Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Newsday!

Good mornings! Another lovely day today and another lovely batch of gossip!

And don't forget to go back and check out part 20 of
Dhoom 2!

* Javed Akhtar discusses

"When something like this happens, we try to rationalise and try to find out the logic behind the success. If there's logic, then there should have been many films made of the same stature. It just happens. I am afraid there is no foolproof formula to make such a film."

* One of the big stories making the rounds today is the box office collections of
Khatta Meetha. People can't decide if it was a success or not. Is it a semi-success? Did it just do well on single screens? Flop at the multiplexes?

I think
moderate success sounds about right.

Bombay Velvet is still being speculated about.

Ishqiya director Abhishek Chaubey is working on the script for his next film.

* Anil Kapoor is
tired of Slumdog Millionaire. (You and me both, brother. ) And he is proud of his daughters' work in Aisha.

* Maddy is
not doing the 3 Idiots remakes.

* As if I already didn't want to see
Agent Vinod enough, now rumor has it that Deepika Padukone is doing a "parallel lead" in the film.

The Internet has a saying for times like this - Do. Not. Want.

* A film I do want is finally coming to the US...
Tere Bin Laden!

* Is A.R. Rahman too good for

* Salman Khan is kind of a jerk. Apparently he tried to keep Sonakshi ultra-slim on the sets of Dabangg by only feeding her salad and by making her walk from the hotel to the shooting set.

* Bebo, lovely Bebo is
a healthy size, which is making Karan Johar mad because he wants her Size Zero for his new film.

You know what, Karan Johar and Salman? Go loose weight yourselves! Bebo is a superstar and the healthier she is, the better a performance you get out of her. And the single-screen audiences that will go see Dabangg would probably prefer Sonakshi to have a bit of a jiggling belly.

If all you wanted was a slim figure, why not hire Deepika or Sonam or Dia Mirza or somebody?

The body policing MUST STOP!

Also, Bebo is memorizing dialogues in Chinese for
Ra.1, for which I give her mad props. That is not an easy language.

* Salman Khan and Kangana are
paired together in an upcoming film. That should be REALLY interesting.

* Aamir Khan
just talks.

What is your view of Bollywood today? The big star/big film formula is not clicking anymore. 2010 has been one of the worst years for the industry. Nobody knows what works at the box office.

There are a lot of positives right now. There is a lot of talent, a lot of youngsters doing some really good work. I’ve always believed that it is important for creative talent to be responsible for a film’s economic success. I’m making what I want to. I’m telling the kind of stories that I want to. But there is a lot of responsibility in the process which I take seriously. If I’m getting the money to do what I want to, then it’s up to me to ensure that the people who are giving me the money are getting it back.

Right on, Aamir!

First of all, that question is bullshit - the big star/big film formula is totally clicking! What do you think the two hits of the year
Housefull and My Name is Khan were? What was Wanted?

What's not clicking is the big star/
Hollywood formula film - like
Kurbaan, Blue, etc.

Of course, if you want a juicy answer, always ask Aamir Khan about himself - Always.

You were the first actor to start blogging and now everyone’s joined the social networking bandwagon. You are on Twitter too.

I started the blog so that I could directly communicate with my audience. I joined Twitter because Amitji (Amitabh Bachchan) said I should and I can never say no to him. But Twitter, as I’m finding out, is really not meant for me. I find it difficult to restrict my thoughts in 140 characters. It’s a great tool of expression but my personality is not meant for it.

Picture Time!!

Bebo and SRK on the sets of

They look SO CUTE! I love you, Kareena!! You could boss me around
anytime. I'll even hold your purse while you go shopping... *swoon*

And what is up with the styling for Prachi and Kangana?

Who let them leave the house like this?

And Kangs is looking scarier by the day. Somebody needs to sit that girl down and talk to her about the dangers of too much plastic surgery...

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San said...

I think Prachi looks rather retro. I likes.

Agreed on the whole weight loss drama, hire a slim(er) chick instead of torturing the desired choice!

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