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Tuesday Gossip - Evening Edition!

Is everyone psyched for the Glee finale tonight?! I need to finish this up to get home in time!! Oh, my first world worries...

Okay, then! Here we go!

Top story today - I am jealous of one
Mr. Steven Baker! He got to visit the sets of Patiala House and you had all better go and read his report!

The film is set in present day Southall. Rishi Kapoor, who performs the role of Bauji, insists that his family have nothing to do with their English neighbors. However, the younger generation represented by Akshay and on screen sister rap artist Hard Kaur, see themselves as British Asian and play by different rules.

A close second for top story is... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DIMPLE KAPADIA!
Check out a nice slide show of her films!

A couple of treats from the Western press...

The Guardian is charmingly baffled at the idea of Anupam Kher playing Hitler. To be fair, I am, too. I'm also pleased that the film wasn't described as Slumdog Millionaire during World War II and in Germany.

* And the
Wall Street Journal talks Raajneeti and Indian politics.

Raajneeti owes its strong start to an all-star cast, and to a rash of free publicity over a handful of hamfisted changes demanded by India's censor board, allegedly in part because the main female character vaguely resembles the leader of the ruling Congress Party, Sonia Gandhi. But there's another reason to watch it as well: for a worm's eye view of politics in the world's largest democracy. Nobody can accuse Prakash Jha, the movie's producer, director and co-writer, of not knowing his material. Mr. Jha has twice run for parliament from his native Bihar.

Rajneeti opened at number 11 in the US box office.

The Hindustan Times has some sharp words for IIFA.

The awards ceremony was packed with Indians. That was probably the reason why Shatrughan Sinha gave a 30-minute speech — in chaste Hindi. My personal gain from the event? I go to know, well roughly, how old Viveik Oberoi was after he said he came to Sri Lanka 14 years ago as a teenager.

But that aside, if this was India’s quality of soft power — minus Bachchan and Shah Rukh — it should stick to old school diplomacy.

Another casualty of IIFA -
Suriya. His Raktha charithra featured Vivek Oberoi, who attended the awards. They weren't joking about the ban...

The Times of India tackles the question of Bollywood stars on twitter.

Trade analyst Amod Mehra refuses to go with go with common man’s assumption that sooner or later the stars will be “ghar ki murgi, dal barabar”. “It’s a win-win situation for the stars. They are now able to express exactly what they feel. The danger of them landing into a controversy is more than that of over-exposure. Fans look at them as human beings... they aren’t kept on a pedestal and judged harshly,” he says.

I'm all for stars tweeting but I am against the copious number of articles based on the stars' tweets. Celeb tweets should only be reported Punjabi Hit Squad style - read out loud and backed by lots of air horn.

* Both Shahrukh and Akon have had concerts canceled in the
Maldives because of security concerns. But how are the people going to know how to describe a girl without being disrespectful now?! HOW?!

Read an interview with Khatta Meeta cutie Trisha!

How was working with your co-star Akshay?

After signing the film I had just spoken to him once, but never met him. The first time I met him was on the set. He is great fun to work with even though he is such a big star, he doesn’t have any starry airs. He makes you feel very comfortable.

* Our dear Akki is taking a
break after finishing up some work on Khatta Meeta in advance of its summer release.

* Kajol is helping sister
Tanisha along in her career.

* Is Sanjay Dutt's wife Manyata
expecting a baby?!

* The Kishore Kumar biopic is
far from settled.

* VVC wants to start a series of
books documenting the making of Bollywood films.

Neha Dhupia went in for some botox and did Kangs go in for breast implants?!

* Abhishek is going on Indian Idol to promote

* Your day will not be complete without reading this epic interview with

The actor, who plays a pivotal role in both the Hindi and Tamil versions of Mani Ratnam’s upcoming opus, is dressed casually in jeans and t-shirt, with a becomingly stubbled chin. With his soft-spoken mien and habit of carefully considering each question put to him, the Southern star is a far cry from his wild and unpredictable character Veera (Beera in the Hindi version) in Raavanan, the Tamil version.

And here is the lovely BEBO at the
3 Idiots book launch!

So sweet!

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