Monday, July 5, 2010

Arul: He really hates dirty talks...

“A man who dislikes indecent talks becomes a nightmare for politicians.”

That is the tag line for
Arul that appears before the DVD title menu and, while it is accurate, it doesn’t fully capture the full-on revenge saga joy that is Arul.

Vikram stars as the titular Arul, who is basically the world’s most perfect man. He cares about the poor and downtrodden and
never ever speaks back to his father despite the fact that his father hates him for some unknown reason. (Surely it must be a misunderstanding… OR IS IT?) Arul is tragically no longer employed with the family gold-smithing business because of this hatred and as if having his father hate him wasn’t enough, further complicating Arul’s life is the really terrible party boss who seems to think he can do what ever bad stuff he wants in Arul’s neighborhood without retribution (he’s wrong) and Mani (Jyothika, who is sadly no longer acting!!), the adorable girl next door that insists on falling in love with him despite the fact that he continually proclaims to hate love and even sings a song about it. (He really hates love.)

hate love almost as much as he hates dirty talks!)

So, what makes
Arul worth watching? Do you remember that Simpsons episode where Mel Gibson gets Homer’s advice on how to remake Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and it ends up being a bloodbath on the Senate floor? Well, Arul is kind of like that mixed with some genuinely funny comedy subplots, really sultry songs pumped full of double-entendres, and some sweet romance. In short - paisa vasool.

(Look at that stubble! No wonder Jyothika falls for him!)

Vikram, of course, is his usual macho self, although there seems to be a bit more of a bite to Arul than to other characters I’ve seen him play. Arul gets
really angry and even in his romantic songs, there is still this angry edge to everything he does. While Vikram isn’t as fit in Arul as I have seen him, he still knocks out a convincing number of rowdys and manages to smoulder as well as he always does.

(They dance around in their house to music! Who doesn't do this?)

Jyothika is simply magnificent and I loved Mani’s relationship with her sister. They bickered and played just like real sisters do and it was a real treat to see on screen!

("One legged? Are you crazy or something?")

The jokes were quite funny, if you like gags about people pretending to have one leg (which I do) and really blatant double entendres (almost single entendres, really).

(What are you plucking, Vikram? And does this mean I should wear my short skirt on our next movie date?)

(You can investigate my
beauty any time, my friend...)

And my favorites were from the Tour of Precious Metals Song:

(Oh, I'm just casually standing here between these two domes...)

(*in character*)


(Even Jyothika is a little taken aback at
his bold song lyrics.)



And while the revenge and politics stuff bogs down the film every once in a while, I ended up really caring about these characters and wanted certain characters avenged just as much as everyone on screen.

Let’s chalk up another win to Team Vikram! He’s four for four in my book!


cmleigh said...

It is going on my list of must see films. Thanks.

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Yes, it is a crime to hide the beauty- Vikram's beauty! And therefore, I thank u for sharing all those yum screencaps :) love the boy

Rum said...

Thanks for this one, I saw it at the aunty dvdwallah's shop and put it down because of the cover with Vikram staring angrily at me, but ohh how I love that intense stare now!
Heeehee I love the PLEASE dont talk dirty cap, he's angry but he'll still be polite about voicing his opinions!

Ness said...

is it wrong that all I can think is "damn, it's too bad he hates dirty talk"?

MY VIKRAM FILMS ARE ON THEIR WAY TO ME and they cannot come soon enough!

Daniela said...

Vikram and Jyothika make a great pair!! Arul is one of my favorite movies with him.

In the last 4 days I saw King , Kaasi and Saamy. Kaasi is really hard to digest. Saamy helped me afterwards. Vikram in UNIFORM yeah!!

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