippa. But when the film released, my entire role was chopped off. So then I said namaskar to the big screen."

* Esha Deol is
suing Ram Gopal Varma for unpaid wages.

* Dilip Kumar talks about
his autobiography.

* Akshay Kumar is going to
dishoom the word 'retard' from our vocabularies!

* Sonakshi Sinha
talks about high expectations.

" People are expecting a lot from me and it is a scary thing because I have no formal training on acting. I have just gone ahead and given my best shot."

Juding from the promos of
Dabangg, I already rank her higher than Deepika or Sonam... we'll see if I'm right or if I have to eat my words.

* Do you really want to take life advice from a
guy who wears butt pads?

Now that Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra are a couple again, Shahid is trying to be bossy and is demanding that Priyanka give up drinking and non-vegetarian food.

* Katrina Kaif
gives a rakhi to Sajid Nadiawala.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Good Morning, Friday!

Hello and how are you all today?!

I'm very happy that it's Friday, which brings us one day closer to September 10th and


Sorry, I'll try to control my excitement... let's see what is happening in Tinsel Town! Could anything in Bollywood top the sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll revelations of the Telugu film industry this week?!

* Shahid Kapoor comes clean. He wears
butt pads.

* Yesteryear's actress Asha Parkeh has been booked on
forgery charges.

* Salman Khan demands to get
paid for Veer.

Stardust Katrina and Akshay:

"In fact, analysts view their pairing as that of Hema Malini and Dharmendra in earlier times."

Can get that analysis job? I'd be really good at it!

"Analysts view Salman Khan's new masala avatar as awesome."

SEE?! I analyzed it and then typed it!

* After Katrina starved herself for the item song in
Tees Maar Khan, director Farah Khan bought her Cinabuns as a reward.

Shahrukh Khan joins the campaign to get good quality subtitles on regional films.

* Aishwarya Rai and Ben Stiller?
Sounds interesting but no details have emerged beyond the casting. I'm actually a pretty big Ben Stiller fan. I even saw Greenberg - about a man who refuses to grow up, usually something I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole - and actually enjoyed it.

* There will be no Indian movies on
Eid in Pakistan.

* Sonam Kapoor shows all the classic signs of starvation by
dwelling on food in interviews.

"I absolutely love junk food. Give me a packet of chips and chocolates any day. I love eating those biscuits that have jam in the center. I love junk food. Period."

* Are you ready for a Tabu-Sunny Deol paring? Well, you don't have wait much longer -
Khuda Kasam releases in September.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday Gossip!

Hello, world!

This article is a masterpiece of flowery gossip writing.

Earlier, on Wednesday, Khan had given a pleasant surprise to the actors of We Are Family as he dropped into the sets suddenly, where glamorous Kareena Kapoor and hotbod Arjun Rampal were shooting a promotional interview for the film.

* And speaking of 'hotbod' Arjun Rampal, read
an interview with him!

I am a father. My equation with my kids in the house is in a particular way which is endearing. Kajol is a mother too and is hands on. Her approach to children is very different. Even off screen, you can see her scolding children, laughing and joking with them. Then you have a Kareena who doesn't have any children and she is been put into a situation where she needs to deal with them. So how would she, was the question. That awkwardness and gawkiness comes out quite realistically in Kareena.

Suddenly, I feel that
We Are Family might be worth seeing just to enjoy Bebo being awkward around some children!

* Is Sridevi returning to

* Akshay Kumar priced himself out of
Hera Pheri 3.

* Poor Ekta Kapoor
broke her wrist while jogging.

RANVIR SHOREY! I love you!

"I don't dig the candy floss and rosy kind of film subjects. Give me anything dark and grey! They are spaces that excite me as an actor! In fact, in many of my films though I am the funny guy, there's a grey shade to my character."

Seriously, his chemistry with Akshay Kumar in
Singh is Kinng and Chandi Chowk to China is fantastic! Somebody give these boys a two hero film!

* Ameesha Patel faints
on set while shooting a Telugu film. So, either she was dehydrated and hungover or dehydrated and starving herself to be size zero. Take your pick!

* Katrina Kaif was
harassed by reporters during a press conference and broke down in tears.

