Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Gossip - Morning edition!

Hello, all!! I cannot wait to have Internet in my house again - just 5 more days! Until then, I apologize for my patchy posting and inability to respond to comments in a timely manner.

If all goes well, I'll be seeing
Rajneeti this afternoon and I cannot wait! But let's see what is happening in Tinsel Town today!

Top story today - Ranbir tries to
booty call Deepika but is denied!!

You know, I was showing a friend
Om Shanti Om last night and it's really amazing how sweet Deeps is in OSO which makes me wonder... is Farah Khan just an incredible director? How can one person go from being charming to being so freaking dull in every other film I've seen her in?

Just kidding about that top story thing, the big story is
still IIFA - it seems most of us agree that hosting the event in Colombo was a Bad Idea.

* Most of us agree - Salman Khan is still flying the flag of
IIFA, which this article takes advantage of to get in a nice dig.

Anyways, Salman is enjoying all the attention he is receiving from the Lankans and ‘Being Human’, stars can also get carried away.

But the heartthrob should know that an award which spells ‘International Indian Film Academy Awards’ (IIFA) can’t be restricted to Bollywood alone. The south and the other woods in India who have proven its superiority over Bollywood many times also deserve equal participation.

It would be better if IIFA changes it names to ‘IBFA’ (International Bollywood Film Awards)


Meanwhile Genelia is refuting stories that
she is attending IIFA, Vijayan, the stunt coordinator for Wanted has declined his IIFA award, and screenings of Kites have been halted because Hrithik will be attending.

Surprisingly, the
Wall Street Journal has been doing a great job covering the event - Eric Bellman has been blogging on the WSJ India blog and giving great stories like this one about how Chetan Bhagat wasn't invited to IIFA but predicts a 3 Idiots sweep of the awards. Keep up the good work, Mr. Bellman!

And one
Harman Hurman Harman Baweja is at IIFA, as well. It's not clear why but marvel at his epic cluelessness!

Harman on Sri Lanka:
"I've been here a couple of times. It has been consistently hot but it's a good laidback country to come and spend a weekend and go back."

It's not all bad news, though - apparently Vivek and Sanjay Dutt have
patched up!

* But let's turn our attention to more pleasant things - like Arjun Rampal! The
Rajneeti actor talks about the film.

"My role is of this guy called Prithvi who is very passionate about everything. If he loves, he loves with all his heart and if he hates, he hates with all his heart. I've played Arjun in real life, so it seems rather unfair to play Arjun again (laughs). To play Bheem from Mahabharata was a big challenge."

* The other big film coming out is
Raavan - which will hit the US on June 18th! The premiere is going to be in London.

* And soon after that will be
Lamhaa - the cast are at IIFA and Sanju is giving some lovably clueless statements:

"My father used to shoot for his films in Kashmir aand that time as a kid, I used to often accompany him, so that place was very close to my heart. When we were shooting for Lamha, I felt very nostalgic."

Director Rahul Dholakia had
this to say:

"Lamha focuses on how the people and the army in Kashmir face terrorism and deal with it."

If this is a terromance, I will be... extremely happy.

* Om Puri is starring in a film about
honor killings which should be out soon.

* Word on the street is that the revival of
Lajjo was just wishful thinking on our parts - Mani Ratnam's next is with Ranbir and Imran Khan.

* MF Husain has been charmed by
Vidya Balan! Totally understandable, sir-ji!

* Kunal Kapoor is excited for
Doga - we are too, Kunal!

* Anurag Baus post-games

What’s the best and the worst comments you’ve got for Kites?

The best bit is that most of the foreign publications that reviewed the film have written a nice paragraph about me. They’ve really praised me and I think that’s great. I read those reviews whenever I’m depressed. Also I asked my family if
Kites was better than Life In A...Metro and they all said it was. As a film-maker I want to grow from my last film, so that’s positive. As for the worst bit, well there have been countless comments. Some of the headlines have been really bad. The worst is that some people said that the chemistry between Hrithik and Barbara didn’t work. That really gutted me because our film is all about their chemistry.

The whole interview is worth reading - Anurag doesn't apologize for the film, which pleased me because I thought it was fantastic.

* And, finally, the best thing you'll read today: an op-ed on the
Barbie dolls of Bollywood.

They show up on society pages dressed in designer togs, either coat-tailing on an elder sister’s good fortune or a singing-acting-compeering career, none of which is going anywhere but one which is nevertheless controversial. With their poker-straight hair, they are a favourite with tabloids, handing out interviews and their latest photo shoots with a barely concealed glee.

“They are all casualties of fame,” says a Bollywood stylist. “Not everyone can be an A-lister, it is imperative to stay in the limelight since obscurity is dogging their heels at every step. They do whatever they can to stay in the news,” she says.

And it's official... Bebo is the world's most beautiful lady!!

Congratulations, darling!


ghazalintokyo said...

omg. Kareena looks STUNNING in that picture!! qaatil aankhein!! she deserves it :)

filmi-talk said...

Totally agree about Deepika. She had such charm in OSO; I had such high hopes for her. After that it's been one let down after another!

And Bebo does look stunning on that cover. I love to hate on her sometimes, but she is beautiful- no denying that! lol

Kimberly said...

Please let Lamhaa do well! I won't see it, because I'm not a Sanjay Dutt fan and I worry this will be a retread of Mission Kashmir and Fiza for me. But I really want Kunal Kapoor's career to take off. He's got such potential. Hopefully Doga will actually happen and be successful, but with obvious comparisons to Ra.1 and Krrish it will probably suffer.

And I'm always charmed by Vidya B. Just watched Ishqiya last night and she was the best part. I love that she feels the most comfortable in these gritty, more realistic roles instead of the glam roles. I actually liked her in Kismat Konnection though.

I'm just praying for another John Abraham/Vidya Balan jodi!

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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