Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Gossip!

Good mornings, lovelies!

I'm moving a little slow this morning after a fun-filled Bollywood dance night!

But here we go...

* Steven Baker interviews
Nikhil Advani!

How was working with Akshay Kumar for a second time?

When making
Chandni Chowk to China with Akshay we decided that we wanted to do another film together. I think somehow in my heart of hearts, I wanted to go back to what I knew best. I was uncomfortable making CC2C, so I told him now let me make my kind of film, and he said ok. We were talking about father and son relationships and second chances, so I went away for a couple of months to write. He was gung ho when I went back to him. Akshay and I always want to work together and I don't think I would like to make a film without him because I think the kind of support he gives to a filmmaker makes you really enjoy the filmmaking process. He says don't bother about me as the star, I'll come to the set when you want, you concentrate on making your film. That kind of luxury very few stars give to a filmmaker, so I don't have to concentrate on whether his car has come, his hotel, is he happy or not with the scene etc. So I would love to keep making films with Akshay Kumar.

* Suriya's
Ratha Sarithiram just had the overseas rights sold for RS 4.5 crores!

* Mithun Chakraborty turned down
Red Altert: The War Within because of the Naxalite dialogues.

* Katrina Kaif will be wearing
Manish Malhotra for the first time in Dostana 2.

* Is Vidya/Ranbir the
new pairing?!

* Manisha Koirala is playing
a politician in her next film!

* Bollywood seems set to
lose quite a bit of money this quarter.

Amod estimates that between Kites and Raavan alone the industry will reportedly lose Rs.100 crore. “Honestly, what are we doing here? Are we peddling dreams or selling nightmares,’’ asks trade guru Taran Adarsh.

And here is yet another interesting take on

I bring this up because, after watching Mani Ratnam’s Raavan, I get the impression that people are trying much too hard to manufacture an intense, brooding persona for Abhishek Bachchan. This is a pity, for Bachchan’s best work so far has been in light roles in films like Bluffmaster, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom and Dostana. His range in these extends from tongue-in-cheek wryness to unabashed goofiness; this can be seen even in his performances in the Motorola commercials. He could do with a few more well-written roles that let him hone this talent (and, of course, mainstream Hindi cinema in general could do with better-written, better-performed comedy films).

And check out the write-up of
Vikram's fan meet!

Many people in the audience were a bit upset with the way the film had ended. Almost all of them were angry about the climax and offered alternatives. To these suggestions, Vikram replied with a lot of enthusiasm. He said that there had been a lot of suggestions about the climax. The one that had affected him most was a mail that he received from one of his fans. The fan had suggested an alternative ending where Veera jumps off a waterfall, taking Ragini along, plunging into the waters as Dev and his co-officers looked on helplessly. At that time a range of explosives is set off killing the entire force, leaving only a badly injured Dev who watches from the precipice as Veera and Ragini swim to safety and walk away into the dense covers of the forest; forever.

Priyamani speaks
about Raavanan, too!

"He has done a wonderful job. Vikram is an actor par excellence and has overshadowed everyone. When we were rehearsing our combination scenes, he would react in a particular way but when he goes in front of the camera, it would be a different interpretation. He has lived up to the character of Veeraiyya."


Michael Barnum said...

So much critical and fan love for Vikram. The man deserves it. If (when) I go to India, Vikram is the actor I would most like to have lunch with (of course, Sunil Shetty must join us).

Filmi Girl said...

@michael Hee hee! Can I come, too?! Two hot uncles, no waiting!

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I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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