Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Gossip!

Let's just get this out of the way.... yes, everybody who knows me from my nerdy Internet circles, I know about The Guild and their Bollywood dance video.

You can see it for yourself:

I'm just going to go ahead and roll my eyes at this - while it's better than the abomination of Devendra Banhart's "Carmen Sita" video, it's still pretty bad. They managed to make a video free of any ties to
actual Bollywood picturizations and with some bonus "Wow, isn't Indian culture hilarious" moments just for good measure.

When will Westerners just stop trying to be clever with Bollywood - you don't understand how it works, people, and until you sit and at least one Bollywood film, you never will.


Moving on...

* Unreleased Mohammed Rafi and Madan Mohan songs
were released! They are available to listen to here.

* The BBC interviews
Sonam Kapoor while showing endless clips of Aisha that all seem to involve shopping. Sonam insists that she wants act in any language - "Cantonese, Spanish, English..."

And an interview with
The Hollywood Reporter.

You are also well-known as a fashion icon. so how did “Aisha” give you an opportunity to indulge in your fashion fantasies?

I love dressing up even in my other films but yes, my character in
Aisha is really into high-end fashion and indulges in luxury brands and designwear. Despite this, we still managed to stay within our budget! The other interesting thing is that we wanted to show a multi-cultural blend as that's what these times are all about. So you have characters wearing not only Western labels such as Dior and Ferragamo, but also top Indian designers such as Anamika Khanna and Manish Arora, among others. This is a good place to be in.

And a double interview with
Sonam and Rhea.

You know how girls always need pieces to mix and match everything. I buy only those things...jackets and plain pants. And Sonam buys ridiculous things; she obviously can't wear a ridiculous thing and go for coffee. So she just takes my things all the time," said Rhea.

* Bollywood and film festivals -
the inside story.

The independent filmmaker, who doesn’t have money to cast big stars, loses out on certain festivals due to an increased number of mainstream films as competition. So with an increased number of Indian films sent to the festival, the chances of being selected are limited. “At times my fellow programmers and I are often heartbroken because there are so many more films that we love for which we just don’t have the slots,” says Courier.

Kenny adds, “With competition from mainstream Bollywood, the wait, to find a producer or distributor, may just get longer for the independent filmmaker. Instead of finding a buyer in a month, they may find a buyer in a year’s time.”

* Amol Palekar says
only mainstream films are talked about.

"We need to make people aware of other films as well, so that it is not limited to just a niche audience. People say now with multiplexes, small films are getting their space, but it's not so. Even in multiplexes, small films get two shows and big films get 19 shows, so how will it be visible?"

Ah... the perennial complaint from art house cinema lovers.

Film making is a business, lovies, and the reality is that if
Wanted is going to pack audiences in, then theater owners are going to play it 19 times to No Smoking's 2.

Art is all well and good but you can't expect theater owners and distributers to subsidize it.

* Suriya's
Hindi debut has been postponed until September.

* Poor Asin can't catch a break -
another group is boycotting her films.

* I cannot wait to see how much
uncomfortable chemistry the Deepika-Neil Nitin Mukesh love-making scene has in Lafange Parindey.

* Saifu visited the
Ra.1 sets looking more human than I've seen him in a long time. Loving the short hair, Saif!

* Aamir Khan has an interesting take on
what rural audiences want - and I actually agree with him.

* Finally, in your human interest news of the day, it's Pride Week in Vancouver and the newspaper there spoke with
a woman who is South Asian, out, and proud - although she lost her family in the process.

Mandy, who didn’t want her last name used, had similar struggles coming out. The decision cost her her family.

“We don’t talk,” she said. “It was a very hard decision. In the end I just couldn’t (live) any other way.”


Fabulous buys said...

i am getting sooooooo tired of these kapoor chicks... all they have is big brand clothes no style

doonboy said...

Those unreleased songs of Rafi are amazing. Thanks for putting up the link.

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