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Hudugaata: It happened one night in Bangalore!

Here is a repost of a Golden Star Ganesh review I wrote up in June of last year! Enjoy!

Bringing our Golden Star Ganesh back together with Rekha, his heroine from
Chellata, Hudugaata is not an original story and there isn’t even a whole lot of masala wackiness like in Chellata, but the film has a sweetness that kept me hooked until the very end. This is one of the best romantic comedies I have seen in a long time.

The film opens with this “rap” song picturized on Ganesh in his cool guy mode. Rather than a signal that the film is going to be a blinged out big budget affair like
Bluffmaster, this is merely a dream sequence.

The real Hero of the film is a humble journalist named Balu. Balu is sent on assignment to a far away town and – WORSE – he has to travel by bus to get there!

He gets a seat next to a mysterious Muslim woman but…

…she has a Hindu name and doesn’t even understand Urdu. Clearly, something isn’t right and our reporter is determined to get to the bottom of it!

As it turns out, the mysterious lady in black is our heroine and she’s on the run from something – although we don’t know what yet.

But swiftly on her tail are a band of dorky IT guys – who always wear matching IT outfits – and a bunch of thugs after cash.

Our hero and heroine are a match made in heave – they spat in that way romantic-comedy couples always spat: she’s haughty and he takes her down a peg or two.

She acts entitled and he calls her Miss Junior Aishwarya Rai, which may or may not be a hilarious meta-comment on the actress Rekha. At one point, when the IT guys are flashing a picture of our heroine around, they get a wide swath of Southern Heroines in response to the question “Do you know this girl?” “Oh sure, that’s

A series of hilarious events leaves the couple on their own, separated from the bus and unable to take main roads due to the IT guy problem.

What to do?!

finally calls bullshit on Rekha’s behavior and gets her to spill her story. See, the thing is, she’s really very, very rich (or at least her father is). And she is used to being doted on by her wealthy and kind father.

Sadly, poor Rekha fell in love with a dopey tennis player and when her father forbid her from seeing him, she decided to run away from home to go find him – hence the disguise, the IT guys, and the bus.

Balu, being a sweet fellow as well as a journalist, knows a good story when he hears one and agrees to see her to her destination – since it conveniently happens to be his, as well.

And if you’ve seen
Jab We Met, you know what travel does to a pair of young people!

They fall in love while bickering! She refuses to walk further and Ganesh teases her!

And then gives her a piggy-back ride!

Rekha makes fun of how stinky his clothes are!

But Rekha’s luggage was stolen and she has to wear Ganesh’s clothes! HEE!

Ganesh and Rekha have such great chemistry that the teasing always feels affectionate. Unlike some romantic-comedies where the couple seem to come together through duty rather than any genuine attraction, the characters here seem to genuinely like and respect one another – the bickering is just foreplay.

Early on, Rekah tries to bribe Ganesh into traveling with her.

“I have money,” she says.
“With you right now?” he questions.
“No, at home.”
The inadequate subtitles hint that he says something like, “Money you can’t spend when in you’re in trouble is as useful as a piece of trash in the trash can.”

“You may have a crore of rupees at home but you don’t have 5 to buy a cup of coffee.”

And that kind of shocks her – Ganesh is the only character we meet in the film who isn’t held in the thrall of cold, hard cash. He isn’t concerned with material goods, despite what that opening song would have you think, except what he needs at the moment.

Later, in my favorite scene, Rekha is whining about being hungry and yet they don’t have any money to buy lunch. So, Ganesh trades his watch for a nice lunch for the two of them; Rekha observes the transaction and yet respects Ganesh enough not to mention it. She simply thanks him for the food in an honest and sincere way.

What is so amazing about that scene is that even though Rekha is being annoying – and she knows it and Ganesh knows it because he is teasing her about it – he does this really generous thing for her
and doesn’t want acknowledgement for it. Better still, Rekah understands that he is not doing this for her thanks or to make her feel obligated – he is just a nice guy. And this is where she falls for him.

Up until this point, Rekha had been living in a dream land of easy romance where love means little gifts and riding around in go-carts and tandem bicycles. Seeing Ganesh do something so selfless for a girl he finds obnoxious melts her heart a bit and she sees what it’s like to care for somebody in a
real way.

I won’t spoil anything else in the plot – not that there is much plot – but I’ll admit that I was really rooting for the two of them to get together. I love Ganesh’s selfless hero so much! No wonder he makes so many hits – this avatar is a total winner. I have seen him play this character in 4 movies now and I still want more! And playing off the hero who
always does the right thing (and not in an annoying way) is the strong heroine. Rekha manages to really humanize what would otherwise be a typical spoiled rich girl character. She puts some life into her and you can understand her journey from the comforts of easy life and easy emotions to a harder and more difficult, yet ultimately much more rewarding, understanding of life.

So… all in all, I would totally recommend this one to anyone who was curious about Golden Star Ganesh but wasn’t sure about over-the-top Southern Films. There was
some broad comedy but overall, it was more on par with something like Hera Pheri rather than Chellata.

And now, I think I have to watch this again!


Kiran said...

This movies sounds very much like the Aamir Khan, Pooja Bhat movie, Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin.

Archee ologist said...

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Please restore Filmigirl's Internet connection. We will soon have to start an online petition or something!

Filmi Girl said...

@archee Hee!! I'll sign that for sure! I HATE not having Internet... :( I'm going to have to do something extra special for everyone once I get my connection back...

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lady said...

Nice to see you reviewing Kannada movies.

I recently watched 'maLeyali jotheyali' starring Ganesh and liked it...simple movie.

Vijay Srini said...

It is a verbatim copy of Hindi Film Dil Hai ki Maanta Nahin.
Ganesh plays the role played by Aamir Khan in the original, Rekha plays Pooja Bhatt's role.

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