Thursday, June 3, 2010

Riya Sen for Firdous Fashion!

You may remember Kareena Kapoor's shoot for the same Pakistani fashion house - Firdous - from back in March.

Riya Sen combines the men's magazine face with demure
salwaar-kameez for an odd looking photo shoot that manages to flatter neither the clothes nor the model.

(Diya Mirza did some shots, too, but they were even more horrifying. If you really want to see them, maybe I'll post a few.)

I'm enjoying the hugely slanted camera angle which is the most interesting thing about the image.

Riya is playing your inappropriately sexy sister-in-law!

Notice how none of these are full body shots, either.

The juxtaposition of men's magazine face and demure outfit is just really too strange.

Do you really want to buy this outfit?

Yeah, me neither.


Shell said...

Such a gorgeous girl. I don't know what the photographer was thinking. Plus the background is so distracting, I hardly even see the clothes (which we only get to see a bit of the top of? Not very good marketing strategy for selling clothing).

Archee ologist said...

we want dia mirza too! :)

Ajay said...

i see this girl only one time in telugu film "Dairyam".
there she looks gorgeous.
But her she is lookiing with big eyes, dont know why

martoufmarty said...

The textured background clashes with the textured fabric and it's really distracting...

cmleigh said...

I at least thought some of the tops that Kareena wore were cute. You are right I don't want to buy any of these.

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