Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday Gossip!

Good morning, all! Sorry I missed a couple of days there - moving house is so tiring, even when it isn't my house! My friend and I were up until really late on Sunday night assembling Ikea furniture but (thankfully) we managed to do it without killing each other.

Sadly, I missed out on
I Hate Luv Storys, as the show we wanted to go to was HOUSE FULL! Can you believe it?! Although, reading Shweta's review makes me think I probably wouldn't have liked it all that much anyway:

I saw Sawariya, and blamed Sonam's lack of performance on the fact that it was her first movie, and that she was just playing herself- a tentative, lovely girl, who is exploring the world around her. Then I saw Delhi-6, and blamed her lack of 100% being there in the fact that the movie was filled with so many great actors, an that since she was so new, she could just be herself- tentative, lovely, sweet. Unfortunately, with this movie, I cant make any of those excuses. She is lovely, wears adorable clothes, gazes prettily at the world, and - and that's pretty much it. The script granted her enough opportunities and dialogues to dazzle us blind. But like my fellow bloggers and tweeters agreed, she just doesn't deliver- her spoken dialogues lack emotion, her voice lacks modulation, and all the loveliness in the world cant excuse that. Her parents got her the face and the body, but the acting bit has to be her.

That is the impression I got of Sonam from the trailer of
I Hate Luv Storys but I was willing to cut her some slack but it seems that my impressions were correct. I'll catch this one on DVD.

Okay! Let's hit the gossip!

* The intro to
this interview with Sonam Kapoor made me giggle.

Imran Khan calls Sonam Kapoor a drama queen in real life. He also believes that she is a far better actor in real life than in reel life. All in good humour though. I don't know whether this is perfectly true or not.

Imran Khan is the current MASTER of the cutting insult - maybe it's because he has that dry sense of humor.

With the reviews of Sonam's performance in
I Hate Luv Storys less than stellar, I don't have high hopes for Aisha. That didn't stop proud papa Anil from praising his daughters.

it seems there was lots of drama on the Aisha sets - including Rhea Kapoor pushing for her boyfriend take control of the project from the film's director Rajshri Ojha.

* Imran Khan has one advantage over Ranbir Kapoor - he can be paired opposite

* Will Karan Johar's
Agneepath be Hrithik-Kareena?

* Asin, sweetie, I love you but stop
whining in public about things.

Bombay Velvet is back in the news and the casting is still not finalized, although everybody wants to say Aamir is in it.

Confirming his presence in Bombay Velvet, Aamir said, "Yes I have been offered Danny`s film, but I am completely involved with Peepli right now."

Actually, I don't think that quote was confirming anything except that he has been OFFERED the film.

Singh is Kinng 2 is going to wait for Katrina Kaif before they start filming.

* Anurag Kashyap is publishing a
runaway letter he left for his parents back in the early 1990s to promote Udaan.

* Are you ready for the
Prithviraj-Genelia pairing?!

First look of Patiala House!

* Prakash Raj and Pony Verma are getting married
next month! Congratulations, Prakash and Pony!

Indian Express tackles the Bachchan brand image.

First and foremost, Raavan has done a huge damage for Bachchans not just as actors, who were waiting for an elusive hit but also individuals. While Abhishek has never received flak belonging to this scale ever before, Aishwarya has still managed to go scot-free. However, ironically it is Amitabh Bachchan who has been caught in the middle of all the fire, courtesy his impulsive emotional outburst, post the debacle of the film.

* Are the heroines for
Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji confirmed? The names Amisha Patel, Jiah Khan, and Shruti Haasan are being tossed around.


Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Thanks for including me in ur news! i feel very honored, really :)
I think its interesting that Jaya Bacchan isnt mentioned in the Indian express article- probably because she doesnt do endorsements and such- but maybe she really walked away from the trio like I had thought she did??? heeh.

nayika said...

Ranbir said pretty much the same thing about Sonam in a magazine before.


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