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Wednesday Gossip!

Just two small notes - 1) I gave the kittens one of my old shoes to play with and they like to sit in it like a boat and 2) I'll be away in Boston this weekend (leaving tomorrow night) so I'm not sure how frequent my updates will be over the weekend.

Let's do it, to it!

* Abhishek Sharma talks with
the Wall Street Journal.

Why do you think the movie will appeal to the audience?

I think audiences will like the movie because it’s a mad comedy, a satire. It’s been a very long time since Bollywood has produced a satire and one that appeals universally, treating it with a new flavor. Set in Karachi,
Tere Bin Laden is very spoofy. I think the best way to deal with terror is to caricature it. Humor acts as an antidote to the pain and lessens the terror in our minds. Our film will appeal to both the masses and classes – masses will receive entertainment and classes will appreciate the intellectual nuances that we have tried to portray.

* Are
metrosexual men here to stay?

The emergence of "metrosexual" males has been encouraged by the introduction of fashion magazines such as an Indian version of GQ, analysts say. The result, according to marketing experts, has been a new surge in the "feminisation of men's products".

"It is likely that within five to ten years sales of male skin-whitening products could reach similar levels of value sales as female skin whiteners," said Carrie Lennard, of Euromonitor International, in a recent report.

* Kangana Ranaut is allegedly lending her razzle-dazzle to a
debuting hero - Chirag Paswan, son of Bihar MP and former Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan. Something seems fishy about this, though. Why would Kangs be one of THREE heroines opposite some new hero - and not even a star son or somebody already popular! Bachna Ae Haseeno, this is not.

I'll wait until she announces it on
her official site.

And check out all of
Kangana's wigs from Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai!

* Read an interview with
Anuradha Paudwal!!

It's been a while that music buffs heard you in a Hindi film...

That's because I haven't sung for a Hindi film for long. Firstly, I don't find anything interesting happening in B'wood. Moreover, some times an impression is created about you that you are not interested in doing films now. Since this is what happened with me, I’ve now been singing in Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Marathi and Bengali films. I'm also judging a few reality shows on telly.

Dang! You tell him, girl!

* A.R. Rahman says
politics is hell. And here I thought hell was other people...

* Ranbir and Bebo
in a film together?! I'm firmly of the opinion that they should do a two hero masala film where Bebo and Ranbir are a pair of thieving siblings who need to a) take revenge on the gangster who killed their parents (Pratima Kazmi!) b) learn the error of their thieving ways and c) find true love and family values.

* According to the
Mumbai Mirror, Deepika wants "long term commitment" from Ranbir but he is unwilling to give it.

I say... WHO CARES! I hate fake-o stories about people's fake relationships. The only gossip I like is either the really juicy casting couch stuff or the things people unintentionally reveal about their own personalities. Like Aamir's wholesale co-opting of
Peepli Live has been rather entertaining to watch.

* Are actors now bridging the
north-south divide?

Apart from Suriya, Vikram who aroused curiosity among the Hindi speaking audiences with a string of dubbing movies starting with the Shankar directed Anniyan (Aparichith in Hindi) has already debuted in the language with Mani’s Raavan. Now all his Tamil movies will be dubbed in Hindi to cash in on whatever publicity he made as a handsome police offer, married to Ash in Raavan.

The only other actor in the list, Madhavan, is already a national star. Siddharth, who debuted in Shankar’s
Boyz went ahead to do Telugu and Hindi movies and it looks like he’s already disowned Tamil movies.

* Will we see Kajal Agarwal in

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Sonia said...

I've also read that piece about North-South divide. I don't like it when people said Siddharth "disown" Tamil films.....(it's probably becoz I'm a big fan but I also think it's not true) Sid spends more time in Telugu cinema becoz Boyz didn't work well in Tamil (but was well received in AP!) And the writer was not being fair 'cause Sid's doing "180" which is a Tamil/Telugu movie. It was totally ignored in the article.....

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