Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday Gossip: Evening Edition!

Thunderstorms have chased me from my usual haunt in Eastern Market to the relatively sterile enivrons of the local Barnes & Noble. Ah, well... at least I'll have easy access to my favorite trashy tabloid magazines.

Let's hit it!

(I'm going to tackle IIFA in a separate post so we'll do the lighter stuff first.)

* Dimple Kapadia is playing a
psychic! I'm happy as long as Dimple is acting but playing a psychic should be a good role... I loved Juhi Chawla as one in Kismat Konnection!

* Another lady I'm happy to see acting is Aishwarya Rai! Read an
interview with her!

How tough was it to shoot each scene a second time over for the Tamil version and dub the lines in Tamil?

Mani has made me confident of my ability to speak Tamil. Now when I go to the
Robot shoot, I say, ‘Bring it on'. On the first two days of the Raavan shoot, I got the scene the night before so I thought I would write the lines myself for the phonetics. Also, I wanted to know the meaning of what I was speaking. But after the first two days, there were last minute changes and he started giving me the scene on the sets. He would quip, ‘Direct tava se'. I would do an entire scene in Hindi and then it would be ‘Quick, shoot for the Tamil version, the light is going'. I felt like I was giving my final exams every day.

Sadly, those of you in Karnataka may not get to see
Raavan for the usual reasons.

* The other
Raavan - Ra.1 is going to be intense. Check out the photos of filming at the link!

* Prakash Jha is gearing up for
Rajneeti, which has been getting pretty good reviews so far. Read a two part interview!

"I don't think the politicians are going to take any lessons from Raajneeti. They won't. They don't like to be talked about. But one thing is sure. They will enjoy the entertainment quotient of Raajneeti."

And one thing is for sure, Prakash Jha liked Katrina Kaif enough to cast her in
Aarakshan opposite Ajay Devgn! The film also stars the Big B.

* Kabir Khan's next is a
love story! Potentially with Katrina Kaif!

* Golden Star Ganesh has got the
Aloo Chaat beauty Aamana Sharif for his second home production.

Aamna says she chose a Kannada film for her southern launch pad, as opposed to a Tamil or Telugu film, because “a good production house matters, as well as a good script and a talented star. I’m glad to start working in the south with the best people.”

And let me be the first to say that Golden Star Ganesh is a HUGE step up from Aftab Shivdasani. (Golden Star!!!)

* Speaking of huge steps up... Imran Khan is going to be paired with
Bebo! Yay! But don't get too excited because the film is a rumored remake of What Happened in Vegas - the awful Cameron Diaz/Ashton Kutcher vehicle that everyone was hoping would stay buried in the dollar bin at Target. What is the deal with all these remakes?! For shame, Bollywood! At least have the decency to properly Bollywoodize them - like Partner.

* Other things I am tired of is stories about
celebrities on Twitter. Dudes, if I wanted to follow Priyanka's tweets, I would follow Priyanka's tweets. The article talks Twitter outsourcing, which we all know happens to an extent with celebrity Twitterers.

Although this quote is pretty funny:

"In other cases, I wish some stars did outsource their Twitter accounts. It's obvious that any 8-year old can spell better than Shahid Kapoor. He should outsource. The same applies to some advertising honchos as well," added Murthy.

* Read about
Kashmiri rock music!

Hearing references to Kashmiri Mughal gardens transposed over rock music is at first jarring and confusing, especially for a listener who recognizes the references. But this is the way that the brothers, simply by bringing their own experience to their songs, are forging an identity for a traditionally underrepresented group of people who would otherwise only find those nods in Bollywood songs.

Milenge Milenge is finally done! New advertisements start in July!!


ajnabi said...

That comment about Shahid's tweets is really funny. Of course, I also wonder about his upbringing, since I don't know much about it--if his family couldn't afford a car, does that mean they couldn't afford good English schooling also--so maybe it's just he doesn't know how to spell in English? I don't know. But I agree with Murthy.

One thing's for sure: I like Imran and Bebo WAY MORE than Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher.

I'm totally stoked for Raavan, Raavanan, and Ra.1!

Sonia said...

@ajnabi Shahid's parents were seperated when he was three and his father never supported him or his mother. He calls himself 'middle class' which is a euphemism for poor in India. From what I read, they lived in houses with leaking roofs and had to move several times because they had no money for rent. He felt a responsibility, as the oldest son, to support his mother so he basically dropped out of school and began working when he was 18/19. He didn't get an American education like the Bachchan, Kapoor or Deol kids, for example.

eliza bennet said...

His mother should be proud of him now. And he is a good example of how one can succeed not so good circumstances.

I think middle class doesn't mean poor though. Middle class have decent jobs and houses. Poor live in the slums (or on the streets)

Raavan shoot must be really tough on Aish. At least Vikram had a different character - which is very challenging I agree but having to do the same part in a language you are not familiar with when you have successfully completed it must have been gruelling. Kudos to her!

Filmi Girl said...

Yay for the Shahid love! I have to admit that I find his misspelled tweets very endearing - they don't bother me at all. :)

And I agree that his mother should be proud - he's a fantastic dancer and has grown to be a fantastic entertainer as well. :)

ajnabi said...

Y'all know I agree with the Shahid pyaar. :-) And I think his story about how he brought his paycheck home from Ishq Vishk is just the sweetest thing--"Mom, we can afford a CAR now!" That's what made me wonder about the circumstances of his childhood.

MsBlogger said...

*Brings wood for the Shahid love fire*

He calls himself middle class, but I'd assume lower middle class which isn't big in India seen as there's the 'middle class' that have pretty good houses and a decent education and then there's the poverty sricken who have to break their backs to get bread on the table. And in the middle there's just a few families that have a couple of the benefits of the middle class, e.g. they don't have to worry about where their next meal is coming from and a some of the lower classes, such as not being able to pay the rent and not having a car and not getting a private education. As far as I can tell, Shahid belonged to this thin blue line.

Yeah some of his quotes of his hardships can't be quite touching... I don't read his tweets not because of his spelling but because of his repetition of inspirational quotes. If I need updates on him, I just go to's twitter account.

His father intrigues me, he apparently did nothing for his son and ex-wife but Shahid loves him and really respects him, which isn't what one would expect. I agree his mum should really be proud of him, for all his hard work and behaviour, he doesn't seem to misbehave with others, do correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm suddenly really excited for Raavan! I hadn't really cared, but after seeing some trailers, I suddenly want to know how all of this turns out!

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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