Friday, June 25, 2010

Majaa: Let's Have Fun!

(Oh, love
has bloomed, Vikram!)

Sometimes there is nothing better than a clean entertainer. Nothing vulgar or too violent to raise blood-pressure and nothing to require any sort of thinking beyond a mild interest in what will happen next.
Majaa is a clean entertainer and a pleasant one at that!

The film begins with two brothers Madhi (Chiyaan Vikram) and Adhi (Pasupathy) settling an argument via fisticuffs. Madhi is (naturally) the winner and his ruling is that the two brothers and their drunkard father Govindan (Manivannan) must now officially stop stealing and lead a decent life. They buy a second-hand truck with their winnings and head of into the country to begin a new life - a new life that doesn’t involve stealing.

Majaa isn’t a road-trip movie, we know that they have to stop and settle somewhere. And they do, when the truck breaks down. Through a series of comic mishaps, the three men become mixed-up in the lives of a local family and get in trouble with Rayar, the local bigwig (Murali). Of course Rayar has a daughter (Asin) and of course she is going to fall for Madhi (I mean, have you seen Vikram) but the fun is in how it all comes together.

I’ll just say it - Vikram is amazingly masculine and even when he is just standing around while comedy ensues around him, he exudes this sexually charged machismo. He is just so... manly that it is perfectly understandable why the pampered Asin falls for him at their first meeting. The film itself doesn’t have any substantial appeal beyond “Vikram does some stuff” but in this case that alone should be enough to sustain the Vikram fan’s interest until the end.

One note on the Vikram-Asin romance that is a little spoilery, so be warned if you haven’t seen the movie yet - it works for me even though it totally shouldn’t. Vikram is
at least 20 years older than Asin and he looks it, which is not something I usually find appealing but Vikram is so attractive and Asin makes it very clear that she is attracted to him on a, shall we say, primal level. This isn’t a scared young starlet opposite the lechorous older star. That said, when Vikram ties the sacred thread around Asin’s neck, it is a little disturbing, not only because she doesn’t ask for it but also because he is so much larger than her physically. And yet while that might have turned me off of other films, the fact that Asin did make her attraction known earlier in the film and that Vikram does not use it as an excuse to bully Asin herself (it was a message to her father) made it okay with me - and, yes, even a little sexy.

"Damn, that girl and her father are causing so many problems - wait, there she is!")


"Seriously, Vikram, WTF?!)

Not that I’m advocating forced sacred-thread tying but that’s what
fiction is for!

Besides, check out the on-screen chemistry! These are from her character's POV fantasy song...

Would you be shy with Vikram around?

No, keep the light on, baby!

*fans self*

I love that she is clearly taking as much pleasure in this fantasy as he is.

To the extent of yanking
his head back in this little move...

*wipes sweat from brow*

So, do I recommend
Majaa? Absolutely! It’s a clean entertainer with some catchy songs and a dash of romance. Majaa won’t change your life but it will make your day a little more pleasant. And really, what else can you ask for from a film about two brothers who renounce stealing and end up entangled in the family affairs of a small village.


Daniela said...

So you had fun with MAJAAAAAAAAAA!
Right so.

I really don´t know why it bombed at the box office, it is the Vikram movie I watched most. Not only because some scenes were filmed in Austria. I am still try to get the name of the castle they filmed the one song.

so thanks for putting my thoughts down. (^_______^)v


Michael Barnum said...

MAJAA is the best! I really loved this movie and you voiced my exact opinion of the film...and of Vikram. He also really shows in this movie that comedy is natural to him.

And didn't you love Vikram's fab color coordinated outfits.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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