Our "new" release this week is
Aashayein and it looks... like the kind of film I don't mind waiting to see on DVD.

This is the film I wish I could have seen -
Naan Mahaan Alla but will have to wait for DVD for due to the fact that it has no English subs.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Gossip!

Congratulations to Prakash Raaj and Pony Verma!

* Will Chiranjeevi provide the Telugu film industry with a much needed
respite from bad press?

(Trisha, for one, would
welcome the distraction. Her name is being tossed around in relation to the drug scandal.)

* Poor Akshay Kumar isn't used to our aggressive North American
photo-clicking ways and lost his temper at a guy taking cell phone pictures of him.

* Bebo is NOT going to be
a size minus after all.

* Kangana Ranaut's stalker has been
captured. Poor Kangs! She seems to get more than her fair share of crazies following her.

* Vidya Balan is doing a cameo in
Dum Maro Dum.

* Ayesha Takia's sister has gone from
grunge to glam and is looking to enter Bollywood.

* Learn more about Pakistani singer
Shafqat Amanat Ali!

"It's a proud feeling that I am here for a noble cause of bridging the gap between India and Pakistan. At least I am playing my role. The relationship between the two countries has worsened due to some people and the only positive connection we have is through music."

* The Katrina Kaif
Barbie doll is coming soon!

(I want one!)

* It's a fight to the death over the title

Don't these men know that "Joker" is a curse! We all know how well
Mera Naam Joker did at the box office.

A couple of pictures for you!

Katrina Kaif looking lovely while promoting something or other...

And Kangana Ranaut looking fierce as RuPaul on the catwalk for Azeem Khan...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Gossip!

It's a rainy Tuesday here in Washington, DC and how I wish I could spend all day curled up on the sofa watching films but, alas, a girl has got to eat and therefore I must go to work.

Let's see what is happening in Bollywood today - besides Soha Ali Khan's MMS scandal!

* One of the big stories floating around is that
Slumdog Millionaire's Frieda Pinto feels unloved by Bollywood. The quote where she says so is in a New York Times article that I can't seem to find online - although I did find this:

(Is Frieda looking a bit too thin or do I have my "I've been watching too much South Indian film" blinders on?)

But I read the article in the paper and let me tell you something - possibly the reason that nobody takes her seriously in Bollywood is that her appeal in Hollywood is that she is 'exotic,' something
directly referenced when the NYT talks about her role in the upcoming Woody Allen film. Indian girls aren't all that exotic in India...

* Learn more about John Abraham's

* Congratulations to
Prakash Raj and Pony Verma on their wedding!

* Vidya Balan's shoulder injury delays

* Cell phones have been banned from the sets of
Tees Maar Khan.

* If there are two words that never, ever, EVER belong together it is
size minus and sensuous. Apparently, Bebo is being told to keep a 'size minus' figure for her upcoming film with Imran Khan. WTF?! So, Karan Johar is aiming to have Imran play opposite Skeletor? Bebo looks so much better with a little meat on her bones... this totally sucks.

Says Karan:
"She has to sport a short haircut and I also want her to try and get herself into a size minus (not a size zero) because she has to match Imran Khan perfectly for my film tentatively titled Short Term Shaadi."

How is size minus matching Imran Khan? Does she have to try to match his success rate in Bollywood (ba-BOOM!)? Why not have HIM match her, since she is the bigger star...

Just for that, I'm going to speculate over Karan's private life on Twitter... something we all know he hates.

* Karan Johar did show
some common sense by cutting out some racist scenes from We Are Family... so, Mama Jenny doesn't live next door to Arjun? That's too bad!

* Shabana Azmi and Urmila Matondkar will be doing
a play together!

* Irrfan Khan is a big star in
Canada! (This is actually a cute story!)

* See, kids, be sure your love is the forever kind before getting inked. Deepika is getting her
Ranbir tattoo removed.

* Collections for
Lafangey Parindey were well under expectations. It was pretty much trounced by Peepli Live.

