Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Sunday Sunday!!

Good mornings!

I've really enjoyed my weekend home - it's been a while since I've had one. Today is all about laundry, cleaning, and attempting to get some writing done. Glamorous, I know, right? Well, even a Filmi Girl needs a day off once in a while, no?

Okay, then!

There actually isn't much gossip today - I refuse to report on the stupid stories from the PR teams of Mugdha Godse and Neil Nitin Mukesh (although, in full disclosure, the
Lafange Parindey trailer is pretty entertaining and makes the film seem extremely LULZy, which I enjoy.)

So, what else do we have?

* Felicia Day and the popular web series "The Guild" are doing a
Bollywood number for the new season! It should be pretty entertaining!

* The
Times of India asks what happened to the hot models of the 1990s.

* We get a little more information on
Golmaal 3.

* Rhea Kapoor reinforces some stereotypes about women while
trying to break them. She doesn' t mention the part where you just have your boyfriend do stuff for you.

* Akshay Kumar knows how to deal
with poorly reviewed films.

* Ogle at some
scantily clad heroines!

* Hindi is becoming a popular language to learn in
Singapore because of the growing popularity of Bollywood.

* And check out the challenging
Diss Your Favorite Star piece for

Here is mine:

Akshay Kumar works harder and releases more films than any of the Khans and yet so often he chooses films that could have been good but end up ruined by incompetent direction; a total professional, Akshay always puts in a wonderful performance, but the films themselves are terrible. Submitting completely to a director is fine if the director is Priyadarshan (five, soon to be six hits with Akshay) but not with other directors. He selects things here and there without concern for his image (like Shahrukh), how much the public will like them (like Salman), or what kind of message they have (like Aamir) and adds no post-production input, leaving his image entirely in the hands of people like Nagesh Kukunoor (8 x 10 Tasveer) or Anthony D'Souza (Blue). Not very smart, Akshay.

I was a bit too optimistic about the collections of
Khatta Meetha, I think.

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