Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hrithik Roshan in People!

Hrithik Roshan smoulders on the cover of
People India and let me tell you that his piercing hazel gaze cannot be ruined by pastel shirts and 1980s styling.

It's a close call, though. Is that a mullet? Hrithik!! Who let you do that?

Much better... although the mullet... I don't know, you guys.

One of the contenders for his upcoming smooth jazz release. He's dueting with Saif Ali Khan, who must want to
kill himself upon seeing Hrithik's far superior (and au natural) flowing locks.

Oh, okay! I give in, Hrithik! I love this picture - his shirt says, "my wife dressed me" but his eyes say "but don't let that stop me from sexing you up."


Ness said...

Oh...my...what is going ON with the styling?

I gotta admit though, I am with you on that last pic. Rrrrreeoooow.

honeycombveils said...

Most definitely circa 1984 "Footloose" flashbacks. My boy Hrithik is not looking his best.

layla-aaron said...

That hair!?!?!? WTF is going on with that hair?!?

Bollyviewer said...

AARGH! Is that really Hrithik?!!! He looks like a greasy, small-time crook! What happened to all his Kites sizzle? :( :(

redsarah said...

A washed-out background, crap lighting, overenthusiastic use of the air brush and a moron who thought a grey t-hirt would suit him. I mean grey! Give me strength!

Where they going for the Matt Houston look with the checked shirt? http://www.imdb.com/media/rm2438436608/tt0083447

Christine Menefee said...

looks like he borrowed saif's stylist for the shoot

cmleigh said...

Damn he is looking hot to me, mullet or not. :D Turning up the AC now. :D

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