Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Gossip!

Good mornings, everyone! It's a bright, shiny Monday and I, for one, am ready to go back and see the Tamil Raavanan again! If only I didn't have this pesky "day job" thing to worry about.

Ah, well... you know who else is frustrated by their day job? Abhishek Bachchan.

Why? Because he has overwhelmingly received reviews
like this one:

Abhishek Bachchan definitely looks the part, but that is it. He over does (read made to overdo) the part of Beera and you fail to sympathize with the character which was necessary for this film.

BURN! And that is the consensus take on the Hindi

The Big B even got in the game, blaming Abhi's bad performance on

“It’s sad; in the edit you only see the after effect of that thinking process, hence inconsistent. In the edit all the visual heads got cut and you see a confused Beera expression and wonder why?”

Now we also have
stunt men coming out of the woodwork to correct Abhi, who is also claiming he did his own stunts. These guys say, "no, he didn't."

Maybe you all think I'm being a little petty and yes, possibly I am, but it does feel good to see one of Bollywood's laziest actors taken down a peg or two. Abhishek usually gets a pass from the media because he is Amitabh's son and it's infuriating.

For all that, according to
Business of Cinema the 3000 or so prints of Raavan have grossed RS 17 crores and the combined Tamil and Telugu prints (of which there were far fewer) have grossed RS 12 crores.

Raajneeti is still holding strong at the box office and has just surpassed Dhoom 2 in net gross at the box office. (And this is the despite the fact that the censors chopped the love scenes to heck.)

* This just in: Kalki Koechlin is
one classy lady.

"I am usually offered Anglo Indian characters or the ones which are foreign. Well, one has to live with that; it's okay. May be it would take some time for people to realise my complete potential. Then they too would start having trust in my acting capabilities and especially my Hindi diction."

Dear Friend Hitler wants Anupam Kher back in the picture.

"Kher has said that he has a 'right to be wrong' because he has read the script and knows that we have no plans to twist history. We respect his feelings. I would have done the same thing if I was in his shoes but we want to clear the misconception about the film and are hopeful that Kher will return. We have not given up hope," said Singh, adding he spent two years researching on the project.

I still think the fuss over this is ridiculous. The Western media has no right to be outraged.

* Jr NTR's
Shakti will be in Egypt staring the 22nd!

* Ali Zafar wants to
change the image of Pakistanis with Tere Bin Laden.

* Bebo is playing a
prostitute in her Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie.

Red Alert: The War Within (starring Hot Uncle Suniel Shetty) aims for authenticity with dialogues taken directly from actual Maoists.

* The title of Karan Johar's
Stepmom has been changed to We Are Family.

* Salman Khan is back dating
Zarine Khan.

* The cast of
Golmaal 3 are quite the party animals!

* And the healing power of Bollywood? Refugees from Burma learn Hindi through
film songs!

What else can I treat you with, dear readers?

The song promo for "Kuch To Baaki Hai" from
Milenge Milenge?! Look at baby-faced Shahid!!! SO SWEET!


eliza bennet said...

I'm really sorry that Abhi's performance is dismissed by everyone. I was hoping for another Yuva. Well, maybe through my pink tinted crush he will be pleasant.

Bebo with Bansali makes me happy. Our Bebo is not a beautiful lady. She has got personality but all the films I have watched Bansali his lead female actors were naturally beautiful women. I just hope that they will get along and kudos to Bebo for not holding on to a grudge. She rocks!

Anonlee said...

As someone who saw both Raavan and Raavanan, I can fairly say that Abhishek did a good job as Beera. The Western critics appreciated the movie because they have no biases.

The Indian critics, media and fans of certain stars are idiots who delight in tearing down people. They should focus their ire on non-acting Katrina who seems get a pass from them. She has been in the industry for eight years and still can't act, dance or speak Hindi well.

