Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Morning Bollywood Gossip!!!

Good morning, lovelies! I'm running on not too much sleep today but my Adam Lambert in Charm City adventure was worth it! I hope he got to meet John Waters or at least stop by Divine's grave.

And I've decided that my new life's goal is to get Adam to do an item song in a Bollywood film!
Dostana 2, the ball is in your court...!

Let's hit it!

* Yet another
Raavan v. Raavanan match-up! Guess who won? (Spoiler alert - his name rhymes with Bikram.)

That hasn't stopped Raj Kumar Santoshi from allegedly signing the entire
Bachchan family for an upcoming film.

* Folk artists think
Bollywood music is too dominant.

"I think it is a problem of homogenisation. Other genres do not have the power and reach that Hindi film music has. Bollywood has used folk music but sadly it has not promoted the genre," he says. Bhattacharjee, however, was quick to add that Bollywood music has a positive side as "it has promoted Indianness".

We get this kind of story in the US all the time - folk music is niche, pop music is popular. That's just the way it is. Folk music is still valuable culturally and would probably benefit from some sort of government funding or protection but it will never compete with Pritam in the popular arena.

* Another couple of flops have arrived -
Mr Singh Mrs Khanna and Krantiveer.

Bollywood is getting desperate enough to try
focus group screenings.

* Maybe it's naive of me but I hope
Red Alert: The War Within does well. The filmmakers hope so, too, and have decided to have a dubbed version released in Telugu.

"The film describes a woman's journey from being a rape victim to the warrior of a cause she believes in," Mahadevan says. Sameera's character is based on real- life cases of young girls in the Naxalite- affected areas who have suffered police atrocities.

See? It sounds right up my alley!

* It's a terrorism-film bonanza with
Lamhaa on the way out, too! It's based in reality!

It was a chance remark by a Kashmiri student describing Kashmir as a "beautiful prison" that set filmmaker Rahul Dholakia thinking, and led to the making of his Lamhaa.

And we all know that the Censor Board
loves reality.

When contacted Rahul said, “I have been asked to refrain from using the names of some government agencies; others have been cut out. Lamhaa releases on the July 16 and I hardly have any time to incorporate the changes."

* Another one I'm rooting for is
Patiala House! Nikhil Advani explains that he chose Anushka Sharma because her face isn't that well known.

The source adds further, "If Nikhil had cast any well known face opposite Akshay Kumar, the audiences reaction would be different. Here they are clearly going to go in the cinemas watching an Akshay Kumar film but he wants them to come out of the theaters watching the character Akki plays."

Action Replayy for a Diwali release!! I cannot WAIT!

Also, Akshay enjoys
pranking people - even Rajpal Yadav!

* Well, well now... it's not just Imran v. Ranbir but
Sonam v. Deepika.

Imran speaks up about
the rumors of his feud.

"“The fact is, if you want your name on the front page, you can just make up a juicy story about Ranbir and me,” he says. “Nothing of the sort happened at the screening. Also, Ranbir and I are upfront about each other’s movies. I always call him and tell him what I liked or didn’t like in his movie, and he does the same.”

* Unless
I Hate Luv Storys is really dire, I think we expect it will do pretty well - Dharma Productions seems to be the only recession-proof studio these days.

You can read's Stacy's interview with
Punit Malhotra!

What about Sonam Kapoor? Why did you decide she would be perfect as Simran?

Sonam was basically Manish's suggestion - the costume designer who is also my uncle. When I met her and started narrating the script to her, I realized how much she was the character. She was just So the character. It just fell in place really, really well. She has played the character to the tee. She is just so good.

Imran also
discusses the film.

Was there any particular thing Jay, your character in the movie, does that you would never ever do?

Well, he lies shamelessly to get women. He lies about his name and his job. He even pretends to be blind to get sympathy!

* Ajay Devgn salvages a
lost film for release - Anees Bazmee's Naam.

* Watch out, ladies! Vivek Oberoi was spotted macking on
Shazahn Prabhakar at a party and Shazahn's mummy had to step in and whisk her away.

Red Alert!! I'm rooting for you!


layla-aaron said...

I find that Ajay endears himself to me more and more when he does things like this. :)

Filmi Girl said...

@layla-aaron Me, too! He just seems like a decent guy. :)

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

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