Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Gossip - Evening Edition

Greetings, my dear Internet friends! If all goes well, tomorrow I will be able to post my Raavanan review right from my living room! Keep your fingers crossed that I a) make the 10:45pm showing of Raavanan and b) that Comcast keeps their scheduled appointment to set up our Internet.

I'm going to keep this quick so I can go prepare for Raavanan (rumored to have English subtitles!) but I want to also mention that it has been Govinda Week and while I am ashamed to admit that I was only able to conjure up a single (!) post on the topic, other people have been far more diligent than I am and you should read all the posts - I especially recommend Ness's thoughtful (and hilarious) discussion of what makes Govinda Chi Chi.

So, let's hit the gossip!

* The most important thing... I review the soundtrack to Milenge Milenge.

There is something very nostalgic about listening to a Himesh Reshammiya soundtrack. These days, Himesh is more interested in trying for stardom in front of the camera than in writing the chart-busting songs he specialized in all through the early part of the 2000s.

* The reviews for Raavanan have been fairly positive while the reviews for Raavan have been - I believe the polite term is 'mixed.'

Here is Raja Sen's take on Raavan:

The dialogue doesn't help things, the film's characters speaking in the oddly theatrical, surreally simplistic Hindi that can only these days be described as Priyadarshanese.

A few characters get a chance to break away, like Ravi Kissen and Govinda, who grab it with both hands and emerge as the best things in the film, by far...

And Behind The Woods on Raavanan:

For the most part, Vikram owns the movie seizing it magnificently even from Mani’s own hands. His love blooms out of astonishment at the outwardly courage displayed by Aishwarya Rai and he makes those scenes persuasive for the viewer. He infuses life into the character and shows no jaggedness, falling for a married woman thus replicating, probably the characters of Raavanan.

* Anyways, one movie I don't have to look forward to, not that I ever was, is Race 2. Apparently Piggy Chops is in talks for a role.

* Katrina is smart not to do Race 2 - in artsy Zoya Akhtar's new film, Javed Akhtar has written a poem for her.

Miss Thing also (allegedly) charmed her way into a ritzy restaurant in Spain.

Oh, like you would turn her down!

* Another young actress making interesting choices is Sonam Kapoor - read an interview where she talks about... stuff.

"It’s not like I’m a nun", she says. "Dad would get upset initially because in his days things were different, but now he is cool. He’s taught me how to be a professional and that takes care of most rumours."

* Deepika and John Abraham are set to star in a film to be shot in Hindi and Telugu at the same time. Although a Southern Hero will be roped in for the Telugu version.

Okay, John, I love you dearly, but this must be the woodenest jodi in Bollywood and also, will Telugu audiences really like Deepika? Deeps is way too thin to be a real Southern Belle.

* Preity is getting out of IPL.

* Dunno Y... Na Jaane Kyon is going to the iView New York Festival!

* Read about Chick lit's journey to film!

Though Punit Malhotra, the director of I Hate Luv Storys, doesn’t call his film a chick flick, he does accede that he expects women to comprise a chunk of the audience.

* Bebo is definitely working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali. This will be amazing.

Speaking of amazing... the Tere Bin Laden folks were on Indian Idol 5!

Hands up, who is excited about Ali Zafar's acting debut!

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myrna-nora said...

Do you think the good reviews for Raavanan and the mixed for Raavan is because of the cast change or a difference in the audience? Has anyone seen both yet?

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