As for the diving scene, I watch the Raavan promos and Abhishek clearly stated that although he did dive (and a stunt man) he was not sure which one Mani used in the film. What is false about that statement?

I like your blog but it gets very annoying to see you on this mission to discredit Abhi who seems like a nice down to earth guy.

BTW, I read Amithabh's comments on Twitter for myself and he was NOT blaming Mani. He said some of the context may have been edited out of the movie which is a legimate statement that I have heard from a number of people.

Filmi Girl said...

@anonlee Hey, you don't have to read it if you don't like it.

I get tired of everybody tearing down Katrina, who I think is a good actress and sweet person.

Abhi is a spoiled brat and a lazy actor and I, for one, am tired of the free pass that he gets for being Amitabh's son.

Michael Barnum said...

Drove yesterday to Tigard (near Portland, Oregon) to see RAAVAN. I enjoyed the second half much better then the first half...Vikram was so hot looking in those khakis, wouldn't you say!

I basically agree with the review above of Abhi's performance. I wasn't that crazy about Aishwarya either, but I guess they were Ok. I am not a big fan of either actor, although I thought Abhisheck was quite good in the Dhoom films. I don't dislike Aish or Abhi, but I have never been known to see a movie because they were in it.

Vikram was the reason for my seeing this movie and I quite look forward to seeing Raavanan, which the theatre lists as coming soon. So with or without subtitles, I will go see it. I will be most curious to see Vikram's take on Beera.

I did not even realize that Govinda was in RAAVAN. And to see him basically play Hanuman was fun. Govinda is often a reason that I would avoid a movie, but I admit that I enjoyed him in this, although he didn't have a whole lot to do.

And Filmi Girl, did I ever thank you for introducing me to Vikram in the first place? If not, then this is a huge thank you!!!

Filmi Girl said...

@michael You are so welcome!!! :D And Vikram looks even hotter all covered in mud - wait until you see him eye-*makinglove* to Aishwarya.

I have about 5 Vikram movies on the way, so I have a feeling that it will be Vikram-o-rama here for the next month or so! :D

And re: Abhi, I think it's fair to let the personalities of Bolly-stars color my impressions of their performances since that kind of meta-knowledge is part of the Bollywood mythos anyways. Abhi can't expect to ride that mythos for things like Paa and then expect us to forget it later.

Anita said...

Wait, you saw both Raavan and Raavanan? I definitely want to, because I saw Raavan and loved it, so if Raavanan is better, I'm sure I'm in for a treat. :)

But almost every person I talk to (minus crazy critics who are more and more getting on my nerves with their sheep-minded tactics) have enjoyed Raavan, or at the very least the performances! :P

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

watching Suneil Shetty is a personal guilty pleasure, so I think I will see Red Alert. And I beleive Vinod's in it too, which helps :)
Poor Sallu- he shud just get married already.

Anonlee said...

Filmi Girl,

I like reading your blog so I'm not going away even with your no so nice comment.

So I guess we have to agree to disagee about somethings. You think Katrina is a good actress which I and most people I know find laughable.

As to Abhi being a spoiled brat that is not the impression I get from him at all. Actually from his interviews and behavior he seems like a very grounded person unlike a lot of star kids in BW.

Do you have a reason or example why you think he is a spoiled brat? Just curious.

KittenChops said...

Filmi Girl,

it is my understanding that you HAVE NOT seen Raavan. If that is indeed true, how could you be so sure of AB's performance? Your comments about him are seem WAY too bitter and unsupported. Why such strong negativity?

A tad more objectivity or supported/explained (personal) opinion would have the benefit of opening up a discussion. This way you merely polarize your readers and offend AB's fans.

d said...

OMG! are the prints tamil raavanan distributed in the US subtitled? (pardon, i've lost track of whether you speak tamil.) my local theater's website never says (and usually, the language determines whether it is), so if so, i'm excited; i'll see it instead of the other just for the novelty. i'm glad i spotted this...

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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