Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Gossip!

Happy Father's Day, everyone!

And I hope everybody is having an enjoyable Sunday!

Let's see what is happening in Tinsel Town!

Can we talk about Rachel Saltz for a second? Yes, she of the awful
NYT Hindi film reviews. Well, first check out her pathetic attempt at reviewing Raavan:

“Raavan” has Bollywood glamour aplenty, with the lovely if occasionally dramatically challenged Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Mr. Bachchan’s wife, playing the Sita stand-in. The real star, though, is Mr. Ratnam, a talented visual storyteller who directs action crisply and fills the screen with striking images. (One, of Ms. Bachchan’s falling body landing gracefully on a tree branch, is so good he uses it three times.)

(That sound you hear is my eyes rolling really hard at her prose.)

And now, you can enjoy
the Mumbai Mirror's take on American critics reviewing Hindi films!

The New York Times assigns the task of reviewing Bollywood to its second tier critics – including Rachel Saltz. Her reviews are usually brief and mostly kind to the films, although she sometimes passes backhanded compliments. At a time when Mani Ratnam’s Raavan is being torn apart by most reviewers in India, Saltz surprised many by listing it as a critics’ selection for the week.

* Bips is pragmatic about
the censor board snipping Lamhaa.

That's what happens when you aren't BFF with Sharmila-ji...

if this story is to be believed, poor Bips was foiled by Akshay Kumar in disguise. Yes.

Raavanan is facing trouble in Sri Lanka - further fallout from IIFA.

On Thursday, a day before the release of Raavanan, Shanthi cinema in Eastern Batticaloa, which was planning to screen the much hyped film was torched.

The hall's manager Kandasamy Murugesu said that three people came to his theatre on Monday and told him he should not screen films from Tamil Nadu.

"I informed the Kattankudi police and three days later there was an arson attack," 'The Sunday Times' quoted him as saying.

I'm still completely baffled as to why IIFA was in Sri Lanka in the first place...

* Salim Merchant (of Salim-Suliaman) talks about performing at
the World Cup!

* Kangana talks about her character in
Once Upon A Time in Mumbai.

"The character I am playing has some similarities with the way she was a superstar and had problems in life."

* Young Tiger NTR's
Sakthi will have Sonu Sood as the villain and may be the costliest film made in Telugu.

* A.R. Rahman was forced to cancel his
Detroit show due to an infrastructure collapse at the stadium.

And FATHER'S DAY Mini Section!

* Bollywood Daddys talk about explaining their
sometimes naughty characters to their kids!

I remember Pran saab admitting to me once that at a time when he was basking in the glory of being Hindi cinema’s Khalnayak No 1, his children, Arvind, Sunil and Pinky, had plaintively asked him one day why he couldn’t turn good for a change. His image as one of India’s most-hated men, didn’t go down well with their school friends.

* Abhishek Bachchan doesn't believe in
Father's Day.

“Dad’s my friend,” says Abhishek.

Well, the rest of the world or at least members disagree and picked Amitabh as their
favorite father!


I cannot wait for
Khatta Meeta! Plus, it looks like the choreography is by Ganesh Archarya, who is one of my favorites!

And see Asha Bhosle on
Indian Idol 5!

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dishoomdishoom said...

Well, im not a big fan of Priyadarshan, but i might watch Khatta Meetha because of the heroine Trisha Krishnan, because she starred in the second South Indian movie that I ever watched Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa! And she was divine in it!

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