Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday Gossip!

Hello, lovelies! Are you ready for another Bolly-filled day!?

Let's do it, to it!

* Top story today is that Malaysian women have been officially warned about having one-night stands with
foreign workers who look like Bollywood stars.

"There are cases of local girls having rendezvous with foreigners whom they had just met because they looked like Hindi (movie) 'heroes'," the Star Online quoted Ashaari as saying.

"We are concerned over the welfare of our girls who could get pregnant and be abandoned when the foreign workers return to their countries," he said.

He also said that local girls interviewed by his officers revealed that they were infatuated with Bangladeshis due to their romantic and suave ways, apart from their good looks.

Ashaari warned the women against the foreign workers, who he describes as "Bollywood Romeos", and said they should consider the consequences of their intimate relationship with them.

I don't know why but that story cheered me up immensely! I like the idea of all these suave Bangaldeshis swooping in and romancing the local village belles!

A new book based on Indian journalist Sangeeta Wadhwani's experiences with the stars is coming out!

He calls back to talk about Gauri Khan’s butt Based on a real experience Wadhwani has Tamana ring up SRK to ask for a comment on his fabled love story with Gauri Khan. She leaves a message on his voicemail, and is shocked when he actually calls her back to tell her that he had liked Gauri’s butt and still remembers what she wore that day. He goes on to tell her how they broke up when he got too possessive, that her family who was initially against the marriage and on and on.

* Is everybody ready for Vikram-o-rama?! Just wait until my DVDs get here... until then, read an
interview with the man himself!

Q Why did you take such a long time to do a Hindi film?

I’m very comfortable there (Chennai). I do one film in a year or sometimes in two years. Also anything I earn over one lakh is a luxury for me. The only thing I came here for is the reach Bollywood films have. I get recognised in Singapore, Bangkok and London but not when I go to America or Mumbai.

* Who wants a Kay Kay Menon-Rajpal Yadav comedy directed by the guy who wrote
Partner?! (I kind of do... is that wrong?)

* Perhaps to prove a point, Salman Khan is going to shoot
Ready in Sri Lanka - and the Tamil film community is ready to boycott.

* Is John Abraham playing a villain in
Race 2

* Shahid Kapoor has been injured on the sets of

* Prakash Jha's first choice for the star of
Draupadi is Angelina Jolie. I think he should pick Kat, who tried and tried to find a way to get to the Raajneeti party but won't be able to make it.

* Do you know who else I love? Ekta Kapoor! She called up her crew shooting a song for
Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai and told them to stop because she hated the song. Then she called Pritam and told him to make the song racier.

Ekta Kapoor is pretty much my hero.

* Sonam's daddy's friend Subhash Ghai comes to the rescue and buys the rights for
I Hate Luv Storys!

* Bips fights criticism of her
work out DVD.

"Whenever you do something new, there will be detractors. My video was foolproof, including the camera angles to show the postures correctly. The video copies have sold like hot cakes. So, if someone has decided to badmouth it without even trying the exercises, it’s his or her problem, not mine."

Has anybody tried it?! I'm so curious!

* Ali Zafar wants to be
Mr. India!

* The
Times of India runs down some of the silly publicity requests they get:

Other common topics peddled by PR agents are about their celebrities and the causes they are involved in; how their actors are being offered a vulgar remuneration or how their client sat 10 rows away from a Hollywood star in some auditorium.

* Shiney Ahuja, who is allowed in Mumbai until the end of June is a
pariah on the sets of his film. And his co-star's mother has insisted on coming to set with her daughter every day.

* Hollywood has made a film on the
Bhopal Gas Tragedy.

It stars Martin Sheen and Kal Penn.

"Sajde" song promo from
Khatta Meetha!! OMG! I can't wait for this movie!

(Sorry about the auto-play but y'all know that stupid Eros Entertainment blocks embedding from youtube...)


batulm said...

Ohkay, was wondering where that music came up? Found out only when I'd reached the bottom of your post. :)

Filmi Girl said...

Sorry about that - I couldn't figure out how to turn the autoplay off. :)

It's a nice song, though...

Ness said...

wooot khatta meetha! love Akki and after seeing...um that movie I can never remember the name of (a Trisha and Siddarth one, everyone loves it, ha!) I'm excited to see more Trisha.

Filmi Girl said...

@Ness NVNV :) And I like Trisha most of the time - I think she'll do well with Priyadarshan and Akshay!

Shell said...

Did Bip's workout vid today for the first time. I'll do a little thing at the blog, but initial reaction was it was okay. Some issues, but overall a pretty good workout. Video quality is top notch. I'm curious as to what the critisms were. Will have to search them out.

Lovin the song from Khatta Meetha. Wonder if it's out yet on itunes. I need some new music desparately!

Christine Menefee said...

fwiw I didn't mind the autoplay! Was nice to be greeted with a song. Figured it out quickly enough. If I hadn't liked it, would have muted my computer. Hope you don't let this stop you from posting Eros music, obnoxious though they may be (they must be getting lessons from US music companies)

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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