Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday Gossip!

"They be, like, smooth, (What?) can you teach me how to Dougie?"

I hope everybody checked out my list of current favorite things, which included my favorite jam of the moment - "Teach Me How to Dougie."

Speaking of my favorite things, I think it's pretty telling that
Raavan has disappeared from my local cinema but Raavanan is still playing alongside I Hate Luv Storys.

And now, let's see what is amusing me in Bollywood gossip!

* It's been Aamir Khan-a-palooza over
on Twitter. The Times of India breathlessly reports the events so far.

The perfectionist actor, though, is only following the Big B. He tweets a ‘sher’ after 22 hours saying, “Bhala gardish falak ki chain deti hai kise Insha, ganimat hai ke hum surat yahan do-chaar baithey hain. Esp for you sir. Love”.

Any guesses on how long he worked on that? Also, any bets on how long before The Perfectionist starts tweeting artistic photos of himself and artistic rants about how people are or aren't reacting to something properly?

ETA Aamir has just tweeted "Any predictions for the world cup?" Well, now, that didn't take long.

* The Perfectionist is also using
his image to promote Peepli Live, which is interesting to me because I don't think the director of the film is all that happy about it. She has been oddly silent for the last few months. On the one hand, Aamir will get butts in the seats at the theater but on the other, I understand why she would be upset that he has basically hijacked a movie that he had no part of.

* Sonam Kapoor is
pragmatic about celebrity gossip.

“Gossiping is natural. It is nice people want to know about us. If they don’t, then we [actors] will die,”

Not exactly true, my dear. Actors will be just fine but STARS can't exist without audience interest.

* Imran and Sonam claim not to want
cheap publicity, which is why they've been stirring up rumors of feuds with (respectively) Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone all over the place. Yes.

The junior Khan will be
out selling popcorn in theaters in Mumbai to promote the film, so go out and try your luck!

Lamhaa is set to be released amidst some violent protests in Kashmir. Will it help or hurt matters?

* Katrina Kaif is Bollywood's
lucky mascot these days but that doesn't stop India Today from getting in a little dig.

Katrina has never denied that she holds the audience's appreciation over critical acclaim.

After the success of Raajneeti , the actress says, " Critics have loved the film and that feels great. But I have always waited for the audience's reaction."

Is it a question of sour grapes, Kat?

Actually, I think YOU are the one with sour grapes, journalist-bhai. We film-goers love Kat just fine.

* Minnisha Lamba is
in court for that case where that guy was sending vulgar SMSes to her.

* Poor Priyadarshan! Not only has he had to
abandon his film with Prateik because nobody is buying films with newcomers but he is upset that Khatta Meetha is being pitched as a De Dana Dan-style romp when it is actually more like a Billu-style film.

Priyan seems resigned to resorting to stars time after time to get audiences in. “It’s frightening how my attempts to make a film with newcomers were thwarted. If I can’t do it who can? So the question is, how can we get new talent into cinema?”

Incidentally the young film is not the only Pratik Babbar starrer to be shelved. Goldie Behl’s film starring the talented young actor which was to be shot in the monsoon at Mumbai has also been shelved.

* You might also enjoy reading a
surprisingly thoughtful introduction to Bollywood from a Westerner.

We have been conditioned to expect certain linearity with our features, and for the plot to remain grounded in reality and logic, even when the most incredible things are happening around the characters. An easy example to make here is with Avatar, which, despite all the delights thrown on screen, must be one of the most simplistic stories of recent times.

However, this doesn't mean that this form of essentially verbal storytelling, with the drama of the movie front and centre, is the only one with any value.

yet another response to Joel Stein's racist Time magazine piece.

For Edison’s old timers brown is brown. Too many curry shacks is not that different from too many taquerias. We are all Mexicans now. When Joel Stein goes to Edison, he “feels” what people in Arizona talk about. It’s not about the papers you carry inasmuch as the “I-am-not-against-immigration-just-illegal-immigration” folks would have you believe. It is about the way you look, the food you eat, the accent you have. It is about the sense that you are taking over the strip mall.

And this American anxiety about its browning will not change. A recent study said white birthrates in California were declining faster than expected. Expect the backlash to rise. There’ll be no chai served at this Tea Party.




eliza bennet said...

There is something about Aamir Khan that makes him unpleasant. I don't quite know how to put a name to it, so despite being a very good actor, a nice looking & charming man who contributes to cinema in more than one way, I still cannot genuinely like him.

eliza bennet said...

There is something about Aamir Khan that makes him unpleasant. I don't quite know how to put a name to it, so despite being a very good actor, a nice looking & charming man who contributes to cinema in more than one way, I still cannot genuinely like him.

myrna-nora said...

I was hoping to see Raavanan, but my theater is just the opposite as yours. They are still playing the Hindi version, but the Tamil has disappeared.

redsarah said...

I find it rather reassuring that after all the fuss, all Aamir Khan wants to do is talk footie ...... men, typical!

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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