Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday Gossip!

Greetings, dear Bolly fans! I'm sorry the blog has been so slow this week... I'll try to make up for it next week once I'm feeling better. Still, there is some fun to be had!

* Sajid Khan continues to brighten my day by going off on
critics - most of whom I loathe. There is only one critic I've found who "gets it": Dave Edelstein of New York Magazine.

And I know Sajid "Mr. Practical" Khan would agree with me on this one - paying for remake rights when Bollywoodizing stories
is pointless. I can guarantee that the Bollywood remake of The Jones will be NOTHING like the original. So why pay unless you are just trying to get in good with Hollywood?

* This is
the worst possible obituary of Mac Mohan:

Mohan played Sambha, one of three gangsters sent to terrorize a village in the 1974 blockbuster, which combined parts of "The Magnificent Seven" with story elements from various other oaters. While his lines were few, they became so frequently recited that he was later nicknamed "Sambha."

WTF, Variety?! THIS IS ALL WRONG! Pay me some remake rights and you can use my obituary. Oh, don't worry - I'll be writing a nasty letter correcting them.

* Shahrukh Khan
is a clever-boots as always!

You were missing in action most of 2009, but 2010 seems to be the year of ‘Khan’...

We have to give other actors a chance. So I thought, let people make hay while the sun is away. I’m just kidding.

He's not kidding, but we love him all the same.

* Well, everybody loves him except Rajkumar Hirani who is
re-scripting Munnabhai 3 because of similarities between it and My Name Is Khan. Munna and Circuit may not be heading to the US after all.

* Although Circuit has more important things to deal with. No, not
Golmaal 3! It looks like D-I-V-O-R-C-E for Arshad and Maria. The reason? Dia Mirza.

* He should take some stiff advice from the ever practical
Vidya Balan.

“I haven’t met Shahid in ages. And if I do meet him I guess we will exchange pleasantries. Recently when I went up to take my award at that function I was too overwhelmed to notice anyone or anything. It was my first best actress award. The people around me were a blur.

It wasn’t about Shahid at all. And at the Awards night the only time I saw him was when he was dancing on stage. What am I supposed to do? Run up to the stage and say, ‘Hey Shahid, stop the moonwalk. I want to say Hi because everyone expects me to?'"

Can I marry you, Vidya? Please? I mean, the lady is so fierce that she even
scares mediocre actors out of projects!

* Naseer is
out of the hospital!

* Barbara Mori is
making the rounds - she'll be in Zoya Akhtar's next film. The title of which, if Katrina Kaif has her way, is still to be determined.

* Dharmendra has given up
the bottle!

* Ajay Devgn posted a nice
behind-the-scenes thingy about Rajneeti.

* Finally, God bless Bollywood's "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy. Karan Johar has been chilling with his ladies in New York - calling them the
First Wives Club - and nobody comments on it because we all know exactly what's up.

I don't hate love stories (or this trailer) but the title is KILLING ME!

Yes, she CANNES! Aishwarya is rocking it!

She can, too! (But not in that vest...)

Kat at the launch of her children's album!


ajnabi said...

I Hate Luv Storys seems like it'll be fun, egregious title aside.

Aish looks dreadful. Too-thick dress, too-high hair... Why can't she ever look good at Cannes? She's so beautiful, how does it happen?! I hope things look up from here.

Anonlee said...

Aishwarya is on every international best dress list for the opening day at Cannes.

She looks great except for the hair.

honeycombveils said...

Yeah, what's up with Aish's beehive? Fire that hairdresser, girl!
Don't these people have mirrors or do they rely on their assistants to tell them how they look?

Barbara Mori again with Hrithik?.. Wow, he's got it bad. Poor Sussanne.

Anita said...

I'm already sick of Barbara Mori and Kites hasn't even released. :P

Yes, we know what's going on. Karan is carrying on illicitly with Gauri. And by that I mean buying shoes without telling Shahrukh, of course! XD

ajnabi said...

You know what I like best about the KJo article? The fact that it says Gauri and Sussanne "bought" their husbands together. That's one heck of a 2-for-1 sale.

Filmi Girl said...

I like Aishwarya's look!! But then again, I am not known for my fashion sense... :D

@Anita YES! (On both points...)

@Ajnabi Apparently, we all need to find out where they shop.

Daddy's Girl said...

I love Aishwarya's look....

Shell said...

I agree. I think Aish looks beautiful. Love the dress (absolutely stunning), love the curls. She looks as great as always.

I feel bad for Arshad and Maria if this story's true, though if I look back through my filmfare mags, it says that their marriage was done over a year ago, and we know that's not the case. You can tell by his tweets that he's been a bit tortured lately, but his responses regarding Maria are always positive. Marriage is a tricky bugger and whatever happens there I hope he's happy. (Also if he's available come the Vancouver shoot, I'll be sure to keep him company! *wink wink*)

Christine Menefee said...

Speaking Karan Johar, I've been enjoying his tweets as he's jet-setted all over the place, especially this one:

@kjohar25 Just stopped by a lady who said "my son saw dostana 20 times and now refuses to marry.. he is in love with priyanka"! Mummy doesn't know!!!

[end quote]

And as for Arshad and Maria, all I know is, she's doing a marvellously upbeat blog about cooking - I love it! It's inspiring me to cook again (at least a little, to start).

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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