Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Gossip!!

Good morning, duckies! I hope "All Izz Well"...! (And can I just say again how excited I am for the Tamil and Telugu remakes of 3 Idiots? I am 100% sure they will be much more to my taste than the Hindi version.)

But, let's get to the immediate business at hand! Thank you to
everyone who has joined my Alex Meraz fan page! We're up to 23 people and, as promised, I posted my Abhishek Bachchan Can't Dance fanvid. Now, if we get to the magic number 50, I promise you a mash-up of Bollywood and Twilight - you know you want to see that!! (Just go click on the Facebook button to the right of the screen!!)

Also, don't forget to check out my Universal Theory of Bollywood (posted
here) and let me know if you think I'm onto something.

Okay, then!

Tomorrow I'm going to see
Khatta Meetha and you know I've been looking forward to that! The reviews are only amping up my anticipation since they are almost universally negative in the way that I love!

See, check out
Stardust's review.

However, Akshay Kumar playing the character of a college- going student was too much to be digested. Though Akki has played the character from hoi polloi with panache, but in some sequences he seems to have gone overboard and is unnecessarily loud.

The college student thing, I can hand-wave away by pretending he is a "returning student" but "unnecessarily loud" is my middle name!

Everybody's main complaint seems to be a) "unnecessarily loud" and b) Trisha is kind of weak. I love the first and can live with the second. It should be a Filmi Girl kind of movie!

What else is going down in Tinsel Town?!

* Sonam Kapoor wants to take over your movie going lives... not content with "acting," now she wants to

* Hema Malini is going to show her how it's done first, though! The Divine Miss M is now
directing Esha in Tell Me O Khuda. I highly recommend reading this gossipy article because the backstage shenanigans reported are really top-notch!

* Sonam and Anil may also do a
Father of the Bride remake. This might not be a bad idea, actually, since the "bride" doesn't do much in the film except look pretty.

* Meet
Ira Dubey, awesome Lillete Dubey's daughter who is debuting in Aisha!

* Katrina Kaif is diplomatic about the
competition that goes on in Bollywood.

“I am known for my fun roles. Each of us has our own place in the sun as far as Bollywood is concerned and we are not at all competing with one another.”

* Ajay Devgn is playing a terrorist in his next film - a remake of
Speed directed by Priyadarshan. This sounds AMAZING!!! Kangana will be in the Sandra Bullock role.

* Who is ready for a poster book on
the Bachchans?!


Well, you are getting one anyways!

* Trisha has just signed on to do a remake of
Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya opposite Prateik Babbar.

* Aamir and Akshay are going to be in a
Please Pay Your Taxes documentary.

* Emraan Hashmi says
audiences are ready for something new.

"If one comedy works everyone starts doing it. This has been a trend for last couple of years. But then think about a viewer who has been bombarded with slapstick comedies month after month. After some time, due to all the overdose he is bound to get bored."

* Bebo's pet dog in
Golmaal 3 is named Facebook! Golmaal, golmaal, everything's gonna be golmaal!

* Are Pakistani actors only used as
publicity gimmicks? Read more on the Pakistan-India cultural exchange!

* Bollywood is waking up to
small town markets.

* And
The Guardian tackles India and Sex.



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