* After some excitement with Hrithik's Blackberry tweeting on its own (cool stuff like "UUU"),
Mid Day reports that Hrithik is 'working hard' on Zoya's Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

* Another entertaining tale from the sets of
Madhur Bhandarakar’s Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji. Apparently, Shazahn Padamsee is being called "Schezwan Chicken" behind her back. Hilarious! And based solely on following her on Twitter for a few days and the report of her calling her mummy when Vivek Oberoi tried to talk to her, I have a feeling she deserves the teasing.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday monday!

Good mornings! I hope everybody has as restful as weekend as I did! Coming this week on Filmi Girl will be more Love Story 2050 and hopefully a review of a film - possibly something I've had lying around my DVD shelf for a while.

Now, let's see what is happening in Tinsel Town!

* Top story today: Who wants to see Soha Ali Khan getting a
bikini wax? Allegedly, there is footage floating around the Internet...

* No, wait! The top story is a
prostitution ring in Tollywood! Among those arrested were (the Telugu) Saira Banu and Jyoti.

It's sad but not surprising... rumors of this kind of thing haunt all the film industries - even Hollywood.

* Rana Daggubatti and Bips have a
smoking hot love scene in Dum Maro Dum.

And, says Rana,
"I'm very lucky to have got along well with all my co-stars in my first Hindi film. It was a different world for me. Not that I am not familiar with Hindi films and stars, our home production has been active in Hindi for decades, but I was never looked on as South-Indian star by my co-stars in Dum Maro Dum."

* In case you are wondering what happened to Raajeev Khandelwal, the star of

"People haven't seen me for a while in Bollywood because Peter, my second film got delayed. The release date is yet to be announced. I've also played a part in Will you marry me? which will release in a couple of months."

Main aur Mrs. Khanna might have flopped but that hasn't stopped Salman Khan from signing on with director Prem Raj's next film.

* Poor Asin is having a tough time of it - she's been dropped from the
Kakha Kakha remake in favor of Genelia D'Souza.

* Asha Bhosle says
nobody can play Kishore Kumar and she is correct.

“Kishore Kumar was one of a kind. He cannot be replicated easily on the big screen. It is very difficult for today’s actors to replicate his persona on screen. It’s impossible."

Dhobi Ghat may be ready for release in 2010!

* Ali Zafar has not yet signed the
Yash Raj film.

* This just in: doing things the "official" Hollywood way
totally sucks.

At that late juncture everything from the dance steps, to the set to the lyrics had to be changed and the Elvis' classic song Jailhouse Rock was titled "Dil khol ke let's rock".

"The contract arrived just days before shooting. We got to know that we couldn't use anything to do with Elvis. We had everything ready, the set, the costumes, the songs and words... Most importantly we had images of Elvis splashed all over and we had incorporated the words from "Jailhouse Rock" into the track. All that had to be scrapped."

See, people, that is what happens if you want to play ball with the Hollywood money machine. I can guarantee you that nothing like that happened on the sets of
Ek Niranjan's Michael Jackson tribute because I'm 99% sure they just did it.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Gossip!

Good mornings!

It's Sunday! Let's see what is happening in Bollywood!

* Ajrun Rampal calls Kareena Kapoor the
Sachin Tendulkar of Bollywood.

* Read about Vivek Oberoi's

* Then read about the
changing culture of Bollywood filmmaking.

Indian film-makers have now realised that such pre-release controversies about affairs or raking religious sentiments have become passé. Even appearing on TV channels, writing on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc, has stopped working.

* Nagesh Kukunoor is
excited about Aashayein.

* Somebody
finally points out that Jane Austen isn't a Victorian novelist like Sonam Kapoor kept chirping she was.

That sounds like a smart sound bite coming from a Bollywood actress, and then you realise Sonam Kapoor (unwittingly) ends up sounding more like her clueless Aisha character - because Jane Austen isn’t a Victorian novelist! It’s obvious that the movie takes its inspiration from Hollywood recycling Austen (Alicia Silverstone in Clueless and Gwyneth Paltrow in Emma) than from any original literary source.

* Three words:
Bollywood Sherlock Holmes!

* Genelia instead of Priyanka in
the Agneepath remake?

* Breaking news:
Amitabh dated Rekah! (Not really "breaking" news but it's a slow news day...)
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