Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Gossip!

Good mornings! How is everyone today?

It was a dreary, rainy day yesterday but the sky has cleared and the sun is shining forth!

Let's hit the gossip!

* Trisha talks Akshay Kumar and
Khatta Meetha.

“Akshay’s so disciplined. He reaches the sets at 6.30 am sharp for a 7 am shot and is extremely dedicated, hardworking and a complete sweetheart. But he is fun-loving too and keeps the atmosphere lively with his jokes and pranks.”

You know what I don't get - Katrina Kaif is ridiculed for her accented Hindi but a lot of the Southern actresses get a pass. Why is that? It's certainly not all of them (Jackie Fernandez gets flack for her Hindi) but Trisha is being dubbed and nobody seems to care.

Kat discusses
her Hindi:

“What makes it all easy is that I have a very good memory. So, no matter what lines you give me or how long it is, even if runs into three-four pages, it’s never a challenge to memorise it."

* And speaking of
La Kaif, she will be doing a belly dance number in Tees Maar Khan!

* There is so much
of wrong in this article about Abhishek's upcoming projects.

"Dhoom 3 is being scripted. Dhoom is nothing without Uday and my character. We are the backbone of the film."

Really? Because I think most of the movie-going public is under the impression that
Dhoom is about sexy thieves and their sexy chemistry with sexy Aishwarya Rai. There is a reason that the Dhoom 5 promo from Om Shanti Om was hilarious and it's not because Uday is essential to the Dhoom franchise.

The actor has just returned from Greece, where he was shooting for Game. The action scenes in Game were the opposite of the ones in Raavan. While Abhishek's character had to survive on his instincts in the jungles in Raavan, he has performed some slick action stunts for Game.

Oh, for the love of Sri Devi! Why are people continuing to give Abhishek action-oriented roles? Has
Drona taught us nothing?! NOTHING?! (Watch how the editor tries to make it look like Abhi can competently dishoom by alternating between Xtreme close-ups of his opponent and Xtreme long shots where you can't really see what Abhi is doing.

* John Abraham has become a
Deepika fan.

* Rajshree Ojha cast Sonam Kapoor in
Aisha without ever having seen her act.

Krrish 2 will show us how it's done. And by 'it,' I mean a SUPER-SMASH HIT!

* Not for the first time and certainly not for the last time - I wish I lived in
Mumbai. Ushers at the theaters are going to be given vintage 1970s uniforms to promote Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai!

Ashmith Kunder talks Lamhaa and working with his (marginally) more famous brother.

Why do you think writers don't get due credit in our industry?

It is not just writers; most of the technicians also don't get any due in our industry. To an extent the DOP gets money as well as billing in publicity. The other technicians are mostly ignored, be it the Writer or the Editor. The makers would rather give credit in publicity material to a Lyricist who has written 4 songs, which makes up for 20 mins in a film but never to an Editor who has contributed to 120 mins of the film!

* This just in - Sherlyn Chopra looked
better before her plastic surgery and weight loss.

* Bips talks

When quizzed about her role in the film, Bipasha said, "I play a young girl who has been manipulated by the person, who brings her up.

Aziza believes she's been trained in the right way, but later she undergoes a major transformation in the way she thinks."

This is like Filmi Girl cat nip... *wants to watch
Lamhaa right now*

* Vikram's
Vedi starts July 15th!!!

* I cannot wait to see
Madharasapattinam!! The Behind the Woods folks liked it!

Madharasapattinam is a pretty often seen love story where poor boy meets rich girl, much to the angst of the family. But, it is the backdrop and the treatment that make it a different experience. Watch Madharasapattinam for some great art work, cinematography, performances and to appreciate an effort that is a rare occurrence in Tamil cinema.

And apparently Amy Jackson is quite good - much to everyone's surprise, I'm sure. White Ladies Who Can Act don't often find their way into Indian films of any sort.


Sonia said...

Just briefly read the interview w/ Aisha's director. Is it possible to say that the film is not women-centric when it's an adaptation of a Jane Austen novel and with Sonam Kapoor wearing so many lovely outfits????

I think Madharasapattinam is exciting too! The stills look great and I quite like Arya!

Filmi Girl said...

@sonia I know, right? It just seems silly to say that it's not woman-centric when it clearly is!

KJ@SLA said...

I had to delete my first comment on the grounds it was too fangirly. But the news that Vikram's started his next film fills me with a great deal of enthusiasm and anticipation :D

honeycombveils said...

Abhi's comments show some fullness of himself, hai na? I'm half expecting him to refer to himself in the third person any day now. Some humble pie to table 3 please - he should learn a thing or two from his wife.

Christine Menefee said...

Aisha's director reminds me of the old "I'm not a feminist" line so many women still feel compelled to deliver as they utter some feminist statement. Fie. Also, of course she cast Sonam; the film's produced by Rhea Kapoor. Next she'll be saying "I don't believe in nepotism." Thanks for carrying the banner of Truth in the matter of Sonam and Abishek - she has yet to demonstrate an ability to act her way out of a paper bag, and as for Junior, LOL at your comments there! So true. The guy is just such a pill. I don't think I've liked him in anything yet, including the light comedy you do approve of; but at least he looks better when he's cleaned up. Such a shame when there must be so much real talent out there struggling to be expressed.

Maybe we should take a look at those younger stars from film families who can really do the job, and have worked at their craft. I think Kunal Kemu is one of those too, and he doesn't seem to be getting his due.

Also, thanks for your recent recommendations of Southie movies. I'm now a fan of Vikram and Ram Charan Teja (he's the hero of Magadheera, right? He has a wonderful Douglas Fairbanks/Errol Flynn kind of charm) and Asin. Too bad these fillums are so hard to find around here though.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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